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AUTOGEN is a command procedure for adjusting system parameters and the sizes of page, swap, and dump files on OpenVMS. It resides in SYS$UPDATE and is run automatically when OpenVMS is installed or upgraded.



  • save feedback from a running system about what resources are consumed (AGEN$FEEDBACK.DAT)
  • configure devices
  • modify system parameter values based on both the user's input and the feedback obtained from the system
  • adjust the system page, swap, and dump file sizes

VMS Software recommends that AUTOGEN be run in the following circumstances:

  • During a new installation or upgrade.
  • Whenever the work load changes significantly.
  • When a layered software product is installed. Certain layered products might require you to execute AUTOGEN to adjust parameter values and page and swap file sizes. (For information on using AUTOGEN to modify page and swap files, see the chapter on managing page, swap, and dump files in the OpenVMS System Manager's Manual.) See the specific product documentation for installation requirements.
  • When you install images with the /SHARED attribute. The GBLSECTIONS and GBLPAGES parameters might need to be increased to accommodate additional use of global pages and global sections.
  • During normal operation, as part of a batch-oriented command procedure that runs AUTOGEN on a regular basis and automatically sends a report to an appropriate MAIL account.


$ @SYS$UPDATE:AUTOGEN [start-phase] [end-phase] [execution-mode]

  • P1 specifies the start phase - the phase where AUTOGEN begins executing. Default: SETPARAMS.

If HELP is specified as the first parameter, HELP is displayed

  • P2 specifies the end phase - the phase where AUTOGEN stops executing. Default: the value of P1.
  • P3 specifies the execution mode:
    • FEEDBACK - use feedback in calculations
    • NOFEEDBACK - do not use feedback in calculations
    • CHECK_FEEDBACK - use feedback if valid
    • blank


Phase name Description Starting phase Files used Files created Privileges
SAVPARAMS saves dynamic feedback from the running system YES - AGEN$FEEDBACK.DAT -
GETDATA collects all data to be used in AUTOGEN calculations and attempts to configure devices on the system YES MODPARAMS.DAT PARAMS.DAT SYSPRV,CMKRNL
GENPARAMS generates new system parameters; creates the installed image list YES PARAMS.DAT SETPARAMS.DAT SYSPRV,OPER
TESTFILES displays the system page, swap, and dump file sizes calculated by AUTOGEN NO AGEN$PARAMS.REPORT SYSPRV,CMKRNL
GENFILES generates new system page, swap, and dump files if appropriate NO SYSPRV,CMKRNL
SETPARAMS runs SYSMAN to set the new system parameters in the default parameter file, saves the original parameters, and generates a new parameter file, AUTOGEN.PAR. On VAX systems, the default parameter file is VAXVMSSYS.PAR. The original parameters are saved in the file VAXVMSSYS.OLD. On Alpha systems, the default parameter file is ALPHAVMSSYS.PAR. The original parameters are saved in the file ALPHAVMSSYS.OLD. YES SYSPRV
SHUTDOWN shuts down the system YES SYSPRV,SETPRV
REBOOT reboots the system YES SYSPRV,SETPRV