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8.2 is a version of the OpenVMS operating system released by HPE in January 2005.

Features Description
General User Features
Documentation Documentation updates are now available on the Internet.
DCL commands and lexical functions Version 8.2 provides new and changed DCL commands, qualifiers, and lexical functions:
Item Update
ANALYZE/SSLOG New command. Refer to the HP OpenVMS System Analysis Tools Manual for details.
APPEND New /BLOCK_SIZE qualifier.
CHECKSUM New command.
COPY New /BLOCK_SIZE qualifier.
DELETE ’file’ New /GRAND_TOTAL qualifier.
DELETE/BITMAP New command.
INITIALIZE New /GPT qualifier, new keywords for /ERASE, changes to /LIMIT, and /CLUSTER_SIZE default raised to 16.
OPEN New /NOSHARE qualifier.
PATCH Former VAX-only command now runs on all three platforms.
PURGE New /GRAND_TOTAL qualifier.
SET BOOTBLOCK New command (for I64 only).
SET DISPLAY Additional values for /TRANSPORT and /PMTRANSPORT to support Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).
SET IMAGE New command.
SET PROCESS New /TOKEN and /SSLOG qualifiers and updated /RESOURCE_WAIT qualifier.
SET SERVER Revised /CONFIGURE description. SET SERVER is now documented as three unique commands, which makes online help more user friendly.
SET SHADOW Several additions to support Host-Based Minimerge.
SHOW DEVICES Support added to display data in bytes when /FULL is specified.
SHOW FASTPATH New command.
SHOW IMAGE New command.
SHOW LICENSE New /HIERARCHY and /OE qualifiers.
SHOW LOGICAL New /CLUSTER qualifier; expanded display for /FULL.
SHOW PROCESS New /CASE_LOOKUP and /TOKEN qualifiers; revised example for Red Sox


SHOW SERVER SHOW SERVER is now documented as two unique commands, which makes online help more user friendly.
SHOW SHADOW Several additions to support host-based minimerge.
SHOW SYSTEM New /IMAGE qualifier.
SHOW TERMINAL New field at end of display.
SHOW WORKING_SETS New capability to display in bytes.
WRITE New /WAIT[/NOWAIT] qualifier
Lexical functions
F$FID_TO_NAME New lexical function.
F$GETDVI New pathname argument and many new item codes.
F$GETJPI New TOKEN item code.
F$GETSYI List of item codes updated.
F$LICENSE New lexical function.
F$MULTIPATH New lexical function.
F$UNIQUE New lexical function.
EV7 chip speedup Support for new EV7 chip speedup for AlphaServer ES47, ES80, and GS1280 systems.
LMF enhancements Added support for Integrity server OE packages and per-processor licensing on I64 systems.
Monitor utility enhancements Several enhancements were made to the Monitor utility during the port.
Operating Environments OpenVMS I64 is provided in three different operating environments: Foundation Operating Environment (FOE), Enterprise Operating Environment (EOE), and Mission Critical Operating Environment (MCOE)
System Management Features
Clusters With few exceptions, OpenVMS Cluster software provides the same features on OpenVMS I64 systems as it currently offers on OpenVMS Alpha and VAX systems.
The Performance Data Collector (TDC) Gathers performance data for systems running OpenVMS Version 7.3–2 or later.
OpenVMS I64 Boot Manager utility A menu-based utility that allows you to easily manage EFI boot options on an Integrity server running OpenVMS I64.
EFI for OpenVMS Utilities Utilities that provide device management functions at the EFI console on I64 systems.
Fibre Channel HBA support Two new Fibre Channel host-based adapters (HBAs) are supported in OpenVMS Version 8.2, one for OpenVMS I64 systems and one for OpenVMS Alpha systems.
Host-Based Minimerge (HBMM) HBMM improves merge operations by decreasing the number of comparisons that are needed to complete a merge operation.
System Dump Analyzer New commands and qualifiers have been added and changes have been made to the System Dump Analyzer. Some changes are to accommodate I64 systems.
Prioritizing the merge and copy operations of volume shadowing You can now prioritize shadow sets for merge and copy operations on a per-system basis, using two new SET SHADOW command qualifiers and a new system parameter. In addition, you can manipulate where a

merge or copy operation will occur.

