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{| style="border-style: none;"
|rowspan="1"| [[File:Pascal-syntax-1.png|Pascal-syntax-example|frame|left]] [[File:Pascal-syntax-2.png|frame|left|Syntax check]]
|rowspan="1"| [[File:Basic syntax variable.png|Pascal-syntax-example|frame|left]] [[File:Pascal-syntax-2.png|frame|left|Syntax check]]
|style="vertical-align:top; padding-left: 14pt;" |
|style="vertical-align:top; padding-left: 14pt;" |

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VMS IDE supports syntax highlighting for Basic.

Syntax check


  • Dynamic syntax check
  • Symbol source in a popup
  • Jump to symbol definition (F12)
  • Peek definition (Alt-F12)
  • Find all references (Shift-Alt-F12)
  • Rename symbol (F2)