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The OpenVMS Freeware CD is a collection of OpenVMS free software started by Digital including tools written by enthusiasts and Digital legacy made public. At the moment, the Freeware CD is hosted on a few resources such as the Digiater website and includes a menu-based system for examining the contents of the CD-ROM, binaries, source code, and documentation of the freeware tools. Most software supplied on the Freeware CD is covered by the GNU license; the CD is provided as is with no warranties of any kind.

There have been 8 versions of the Freeware CD labeled FREEWARE10, FREEWARE20 etc.

Freeware Resources

Name Description Author Year Freeware CD V.
ACM47, An aerial combat simulator for X11 mono/multi-user ACM is a LAN-oriented, multiplayer aerial combat simulation written entirely in C, exploiting the programming features of Unix, X11, and the BSD socket interface. Riley Rainey 1994 20
Adventure A magic/exploration text-based simulation game. Willie Crowther mid 70s 10, 20
ANU-NEWS V6.0 USENET News Client and Server 20
Archie A client for querying the Archie anynymous FTP databases using Prospero. 1992 10, 20
Askval A C library to get values from the keyboard with full editing functions, with history 20
Banner The DECwindows Banner displays information about the current state of the VMS host it is running on (VAX only). Jim Saunders 1990 10, 20
Bat A utulity that lets you submit multiple commands to a batch queue from the command line. Hunter Goatley 1994 10, 20
BATCH.COM A command procedure that lets you submit a single command to a batch queue. 10, 20
BIBLIO, Bibliographic References Manager A full-featured bibliographic database system (need askval to be compiled and linked) 20
BISON GNU bison -- parser generator (alternative to yacc) Sheldon Bishov 1995 20
BLISS BLISS-32 for the VAX and BLISS-32E for the Alpha AXP as well as a 1987 BLISS Language Reference Manual and BLISS-32 User Manual. 10, 20
BLOCKADE X version of the `blockade' Macintosh game Christer Ericson 20
CALLBACK A VAX callback utility for Hayes modems. This program fakes a normal hayes modem connected to a terminal server into calling you back. Robert Eden 20
CARDREADER011 VAX/VMS server symbiont to provide a queue on the VAX that acts as a cardreader. A second queue is also available to mail output back to the original user. Robert Eden 20
CATCLOCK A clock for X WINDOW that displays the time in analog, digital, or cat form. The time is continuously updated at a frequency which may be specified by the user. 20
CBZONE-MPJZ, Tank battle under X Windows A version of Battlezone derived from the Fortran sources written by Justin S. Revenaugh. This version is more flexible in that the number of opponents is user selectable. 20
CD_PLAYER A utility to play music CD's on an OpenVMS workstation on an attached supported SCSI CDROM drive. The control panel is a Motif-based application. 10, 20
CHOOSE_FILE A C function to select a file in a directory using the arrow keys 20
CLUSTER_TOOLS Three tools for cluster management:
  • BYEBYENODE.MAR to force a remote system out of the cluster
  • COPY_SHADOW_DUMP.MAR to retrieve a system dump from a Phase II shadowed system disk
  • FORCE_MERGE.MAR to force a merge copy on a Phase II shadowset
10, 20
CMEM Tool for debugging 'C' memory allocation routines. Provides updated versions of the C run-time library routines 'malloc', 'calloc', 'realloc', and 'free'. The new versions provide many features to insure the integrity of the C dynamic memory pool. Programmers can use this information to track down routines which improperly access dynamic memory. 1995 20
CMUIP A set of frequently asked questions about the CMU OpenVMS TCP/IP package designed to provide a full TCP/IP network transport for VAX systems 10, 20
ColorMap A demo that shows the current number of colors available in the colormap on AXP and VAX 10, 20
ColorWheel A demo that displays a multicolor wheel rotating in a resizable window. 10, 20
COMPRESS_VMS The UNIX compress/uncompress program, ported to VMS 5.2 Doug Todyof 10, 20
CVTLIS A tool that converts .LIS files from the VMS Source Listings on CD back to the appropriate source files. Hunter Goatley 1994 10, 20
DCLCOMPLETE A utility that adds command completion and pipes to DCL 10, 20
DCLOCK The dclock program for X Windows displays the time in digital format only. The time is updated on a per second basis or on a per minute basis. This program is nothing more than a wrapper around the dclock widget not associated with any particular widget set. 20
DECL (DEC C declaration interpreter) DECL is a C declaration interpreter, copied from Kernigahn & Richie's book on C. 10, 20
DELIVER An adjunct to VMS MAIL which makes it possible for incoming mail messages to be handled and processed automatically based on information provided in a user-supplied file. Different actions can be taken based on a message's address, subject or contents. These actions include delivering the message, forwarding the message or even invoking a DCL command script to perform some complex operation. Any actions taken occur immediately upon receipt of the message; the user does not need to log in for DELIVER to operate. 10, 20
DFU (High Performance Disk/File Utility) A utility developed to perform routine maintenance and special purpose operations on disks, files and directories:
  • DEFRAGMENT a single or a small number of files
  • DELETE files by file-id; delete directory(trees) fast
  • DIRECTORY functions : COMPRESS or DUMP directories, search directories for files with multiple versions, alias file entries , empty or corrupted directories, create directories with preallocated size
  • quick disk REPORTING for file, freespace and disk usage statistics
  • quick diskwide SEARCH for (specific) files
  • SET or Change many file attributes
  • UNDELETE files
  • quick VERIFY and REBUILD of the disk structure
10, 20
DIR_TOOLS, DCL SET DEFAULT helpers A set of command procedure for managing the default directory:
HSCLOAD010, HSC and HSJ disk load balancing tool A tool that uses a list of how disks are cabled (which CAN be obtained from HSCs during the install) and the actual disk usage obtained from DECps or F$GETDVI to determine the optimal loading given the wiring constraints. This information can be used to perform either manual loading or automatic loading using PREFER. 10, 20
DISKM010, Disk and File Fragmentation management tool Produces reports at several different levels:
  • A list of disks requiring defragmenting
  • A summary of why the disks are in need of defragmenting
  • Detail fragmentation reports for every disk including a list of fragmented files and a report showing the fragmentation level of hotfiles (decps and vpa versions only).

