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This Privacy Policy sets out why the OpenVMS wiki collects and how it protects your personal information. If you have any questions or requests concerning your personal information, please contact Darya Zelenina at

Please note that all data collected by this wiki as well as and the OpenVMS Forum will be used and held in accordance with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What Data is Collected

We collect information from all visitors of the, the OpenVMS Wiki and the OpenVMS Forum (cookies) and from all registered users of these resources: first name, last name, e-mail address, and company name. We may also collect additional information through the self-paced courses you may purchase on our platform and through e-mails you send us.

What Happens to Your Data

Cookies are used to improve your user experience (this mainly applies to The data you provide when signing up for an account on this wiki, the OpenVMS Forum, or is shared between these resources and used for identification and our internal record keeping. No information is provided to organizations or resources external to VMS Software Inc. unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so.

Control Your Data

By not registering on this wiki, the OpenVMS Forum, or, you can avoid providing any of your personal data to us. You will still have read access to the wiki, the forum, and the website - but you will not be able to write on the forum, the wiki, or purchase OpenVMS courses through the website. If you browse the wiki, the forum, and, the cookies will still be stored. If you wish to remove your account from our platform, please