DEVOUR privileges

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DEVOUR is a group of privileges that contains privileges with a potential to control noncritical systemwide resources:

  • ACNT allows a process to create processes in which accounting is disabled
  • ALLSPOOL allows a process to allocate a spooled device
  • BUGCHK allows a process to make bugcheck error log entries from user, supervisor, or compatibility mode or to send messages to the system error logger
  • EXQUOTA allows a process to exceed any disk volume usage quotas set by the user's account
  • GRPNAM allows a process to bypass discretionary access controls on the system logical name tables in order to insert names into the logical name table for the group that the process belongs to or delete names from it
  • PRMCEB allows a proces to create or delete permanent common event flag clusters
  • PRMGBL allows a process to create or delete permanent global sections
  • PRMMBX allows a process to create or delete a permanent mailbox
  • SHMEM allows a porcess to create global sections and mailboxes in memory shared by multiple processors if the process also has appropriate PRMGBL, PRMMBX, SYSGBL and TMPMBX privileges.