History files showing the state of disks and files over time are updated as reports are produced.

10, 20
DISKBLOCK A low level disk block editing tool which can be used to read, modify and write LBNs on a disk or VBN's in a file. 10, 20
DISKMAP A utility which plots BITMAP.SYS (small disks only) as a bitmap to allow you to assess fragmentation. 10, 20
DISTRIBUTE A utility that allows embedded distribution lists within the body of a document that you want to mail. 10, 20
HTML PAGE, Miscellaneous, Build your own HTML page, plus usefull WWW sites Tutorial package that allows you to build your own HTML pages. 20
DOCTOR DOCTOR is a collection of seven tools working on different files used or produced by VAX DOCUMENT:
10, 20
DQDRIVER IDE Disk Driver Example for OpenVMS/AXP 10, 20
DSNLINK This program works in conjunction with Digital's DSNlink service and will automatically fetch new article titles from the DSNlink database. 20
DTDRIVER Device driver for TC-11/TU56 DECtape 10, 20
DUNGEON The original Dungeon adventure game, a development prototype of the game ZORK(tm), which is

available commercially from Infocom, Inc, on most personal computers.

10, 20
DW_NEWMAIL DECwindows program which monitors new-mail count and pops up a window when it is non-zero. 10, 20
DWAUTH, DECWindows Authorize Utility Performs many of the common functions available in the standard AUTHORIZE utility, except a Motif interface, on most OpenVMS VAX Version 5 and all OpenVMS VAX and AXP version 6 systems. 10, 20
DWREMTERM A command procedure designed to allow users flexability in using DECwindows across a large number of machines connected together by a Local Area Network. It allows users to create LAT or DECnet windows locally or to create remote DECwindow sessions. The decwindows commands RDT, RFV and RDW are actually network process's and therefore do not count as an interactive login. 20
GNU EMACS 19.22 GNU EMACS text editor built with OpenVMS/VAX V6.1 with VAX C V3.2, DECwindows V1.2 OpenVMS/AXP V6.1 with DEC C T1.4, DECwindows V1.2 10, 20
EMON V2.1-2 An Ethernet sniffer that allows tracing and user-defined filtering and analysis of ethernet frames 10, 20
FASTBACK This package allows use of VMS Backup BACKUP/PHYSICAL by giving a means to present a back/phys image as a disk to the system. Thus you can use back/phys, which is about twice as fast as regular backup, but still access saved data as individual files. Glenn C. Everhart 20
FGREP Fast search utility 20
FINGER A user-information query service that displays information about the users in passwd file. The finger command displays user information only if the specified host has a fingerd server running or inetd is configured to start fingerd. 10, 20
FLECS FLECS is a FORTRAN-to-FORTRAN translator which adds some additional "structured programming" control constructs to FORTRAN. Largely obsolete since Fortran-77, but many applications written in FLECS still exist. Terry Beyer early 70s 20
FLEX GNU "fast" (or "flexible") lexical analyzer generator Sheldon Bishov 1995 20
FLIGHT Real-time multi-user flight simulator 10, 20
FLIST FLIST is a file and directory manager for VMS that lets you view, delete, rename, etc., files and includes support for tagging groups of files for deletion, renaming, etc. Hunter Goatley 10, 20
FLY8-102 Flight Simulator under X window Eyal Lebedinsky 20
FLYING618 Pool/snooker/carrom/hockey/curling simulator for Motif Helmut Hoenig 20
FRACTMOUNT Fractal mountains in 3D for Motif brownian motion 20
FRAG_ANALYSIS Fragmentation Cost Analysis and Fragmentation analysis utility Executive Software 20
GAWK GNU AWK for VMS Sheldon Bishov 1995 20
GCML A command-line routine, similiar to LIB$GET_COMMAND but with additional capabilities 10, 20
GETCMD GETCMD displays the DCL command recall buffer for any interactive process on the system. Unlike DCL's RECALL command, GETCMD will display all of the commands stored in the buffer, not just the most recent 20 or 255. 10, 20
GLOB A utility to read symbols from .OBJ and .STB files and turn them into source files for various languages. 10, 20
GLOGIN Glogin is a systems management tool that allows a privileged user to login to another account without knowing the password on that account. By logging in to the other account the privileged user inherits the other user's complete environment, (privileges, logical names, dcl symbols, process quotas etc.). Tony McCracken 20
GMAKE GNU make for POSIX for OpenVMS 10, 20
GOPHER Gopher Client & Server for OpenVMS 10, 20
GREP Utility to search for regular expressions 20
GZIP GNU Zip application for compressing and decompressing files Free Software Foundation 10, 20
HOTJOT HOTJOT is a Motif desktop note jotting utility which allows you to create multiple jot windows. Patrick Meyer 1995 20
HTML Beginner's Guide to HTML 10, 20
ICO A Rotating Icosahedron Demo 10, 20
IMAGEMAGICK An X11 package for display and interactive manipulation of images. The package includes tools for image conversion, annotation, compositing, animation, and creating montages. ImageMagick can read and write many of the more popular image formats (e.g. JPEG,

TIFF, PNM, XPM, etc.).

10, 20
IMAKE Makefile generator built on an OpenVMS VAX 5.5-2 system with VAXC 10, 20
INFO-ZIP A utility to compress files to .ZIP format and decompress them. Although highly compatible both with PKWARE's PKZIP

and PKUNZIP utilities for MS-DOS and with Info-ZIP's own Zip program, the primary objectives have been portability and non-MSDOS functionality.

