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Object classes are types of objects that are distinguished on an OpenVMS system for security purposes. The following object classes exist:

  • a Capability is a resource to which a site controls access, using the standard access control mechanisms.
  • a Common Event Flag Cluster is a set of 32 event flags that enable cooperating processes to post event notifications to each other.
  • a Device is a piece of hardware connected to the system such as a disk, a terminal, etc.
  • a File is a resource for storing data on a storage device such as a disk or a tape.
  • a Global Section is a shared memory page that provides access to a disk files, dynamically created storage, or specific physical memory thereby allowing processes in OpenVMS to communicate.
  • a Logical Name Table is a structure that stores logical names.
  • a Queue is a resource that manages print and batch jobs.
  • a Resource Domain
  • a Security Class
  • a Volume is a storage device initialized and mounted with a file system that can be used for file I/O.

There are different Object access types set for each particular object; security alarms and audit can be enabled to track access to objects of these classes.