New system parameters
  • ERLBUFFERPAG_S2 specifies the amount of S2 space memory to allocate for each S2 space error log buffer.
  • ERRORLOGBUFF_S2 specifies the number of S2 space error log buffers reserved for system error log entries.
  • SCSI_ERROR_POLL causes OpenVMS to send a SCSI Test Unit Ready command every hour to each SCSI disk.
  • SHADOW_ENABLE is a special parameter reserved for HP use. SHADOW_HBMM_RTC controls the interval the system waits
  • between the checking of reset thresholds for shadow sets that have Host-Based Minimerge (HBMM) bitmaps.
  • SHADOW_PSM_DLY allows system managers to adjust the delay that shadowing adds.
  • SHADOW_REC_DLY helps determine the length of time a system waits before it attempts to manage recovery operations on shadow sets.
  • SHADOW_SITE_ID allows a system manager to define a site value, which Volume Shadowing uses to determine the best device to perform reads.
  • SYSSER_LOGGING enables logging of system service requests for a process.
  • VHPT_SIZE controls the number of kilobytes to allocate for the Virtual Hash Page Table (VHPT) on each CPU in the system.
Time zones Additional time zones are now supported by adding them to the database.
Ultra SCSI adapter support on OpenVMS I64 OpenVMS I64 supports two Ultra-SCSI host based adapters (HBAs): the Ultra-160 dual channel and the Ultra-320 dual channel.
Programming Features
ANALYZE utility enhancement (I64 only) Analyzes Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) object and image files
HP C Run-Time Library (CRTL) enhancements
  • File-locking functions
  • Standard-compliant stat structure
  • File-system statistics support
  • fnctl file status flags
  • UNIX style pipe support
  • New logical name, DECC$POPEN_NO_CRLF_REC_ATTR
  • glob and globfree 64-bit support
  • Socketpair
  • stat function enhancements
Calling Standard Supports the Intel Itanium calling standard on OpenVMS I64 systems, with some exceptions.
Checksum utility CHECKSUM/OBJECT command enhanced for I64 objects.
DCE RPC Supports both G_FLOAT and IEEE floating-point type on both OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I64 systems.
Extended Lock Value Block Adds support for 64-byte lock value blocks in the OpenVMS Lock Manager. Existing applications will continue to use a 16-byte value block. Usage of the extended value block requires source changes.
HP OpenVMS Migration Software Converts Alpha executable images or shareable images into a translated image that runs on an OpenVMS I64 system.
New RTL LIB$ routines
New RTL OTS$ routines
Patch utility Patch utility is now available on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I64 systems.
POSIX threads features
  • Process-shared mutexes and condition variables
  • Enhancements to SET and sHOW commands (I64 only)
  • New routine, tis_mutex_init_type, added to thread independent
  • services
New system services
Traceback Application Programming Interface for OpenVMS I64 Allows a user application access to Traceback information.
Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA) Version 2.1 Supports new encryption type.
Kerberos for OpenVMS Kerberos Version 2.1 for OpenVMS is based on MIT Kerberos V5 Release 1.2.6 with CERT patches up to Release 1.2.8. Support for both Kerberos clients and servers is provided on OpenVMS I64, OpenVMS Alpha, and OpenVMS VAX. New features in Kerberos for OpenVMS Version 2.1 include the ktutil command, which invokes a menu from which an administrator can read, write, or edit entries in a Kerberos V5 keytab or V4 srvtab file.
HP OpenVMS Management Station Version 3.2-D OpenVMS Management Station Version 3.2-D is included with OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.2.
HP SSL for OpenVMS HP SSL Version 1.2 is based on OpenSSL 0.9.7d with fixes to security vulnerabilities reported by Support for HP SSL is provided on OpenVMS I64, OpenVMS Alpha, and OpenVMS VAX. New features

in HP SSL Version 1.2 include OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol), AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), and Elliptic Curve cryptography.

HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Version 5.5 of this product is supported on OpenVMS Version 8.2.
UNIX Portability Features UNIX portability features are introduced for easier porting of UNIX applications to OpenVMS.
Open Source Tools for OpenVMS The Open Source Tools CD, included with OpenVMS Version 8.2, has a number of utilities and sources to expedite porting from UNIX to OpenVMS

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