10, 20
InfoServer Monitor InfoServer Monitor will keep CDs and hard disks on InfoServers mounted properly. 10, 20
JED An editor that contains EDT, Emacs, and Wordstar key mappings. 10, 20
JETSET10, Jet-Set Willy, v.1.0 A game for X11, based on a similar game existing on Amstrad or Spectrum Florent Guillaume 20
JGD, JGdriver JGdriver is an intercept driver which is used to retry errors on any VMS disk. It is currently set up to build correctly on VAX systems. Glenn C. Everhart 20
JPEG JPEG release 5 Image Compression/Decompression 10, 20
JPI An OpenVMS wide-area network tool which is used to create a one line per process static information display for all processes matching specified selection criteria, displaying the output according to display criteria. JPI utilizes the $process_scan and $getjpi OpenVMS System Services to accomplish the scanning. Scanning can be targeted to a local node, a remote node, a local OpenVMS Cluster or a remote OpenVMS cluster or any combination of these. JPI V2.1 will execute on OpenVMS VAX V5.3 and later and OpenVMS AXP V6.1 and later. 10, 20
KDUMP KDUMP is a Japanese version of OpenVMS DUMP utility. It is suitable to dump text files containing Japanese Kanji or Hankaku Katakana characters. KDUMP used to be shipped with OpenVMS/Japanese VAX Operating System until V6.1. As of OpenVMS/Japanese V6.2, KDUMP utility has officially retired and no longer ships with OpenVMS/Japanese VAX V6.2 kit. KDUMP is now provided as an unsupported freeware to customers who still want to use this facility on OpenVMS/Japanese V6.2 or higher. 20
KERMIT Kermit communications and file transfer software notable for VTxxx emulation and the implementations of the

Kermit file transfer protocol.

10, 20
MadGoat KILL Lets you delete or $FORCEX other processes anywhere on aVMScluster. KILL accepts usernames on the command line; each process running under that username is displayed and you are given the chance to kill it or force an exit for the process. Includes the ability to kill only disconnected processes, processes on a particular node, etc. Darrell Burkhead 10, 20
KILL_NODE V 2.0 This program and driver allow you to crash a hung vmscluster member, without having to have to find the system and use the console. 10, 20
KP093 Keyboard Practicer for the X Window System 20
KPRINT Allows to specify various printer parameters such as line pitch, character pitch, page orientation, etc. when printing to Japanese printers. 20
Kronos Kronos is a tool for scheduling repetitious jobs. It has flexible scheduling criteria, an error-minimizing interface, and a set of useful sample jobs to demonstrate system mangement and security functions. Kronos has been designed to be reliable and flexible. 20
LASER This symbiont is a modification of the texas laser symbiont written by Rick Watson, Computation Center, University of Texas at Austin. Works with many types of printers, handles LAT devices, page accounting, flag and trailer pages, Ascii and Postscript files. 10, 20
LDDRIVER A VAX Virtual disk driver used for controlling logical disk usage, testing out things like volume shadowing, striping, host-based

raid, or software which does dangerous things to disks without disturbing a real disk.

10, 20
LSTMAIL Multi-folder mail directory listing utility. This utility generates 'mail directory'-styled listings of a mail file.

Messages to be listed can be selected based on from, to, subject, date or folder name. Messages from more than one folder can be listed.

