Mount Verification

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Mount verification is a process of verifying a connection to the volume after an unseccessful I/O. It continues until the volume has been successfully verified or until mount verification timeout expires.


The following can cause mount verification:

  • drive problems (such as a failed port)
  • disk problems (hardware errors)
  • controller/SAN fabric problems
  • storage connection problem
  • device is write locked manually while a write operation is in progress
  • in a multipath configuration, paths to the device are switched


When mount verification starts, two messages are sent to the terminals: one to OPCOM and the other one directly to OPA0:.


Mount verification (except in case of write locking) continues until it times out. The timeout is controlled with MVTIMEOUT and TAPE_MVTIMEOUT


To disable mount verification on a device, mount it with /NOMOUNT_VERIFICATION.

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