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AUTHORIZE is is a system management tool that allows you to control access to the system and to allocate resources to users. AUTHORIZE.EXE resides in SYS$SYSTEM and can be invoked with MCR or RUN.


AUTHORIZE can be used to:

  • create, delete and modify user records
  • add, remove, grant and revoke identifiers
  • create network proxies

Files used by AUTHORIZE

  • SYSUAF.DAT is the user database file. By default, it resides in SYS$SYSTEM, but the system looks for it in the default directory when AUTHORIZE is invoked. The SYSUAF logical name can be defined to point to the current location of the user database file.
  • RIGHTSLIST.DAT stores rights identifiers
  • NETPROXY.DAT and NET$PROXY.DAT store proxy information

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