10, 20
COMPRESS_LZ, TOOLS, Tool to compress and decompress files The COMPRESS command invokes a utility to copy a file, generating a file with (usually) fewer bytes. Files compressed by COMPRESS are recovered by DECOMPRESS. 10, 20
MAIL_SIGNATURE This freeware explains how to implement Internet style signature files on OpenVMS Mail. It also does automatic commenting (>) for replies/forwards. And it has a TPU routine to do rot-13 encryption. 10, 20
MadGoat FINGER V1.2 A FINGER client and server for OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS AXP that works with virtually every implementation of TCP/IP for VMS. Hunter Goatley 1995 10, 20
MGBOOK DECW$BOOK Book reader Hunter Goatley 1995 20
MadGoat FTP An FTP client and server for OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS AXP that works with virtually every implementation of TCP/IP for VMS. Hunter Goatley 1994 10, 20
MGSD 01-007 A SET DEFAULT replacement that provides shortcuts for changing directories, as well as a stack of previous directories visited. This is a MACRO rewrite of an SD originally submitted to an ancient DECUS SIG tape by Alan Zirkle. Hunter Goatley 10, 20
MSWEEPER Character Cell Mine-sweep like game Brian VandeMerwe 20
MMK V. 3-31, Matt's MaKe Utility, a CMS-like MAKE A MAKE utility for OpenVMS used for building software systems based on a "description file" (or "makefile") youcreate that lists the sources and objects of a system and the dependencies between them. MMK provides a subset of the functionality of Digital's DEC/Module anagement System (DEC/MMS); the description files MMK uses are syntactically compatible with DEC/MMS. MMK runs on VAX/VMS, OpenVMS VAX, and OpenVMS AXP systems. It requiresVAX/VMS V5.0 or later, or OpenVMS AXP V1.0 or later. Matt Madison 10, 20
MPEG_LIB11 The MPEG Library is a collection of C routines to decode MPEG movies and dither them in a variety of colour schemes. Gregory P. Ward 1994 20
MPEG_PLAY, MPEG Video Player MPEG_PLAY reads compressed motion picture video in the MPEG format, decompresses in software and displays on a standard X11 display. 10, 20
MPEG_PLAY201 A public domain MPEG video software decoder. The decoder is implemented as a library that will take a video stream and display it in an X window on an 8, 24 or 32 bit deep display. The main routine is supplied to demonstrate the use of the decoder library. Several dithering algorithms are supplied based on the Floyd-Steinberg, ordered dither, and half-toning algorithms that tradeoff quality and performance. Neither the library nor the main routine handle real-time synchronization or audio streams. Lawrence A. Rowe, Ketan Patel, and Brian Smith 1994 20
MultiHelp Y020, Complete HelpDesk Automation Software MultiHelp is a fully integrated robust problem management and resolution system which automates the key operations of a Customer Support or Internal Help Desk organization. It was created by support professionals with over 50 years combined experience engineering, architecting, and implementing customer support and help desk automation solutions. SIO Technologies Corporation 10, 20
MX 4.1, E-mail message exchanging software Message Exchange (MX) is electronic mail software for OpenVMS VAX systems running VMS V5.0 or later, including OpenVMS V6.0, and OpenVMS AXP systems running OpenVMS AXP V1.0 or later. It supports Internet mail over CMU-OpenVMS TCP/IP, VMS/ULTRIX Connection, TGV MultiNet, Process Software's TCPware, and Wollongong's WIN/TCP and PathWay; BITNET mail over Wingra's Jnet; and UUCP mail over DECUS UUCP. Also included is support for SMTP message transfers over DECnet and X.25 (using VAX P.S.I) and L-Soft International's LISTSERV software. MX uses VMS Mail for local message entry and delivery, and includes support for mailing lists and mail-based file servers. Matt Madison 10, 20
MXRN MXRN is an X-based interface to the USENET news system that uses the NNTP remote news server for accessing newsgroups and articles. By using the NNTP server, users can read news from personal workstations with the program accessing the news groups and articles from a central repository on the local area network. 10, 20
NET3D A networked, multiplayer 3d combat game. Version 0.08 Jamie Cameron 1994 20
NETLIB V2.0C, Vendor-Independent TCP/Ip Routines NETLIB consists of routines for interfacing with any of the following TCP/IP packages:
  • CMU-Tek TCP/IP V6.5 or later (OpenVMS VAX)
  • DEC VMS/ULTRIX Connection V2.0 or later (OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS AXP)
  • TGV MultiNet V2.2 or later (OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS AXP)
  • Process Software Corporation TCPware (OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS AXP)
  • Wollongong Software WIN/TCP and PathWay (OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS AXP)
Matt Madison 1995 10, 20
NEWMAIL This utility quickly generates a directory listing of new mail messages. Alternately, it displays your new message count. 10, 20
NEWSRDR V. 4.8-1, A VMS Mail-like USEnet NEWS reader An NNTP client program for VMS systems running CMU-Tek TCP/IP, TGV MultiNet, DEC's VMS/ULTRIX Connection, or any TCP/IP package supported by the NETLIB network interface library. Matt Madison 10, 20
Nmail, queued DECnet mail system for use with VMS Mail Nmail works in conjunction with the VMS MAIL utility to implement queued transmission of mail. This allows you to queue up mail to nodes that are currently unreachable, for example, or to transmit long documents without needing to wait until transmission is complete. 10, 20
NMLPHASEV, Phase IV NML listener for Phase V systems This utility helps for the transition to phase V in a phase IV network by providing a reduced NML able to process simple commands such as show node show kno node, show executor. 10, 20
NNMCVT Nnmcvt is a self-contained utility to export VMS mail in a format that can be read directly by Nnmail. Marty Jack 1995 20
NOTICE V1.10 NOTICE informs users of important (?) notices when they log in to a VMS system such as system changes (new software, new operating hours, etc.). When a user logs in, he/she is informed of any new notices added to the system since his/her last interactive login. Hunter Goatley 1994 10, 20
NSquery V3.0-3, Query Internet domain name servers NSQUERY issues a query to an Internet domain name server and displays the resultant reply. Matt Madison 1994 10, 20
OpenVMS FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about OpenVMS 10, 20
ORPHANS Orphan is a mail tool that checks for mail message files with no pointers from MAIL.MAI. It also checks for pointers in MAIL.MAI with no mail message files. 10, 20
OSU HTTPD 1.8,OSU DECthreads HTTP Server Version 1.8 This is an updated version (1.8) of the multi-threaded World Wide Web server (HTTPD) from OSU. 10, 20
PAN, Professional Adjunct to vaxNotes The Professional Adjunct to Notes (PAN) is a utility which provides added value features to those provided by Digitals standard VAXNOTES product. 10, 20
VMS_Password_Policy A Password Policy Module that more strickly controls passwords on the system. This module does not allow the password to be the following:
  • The username and variations on such
  • The account name from the UAF and variations on such.
  • Variations of the owner field from the UAF
  • Any word in a data file supplemental to the VMS provided dictionary.
Tad Nieland 20
PBMPLUS, Portable Bit Map Toolkit (10dec91 version) PBMPLUS is a toolkit for converting various image formats to and from portable formats, and therefore to and from each other. In addition to the converters, the package includes some simple tools for manipulating the portable formats. 1991 10, 20
PDP_SIMULATORS PDP-8 and PDP-11 simulators 10, 20
PERIODIC Front-end procedure for resubmitting batch jobs 10, 20
