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NISCS_PORT_SERV is a system parameter that provides flag bits for PEDRIVER port services:

  • Setting bits 0 and 1 (hex bitmask value 3) enables data checking.
  • Setting bit 2 (hex bitmask value 4) enables data compression on all virtual channels (VCs) to nodes that support compression.

The remaining bits are reserved for future use.

Starting with OpenVMS Version 7.3-1, you can use the SCACP command SET VC/CHECKSUMMING to specify data checking on the VCs to certain nodes. You can do this on a running system. Starting with OpenVMS Version 8.3, you can also use the SCACP command SET VC/COMPRESSION to specify data compression on theon the VCs to certain nodes. You can use SCACP to enable eitherdata checking or data compression on a running system. Also starting with OpenVMS Version 8.3, the NISCS_PORT_SERV system parameter is dynamic, that is, changing the setting of this parameter no longer requires a reboot. Furthermore, this parameter applies to all virtual circuits between the node on which it is set and other nodes in the cluster. NISCS_PORT_SERV has the DYNAMIC and AUTOGEN attributes.

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