Fortran syntax highlighting

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Syntax check


Code autocompletion helps you write valid code in a more efficient way.
Error checking 
Checks syntax errors in real-time.
Jump to definition (variables, routines) 
Code navigation lets you quickly navigate Fortran projects (context menu).
  • Go to Definition (F12) - Go to the source code of a symbol definition.
  • Peek Definition (Alt+F12) - Bring up a Peek window that shows the definition of a symbol.
  • Peek References (Shift+F12) - Bring up a Peek window that shows all references to a symbol.
  • Find All References (Shift+Alt+F12) - Show all references to a symbol.
Rename (variables, routines) 
Rename feature lets you quickly rename symbols in Fortran projects (context menu).
Press F2 to rename the symbol under the cursor across your Fortran project.
Hover information 
Hover over a Fortran symbol to quickly see its type information.
You can also show the hover info at the current cursor position with the Ctrl+K Ctrl+I keyboard shortcut.