PERL A port of PERL5 to VMS. 10, 20
PINE A tool for reading, sending, and managing electronic messages. It was designed specifically with novice computer users in mind, but can be tailored to accommodate the needs of "power users" as well. Pine uses Internet message protocols (e.g. RFC-822, SMTP, MIME, IMAP, NNTP) and runs on Unix and MS-DOS. Pine is the work of Mike Seibel, Mark Crispin, Steve Hubert, Sheryl Erez, David Miller and Laurence Lundblade at the University of Washington Office of Computing and Communications 10, 20
plot_xps C library to produce PostScript file and X window graph 20
plot_ps C library to produce PostScript file 20
PNG081 PNG V 0.81 and ZLIB v 0.95 libraries 20
GNU for POSIX GNU utilities, each configured for POSIX for OpenVMS:
  • flex
  • gawk
  • gmake
  • gzip
POVRAY, Persistence of Vision Raytracer Persistence Of Vision (POV) is a widely used raytracer. This version has been modified to display it's preview window on 24-plane systems, as well as 8-plane systems. It is also "quiet" by default (does not print information messages). 10, 20
POVUTILS, Utilities for POVRAY Two utilities are provided for displaying the output from POVRAY:
  • XTGA directly displays the .TGA (TARGA) output files. It uses the X11 previewer code from POVRAY.
  • TGA2GIF converts .TGA files into .GIF files that can be viewed using any of the standard GIF viewers like XGIF or XV.
10, 20
PROBE, VAX Ethernet monitor / statistics / capture / playback A network monitoring tool which allows the real-time capture and/or graphical display of Ethernet traffic activity and the tabular formatting of previously collected frame and/or data. 10, 20
PROCLIST This utility generates a list of all processes for the current username on the system/cluster. 10, 20
PRODUSE010, Product Usage by Imagename and Username This tool uses data collected by DECps or VPA to build an array of Imagenames and Usernames run on different Cluster nodes over the time specified (one month is the minimum suggested interval). The report produced lists all images run on the systems sorted by product name (if known) and imagename with the maximum number of concurrent users and the number of different usernames running the product on each node. The /user=username qualifier produces a report showing all images run by a single user and the /image=imagename qualifier produces a report showing all users of an image. 10, 20
PSICOPY V.3.1-4, File Transfer via X.25 This program allows the transfer via X.25 of any kind of VMS files, including file attributes, transfert restart, crc checks, authentication, and more. 10, 20
PWD_UPDATE Helpdesk password change utility. The user is prompted for a username and then presented with the last LOGIN and PASSWORD CHANGE date. The caller should be asked these questions. If they are answered correctly, the password can be changed. If not, the account can be disabled. This program uses the SYS$SETUAI service to change the password and set any relevant flags, but due to a "feature" of LOGINOUT, it has to modify the UAF file directly to pre-expire the account. Robert Eden 20
QI, VMS CCSO Nameserver version 3.09 The CCSO Nameserver is a computer resident "phone book". It can keep a relatively small amount of information about a relatively large number of people or things, and provide fast access to that information over the Internet. 20
RAID Evaluator A copy of the StorageWorks(TM) RAID Evaluator program, V1.9, an experimental version of the program. It contains new features, but has not been thoroughly tested. StorageWorks 1993 10, 20
RAMDISK Fast RAMDISK driver for OpenVMS VAX Gerard K. Newman 1993 10, 20
ROUTINE ANALYZER, Routine call analyzer for C and BLISS source code Steve Branam 10, 20
RCARD V1.3, Read Cardfiler cards on VT Terminal Displays DECwindows/Motif Cardfiler cards on regular VT terminals. Only text-only card files are supported. Hunter Goatley 10, 20
RELOAD Reloads DECW$XDEFAULTS into the root window dynamically so that the changes have immediate effect. 10, 20
REVE Reve is a version of the popular Othello game under Motif. It contains graphical interfaces for SunView, X11 and XView, as well as being able to function on normal display terminals using a termcap interface. Yves Gallot and Rich Burridge 20
RMS_STATS A collection of RMS tools:
  • SIDR.C, Program to print indexed file alternate key statistics.
  • COPYFILE.C, Example program from RMS reference manual
  • FDL$GENERATE.C, Example usage for FDL$GENERATE function for ANAL/RMS/FDL like output but allowing FDL file generation for currently accessed file.
  • GBLPAGFIL.COM, Command file to create/compile/link C program to dynamically change then static SYSGEN param GBLPAGFIL.
  • GLOBAL_BUFFER_DISPLAY.COM, Command file to create/compile/link a BASIC program to dynamically display some RMS global buffer stats even if FILE STAT are not chosen. VAX ONLY (V5.5-2 when last tested, NOT easily ported to ALPHA)
  • GLOBAL_BUFFER_HELPER.COM, Command file to add up RMS global buffer resource requirements for a wildcarded filespec.
  • INDEXED_FILE_COUNT.BAS, Program to quickly (relative to ANALYZE/RMS) count valid, deleted and re-vectored record in an RMS indexed file.
  • INDEXED_FILE_PATCH.BAS;1, Program to quickly (relative to ANALYZE/RMS) validate the structure for an RMS indexed file which is suspected to have multiple corrupted areas due to hardware failure.
  • DEBUG.COM, illy command flip debug bit in image header (used for ZAP)
  • LINK.COM, Silly LINK command file to pull in VAXCRTL.
  • MAKE_DIR.C, Alternative to LIB$CREATE_DIR which allows for pre-allocation of a directory.
  • RMS_CALL_TRACE.COM, Command file to create tool to re-vector direct calls to RMS routines (SYS$OPEN et al) through a shareable which traces the calls (VAX ONLY)
  • SET_DIR.C, omplement to SET FILE/NODIR. (Patch to hole in foot :-)
  • SHOW_ROOTS.C, Example program from RMS reference manual which will show the index root levels for files.
  • ZAP.MAR, imple tool to use the VMS Debugger to PATCH buckets in an RMS indexed file (or any file really). Proven useful trying to recover remote files over slow links.
Hein van den Heuvel 10, 20
RMS_JRNL_SNAP RMS After-Image Journal Snapshot Utility allows RMS after-image journal files to be copied and truncated in place with concurrent online access. This utility allows non-stop application operation where it might otherwise be unavailable due to having to create new RMS after-image journal files on a periodic basis. 10, 20
PCM, POLYCENTER Console Manager POLYCENTER Console Manager allows you to monitor console activity and manage any device that sends and receives data via RS323 link in ASCII format. 10, 20
SDL, Data Structore/Interface Definition Language SDL is both a data structure and interface definition language and a utility/compiler to convert those definitions into language output for a number of different languages. 10, 20
SED, GNU SED UNIX Stream Editor for VMS Sheldon Bishov 1995 20
MadGoat SEND V1.0 MadGoat SEND lets users send interactive messages to other users on the same system, clusterwide, and via DECnet to remote notes. MadGoat SEND is patterned after the Jnet SEND command for BITNET sites. Darrell Burkhead 1994 10, 20
SET_CLOCK The command procedure diddles a couple of registers in VMS, causing the system clock to run 20% fast for 5 hours, thereby adjusting the clock ahead an hour without any sudden time changes. 20
SHOW_GBLSECTION_USERS This software accepts a global section name, eg LIBRTL_001 or SYSXQP_000 etc. It then interrogates all processes on the system in order to find which processes have the given global section mapped. (VAX only) 10, 20
SHOW_QUOTA This procedure shows the given quota and the remaining quota of a process.

It uses the process id as first parameter.

A.Schwarz 1990 10, 20
SHOW_USERS_V12 Display/KILL/FORCE exit users (enhanced WHO/WHAT program) 20
SHS Enhanced `SHOW SYSTEM' for VAX and Alpha System. 20
Sigtape Stuff Spreadsheet/database/F2C/defragger/communications program from sigtapes:
  • AnalyRIM - spreadsheet and DBMS integrated, runs on vms, rsx, unix, amigados, and msdos. Full sources are present.
  • DBAG - roughly, a clone of dBase III for VMS with source & docs
  • DECOMPRESS_TOOLS - decompression tools from sigtapes you may need to decompress archives in zoo, lharc, zip, etc. formats in this material. AXP and Vax executables are present.
  • F2C and Setuser - F2C converts fortran 77 to C; VMS port by Tony Scandora. Setuser - "become" some other user if you have privs.
  • JUICER3 - Defragger that uses movefile, so is safe. Full source present. Defrags ODS-2 disks only (normal VMS structure) and does not handle volume sets.
  • READVMSBACKUP - Reads vms backup savesets on unix. Works on little endian machines (e.g. AXP) or big endian ones (e.g. sun)
  • VAXNET - Communications program for VMS. Knows kermit and xmodem and its own protocols and has a sophisticated script language so it can be used to call pagers etc. (Note the kermit protocol used is a basic one, but it does work. Xmodem checksum or crc are both there. VAXnet tends to work better as a remote terminal than other communications programs, in that it uses negligible CPU (unlike others that do single character I/O).
Glenn Everhart 20
SPIDER11 A double-deck solitaire under X Windows. 20
STRINGS Finds likely printable strings in .exe files 10, 20
SUB_MIDWAY Another Midway world for DEC's FLIGHT Patrick Moreau 20
SunClock, XWindow SunClock Display This demo is a clock that shows which portion of the Earth's surface is illuminated by the Sun. 10, 20
SUPERFRACTAL A fractal utility (game) 10, 20
SYSPQL v1.0B This program allows increasing the startup process quota, as specified by the user. 20
TCPFILTER022 TCPFILTER is an utility that allows the filtering of outgoing UCX TCP /IP calls each attempt to open an outgoing call is verified with a table of addresses. 10, 20
TELL This command procedure will execute commands on a remote node. 20
TESTDEV VAX Disk exerciser and read-performance measurer that issues a specified number of read IO's to a disk and computes the average data access time and related statistics of the collected sample. It can be used to check the operation and performance of block-oriented IO caching products or as a benchmark between different physical devices. The main features are:
  • Ability to perform random or sequential access scans.
  • Ability to select logical or physical seek ranges.
  • Ability to perform parallel (multi-threaded) IO's.
Stephane Germain 1990 20
TETRIS312 This is a game of "Tetris" for the X Window System. 20
TeX95 A compilation of the popular TeX typesetting system Ch.Spieler and R.Gaertner 20
THREDEE A set of two tetris-like games: Spatial & Spheral 20
INTOUCH 4GL INTOUCH 4GL is the high-performance 4GL for OpenVMS VAX and AXP systems. INTOUCH 4GL runs on all versions of OpenVMS -- VAX/VMS V4.5 to 6.x, AXP/VMS V1.5 and 6.x. INTOUCH 4GL interfaces to RMS, Rdb, DEC DBMS, ORACLE, dBASE, and other database engines. However, this (freeware) version only includes the RMS interface. INTOUCH 4GL comes complete with a "Guided Query Language" (GQL) and a "GQL On-line Tutorial". However, this (freeware) GQL version only supports ten (10) columns of reporting information. The fully-featured GQL supports reports of unlimited complexity! Touch Technologies, Inc. 10, 20
WSG Word Search Game (Similar to Boggle) 10, 20
TYPE CHECKER, Type checking tool for VAX and AXP systems This DCL tool applies type checking rules to MACRO-32 code. For example, theembedded data type in MACRO-32 field names can be checked against the MACRO-32 opcode's expectations for each argument. This tool can isolate bugs without any debugging and can be used on both VAX and Alpha MACRO-32 listing files. It isespecially useful for MACRO-32 code which has been ported to Alpha, where byte and word fields may have expanded to longwords. The tool helps assure all MACRO-32 opcodes use these changed fields in a longword fashion. 10, 20
UNZIP Unpacks zip files 10, 20
UUDECODE and UUDECODE Used to translate a binary data file into a readable ASCII file that can then be mailed, or copied to a foriegn O/S, and then translated back into the original binary file. (An early alternative to FTP). 10, 20
VFYMAIL This utility checks a mail directory for extra and missing MAIL$xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.MAI files. When the 'repair' feature is used,

the utility can move messages that have lost their external file and rename external files that have lost their message header (for easy identification).

10, 20
vile vi-compatible text editor (version 5.4)

Extended capabilities in many areas, notably:

  • multi-file editing and viewing
  • key rebinding (in addition to :map, :map!, and :abbr)
  • mouse support (in an xterm, or when built as xvile)
  • infinite undo
  • many additional operator commands
  • selection highlighting
  • rectangular operations
  • "next error" cursor positioning after compilation
  • full function- and arrow-key support
  • filename, command, internal mode and variable completion
  • command, search string, filename history
  • auxiliary utilities for man page and C program syntax highlighting
  • built-in macro language
  • portability to all UNIX platforms, VMS, DOS, NT, OS/2.
Paul Fox, Tom Dickey, and Kevin Buettner 20
VIRTDSKS This collection is a set of virtual disk and tape drivers implementing disk on contiguous file (or area of disk), remote disk over DECnet, remote tape over DECnet, disk on noncontiguous file, various journalling disk variants, a striping driver or two, a shadowing driver or two, and more. The shadowing is somewhat limited but does allow use of the disk while shadow copy is going on. Glenn Everhart 20
OPENVMS SW Lists of OpenVMS software available on the internet 1994 10, 20
OPENVMS LOGO OpenVMS shark logo in various file formats (.BMP, .GIF, .PPT) 10, 20
VMS_SHARE A utility designed to package a series of files into a multi-part share file suitable for mailing across a network. Files are encoded to be resistant to the corruption that many mailers and networks generate. When all parts of the share file are combined and run as a command procedure, the packaged directory tree is recreated in its original format. Andy Harper 1993 10, 20
VMSTAR Unix TAR Command for OpenVMS (equivalent of BACKUP for Unix) 10, 20
VNEWS V1.50A A USENET News Newsreader 20
VTB Bookreader for VT terminal ESME-Sudria 10, 20
VToolkit The VToolkit is a collection of widgets, sample programs and utility routines that extend the MOTIF X-windows toolkit. Complete sources are included. 10, 20
X11 Fonts from the VWS VT200 emlulator reformatted as DECterm compatable fonts. These fonts are size compatable with the VT200, which helps ReGIS and text line up, as well as being highly readable. 10, 20
WATCH_MAIL Autoreply utility for VMS MAIL 10, 20
WATCHER V2.9-1 Idle terminal monitor for VAX/VMS V5.0 and later, and OpenVMS AXP V1.0 and later. It logs out interactive users after a certain period of inactivity. WATCHER is fully configurable, allowing the system manager to define which terminals to watch, what measurements to use, and how long a terminal should be idle before getting zapped. It also includes provisions for preventinglogouts or overriding inactivity settings based on any combination of username, UIC, terminal, privileges, image being run, held identifier, and time of day. Matt Madison 1994 10, 20
WHO OpenVMS WHO is a utility to display information about interactive and system processes. 10, 20
X11PERF12 X11PERF measures window management performance as well as traditional graphics performace. x11perf includes benchmarks for the time it takes to create and map windows (as when you start up an application); to map a pre-existing set of windows onto the screen (as when you deiconify an application or pop up a menu); and to rearrange windows (as when you slosh windows to and fro trying to find the one you want).


X11R4_DECUS_LIBRARIES XVMSUTILS libraries, the X11R4 Athena Widget Library (Xaw) and the X Miscellaneous Library (Xmu). 20
XABACUS Abacus X widget, V4.3 for XWindows 20
XACURSOR A program that animates the cursors in an X-terminal 20
XANIM, Animation Viewer This viewer is used to display animations produced by the Amiga. It can also be used to display GIF animations that are created using the TXTMERGE utility. 10, 20
XAUTOLOCK, MOTIF TOYS, Program to automatically lock the display Xautolock is a program which monitors console activity, and starts up a program of your choice if nothing happens during a certain time interval. 10, 20
XBAE-35 The Xbae library is a set of two Motif widgets, XbaeMatrix and XbaeCaption. It was developed using X11R4/X11R5 and Motif 1.1.[0-4] under SunOS 4.1.1. It has also been built on an IBM RS/6000 running AIX 3.2 and a Pyramid running OSx 5.1 (under the bsd universe). 20
XBATTLE4 Xbattle is a concurrent multi-player battle strategy game that captures the dynamics of a wide range of military situations. 20
XBCLOCK A modelling of the arithmetic clock on the Kurfuerstendamm near Uhlandstrasse in Berlin for X displays Jens Degler 20
XBILL A game:

Little people running around the screen are trying to infect your computers with a virus cleverly designed to resemble a popular operating system. Your objective is to click the mouse on them, ending their potential threat. If one of the people reaches a computer, it will attempt to replace your operating system with the virus it carries. It will then attempt to run off the screen with your vital software.

XBLACKJACK21 Game of blackjack under X Window 20
XBLOCKBUSTER103 Break out type game under X Windows. The object of the game is to collect as many points as possible by busting through blocks of various types with a ball that reflects from the blocks and from a pallet controlled by mouse movement. 20
XBOING23 XBoing is a blockout type game where you have a paddle which you use to bounce a ball around the game area blowing up blocks with the ball. You win by obtaining points for each block destroyed and each level completed. The person

with the highest score wins.

1995 20
XCE This is a Motif color editor. It can be used in various ways, but the most interesting feature is the ability to pick an existing application window, get a pixmap copy of it, and play with the colors. You can get a feel for

how the whole application will look like with new colors. There is also a special window that shows the system's rgb.txt file and the resulting colors. This can be used as a reference palet when experimenting with new colors.

XDALICLOCK201 The xdaliclock program displays a digital clock; when a digit changes, it "melts" into its new shape. 1994 20
XDEMINE X11 minesweeper game Marc Baudoin 1993 20
XDIM23 Visualization of 2D datafields under MOTIF W. Benzing 1994/1995 20
XEARTH, Displays a shaded image of the Earth in the root window on X Windows 20
XEPHEM27 Xephem is an interactive astronomical ephemeris program for X Windows

systems. It computes heliocentric, geocentric and topocentric information for fixed celestial objects and objects in heliocentric and geocentric orbits; has built-in support for all planet positions; the moons of Jupiter, Saturn and Earth; Mars' and Jupiter's central meridian longitude; Saturn's rings; and Jupiter's Great Red Spot; supports user-defined objects; comes with sample databases of over 20,000 objects in the release kit; can access the Hubble Guide Star Catalog from CD-ROM using gscdbd; can quickly locate all pairs of objects which are closer than a specified maximum; displays data in configurable tabular forms and in several detailed graphical formats; can plot and list all data fields to disk files; can be programmed to search for arbitrary circumstances

XFIL202 An X Window Four in Line logic game 20
XFISH, Fishtank Background for X11 10, 20
XFONTSEL Point & click interface for selecting X11 font names 20
XFORTRESS Strategy game for X Windows 20
XGALA13 Galaga arcade game for X WINDOW Joe Rumsey 1995 20
XGAMES, XWindow games and toys for OpenVMS VAX & Alpha 10, 20
XGIF This is the GIF87a viewer for X11/Motif. It has had a couple of small fixes made to allow it to correctly run on non-zero screen numbers, and to specifify images that have a disk specification. 10, 20
XGLOBE, XWindow spinning earth 10, 20
XHOST The xhost program is used to add and delete host names or user names to the

list allowed to make connections to the X server. In the case of hosts, this provides a rudimentary form of privacy control and security. It is only sufficient for a workstation (single user) environment, although it does limit the worst abuses. Environments which require more sophisticated measures should implement the user-based mechanism or use the hooks in the protocol for passing other authentication data to the server.

XIMQ Display NASA Planatary Data Systems CDs. XIMQ was written as a demo for ISO 9660 CDs. It requires a NASA PDS CD (such as the Voyager series) to be mounted. 10, 20
XISOLA A small Isola game under X11 20
XJEWEL16 Jewel is a dropping block game akin to tetris. Yoshihiro Satoh 20
XKEYCAPS229 Display and edit the X keyboard mapping v 2.29 20
XLANDER A lunar landing simulation for X Windows with a twist 20
XLI116 Load images into an X11 window or onto the root window 20
XLIFE Conway's Game of Life, for X 20
XLOADIMAGE41 Load images into an X11 window or onto the root window 20
XLOCK Xlock locks the X server till the user enters their password at the keyboard. While xlock is running, all new server connections are refused. The screen saver is disabled. The mouse cursor is turned off. The screen is blanked and a changing pattern is put on the screen. The pattern changes after timeout seconds. If a key or a mouse button is pressed then the user is prompted for the password of the user who started xlock. 20
XMAGnifier This demo opens a magnifying glass attached to the mouse pointer. It will enlarge any area it covers when a MB is pressed by opening a magnified window. Once in it's enlarged window pressing MB1 causes pixel information for the pixel under the

pointer to be displayed. Pressing MB2 or MB3 in this window, closes it and returns you to the magnifying glass. It has avarious command line options to control the size of the magnifer, the level of magnification, etc, listed below.

10, 20
XMAHJONG Version of the solitaire mahjongg game undef X Window Jeff S. Young 1990 20
XMARK This program implements the script for V1.15 of xmark as a C program. 10, 20
XMFRACT14 A freeware fractal generation program 20
XMIRE XMIRE displays a grid in each of the 3 colors Cyan, Magenta and Yellow plus

White. You choose your colour with MB1 and MB2 , and you quit with MB3.

XMOCT34 MOTIF OCTAHEDRON David Albert Bagley 1993 20
XMORPH-SEP95 Digital image warping (morphing) for X window system 20
XMOUNTAINS Xmountains is a X11 based fractal landscape generator. It generates random

fractal surfaces and displays them in a window. While the program is running the fractal is continuously extended on the rig ht and the image is scrolled from left to right to expose the newly generated area.

XMPYRAMID34 MOTIF PYRAMID David Albert Bagley 1993 20
XMRUBIK32 Motif Rubik's Cube David Albert Bagley 1993 20
XNEKO The XNEKO demo turns the pointer into a mouse pixmap and opens a window with a cat in it that chases the mouse pointer around the screen. 10, 20
Xodometer Xodometer measures how far your mouse travels in miles or kilometers. 10, 20
XPAINT211 Simple Paint program for X Window system 20
XPHOON Program to display current phase of the moon. XPHOON sets the X root window to a picture of the moon in its current phase. 10, 20
XPIPE Game: build pipe for the fluid to flow through 20
XPM-34E A library containing a set of four functions, similar to the X bitmap functions as defined in the Xlib: XpmCreatePixmapFromData, XpmCreateDataFromPixmap, XpmReadFileToPixmap and XpmWriteFileFromPixmap for respectively including, storing, reading and writing this format, plus four other: XpmCreateImageFromData, XpmCreateDataFromImage, XpmReadFileToImage and XpmWriteFileFromImage for working with images instead of pixmaps 20
XPOOL, XPOOL is a DECwindows version of a graphical pool game. It allows 2 player mode locally and over the network, player vs computer, computer against itself and computer vs computer in a VMScluster. Computer vs computer in a VMScluster was used to demo an OpenVMS VAX system playing against an OpenVMS AXP system. This mode uses cluster wide resource locks to communicate and syncronize shots. The computer against itself mode is also useful for standalone demos on OpenVMS AXP and OpenVMS VAX. 10, 20
XPOSTIT X11 Post-it Notes program from Athena widget set to VMS DECwindows environment using the DECtoolkit widget set. 10, 20
XREVERSI Reversi (aka Othello) game under X Window 20
XROACH XROACH creates Roaches that run around on the root window and hide under any open windows or icons. 10, 20
XSCREENSAVER A screensaver program for X Windows: The xscreensaver program waits until the keyboard and mouse have been idle for a period, and then runs a graphics demo chosen at random. It turns off as soon as there is any mouse or keyboard activity. 20
XShuffle Turns screen into a multi square sliding puzzle. 10, 20
XSKEWB41 Skewb X widgets (another Rubik's game) David Albert Bagley 1994 20
XSNAP The xsnap program allows one to take a snapshot of a specified region of the screen. 20
XSNOW Create a snowy desktop 10, 20
XSPRINGIES xspringies is a simulator which allows you to interactively create and edit a system of masses and springs. The parameters of the masses and springs (such as mass elasticity and spring K) as well as those of the surrounding system (such as air viscosity and gravity) can be changed. 20

This program "solves" the n-body problem, and displays the results on the screen. It starts by putting a bunch of stars on the screen, and then it lets the inter-body gravitational forces move the stars around. The result is a lot of neat wandering paths, as the stars interact and collide.

Wayne Schlitt 20
XSwarm, MOTIF TOYS This demo displays a swarm of bees chasing a wasp. 10, 20
XTARTAN Draw various tartans as window backgrounds 20
XTHING A tool for the use of displaying 3D data in 2D. XTHING takes a file of data and plots it in n-1 colors where n is the number of colors available on the display. It compresses points either linearly or logarithmically, displays the data in color (HSB) or gray scale, zooms, and does period repeats of the image. It also outputs in postscript (which post.c might be handy for a slew of programs...) John L. Cwikla 20
XTIC112 X version of a simple but tricky board game Mattias Jonsson, 20
XTIFF View a TIFF file in an X window (mono and multi-pages) 20
XV310 Interactive image viewer for the X Window System Brian J. McCarthy 10 (XV310), 20 (XV310a)
XWIT Pop or iconify this xterm window or named windows 20
YACC Berkeley yacc Sheldon Bishov 1995
YADMAN This demo, Yadman (Yet Another Damn MANdelbrot program) can generate and display images of the Mandelbrot set. The Mandelbrot set is produces images of fractals, fractional dimensions, that are pleasing to the eye. 10, 20
ZK Text-based interactive fiction game William Lees, Edmund Sullivan 1985 20
ZMODEM Fast, reliable VMS ZMODEM-90(Tm) protocol file transfer programs with MobyTurbo(Tm and Crash Recovery for use only with DSZ, ZCOMM, and Pro-YAM. 1-27-94 Improved througput on some VAX machines. Omen Technology 1993 10, 20