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This is a list of open source software for OpenVMS found on the Internet.

Name Description Language Architectures Author Year Link
SQLite 3 This is a native port of the SQLite database package to OpenVMS. It delivers the SQLite database to OpenVMS using the following native features:
  • Thread support using the tis library. This allows support for multi-threading without having to link against the pthreads RTL.
  • Direct file access. All files access is performed using the $QIO system services, rather than the C RTL or even RMS.
  • Native locking. All locking is handled using the OpenVMS distributed lock manager, allowing database access to be coordinated across cluster nodes (of all architectures).

Despite these OpenVMS-specific improvements the database file maintained by SQLite is still portable to other SQLite-based applications running on other systems.

C VAX, Alpha, Integrity Tim Sneddon 2013 Github
NetElf Run the client side of NetELF to download and execute a program over the network from a server. The server sends an arbitrary binary and command-line arguments. C Harry Roberts 2017 Github
NETLIB A library for writing TCP/IP based network applications. NETLIB provides a consistent, VMS-style interface for TCP/IP-based network programs, operating with all of the currently available TCP/IP packages available today for VMS (with one minor exception). In addition, NETLIB allows for flexibility in in the use of a TCP/IP package, by selecting the vendor-dependent library code at run-time, rather than link-time. C, Visual Basic VAX, Alpha Hunter Goatley Github
MX Email-exchange software C, C++ VAX, Alpha, Integrity Matthew Madison 1994 Version 6.0 on Github, featured in Freeware CD (V4.1, V4.2)
MMK/MAKE MMK is a "make" utility for VMS systems C, Macro VAX, Alpha, Integrity Matthew Madison 1992 V5.1 on Github, V3.9-9 featured in Freeware CD V80
UnQLite A VMS port of unqlite-db 1.1.6. UnQLite is a transactional NoSQL database in the same vein as SQLite. C Alpha, Integrity 2012 Github
WATCHER WATCHER is an idle terminal monitor. It logs out interactive users after a certain period of inactivity. WATCHER is fully configurable, allowing the system manager to define which terminals to watch, what measurements to use, and how long a terminal should be idle before getting zapped. It also includes provisions for preventing logouts or overriding inactivity settings based on any combination of username, UIC, terminal, privileges, image being run, held identifier, and time of day. BLISS VAX, Alpha, Integrity Matthew Madison 1994 V4.1 on Github, V2.9-1 in Freeware
DiskFree An implementation of the Linux df command (view disk usage) VAX, Alpha, Integrity (untested) Alan Fay Github
FTPD server An FTP server with support for UNIX file lists VAX, Alpha Alan Fay Github
MD5 sum A utility to print or check MD5 checksums (RFC 1321) VAX, Alpha Alan Fay Github
shasum A utility to print or check SHA checksums (FIPS PUB 180-2) VAX, Alpha Alan Fay Github
JRuby A port of JRuby to VMS (possibly frozen) Philippe Vouters 2012 Github
CMS-EXPORT A utility for OpenVMS to export CMS library content and revisions history. CMS is a version control system commonly used in OpenVMS environment (part of DECset). Valued for being efficient and time-proven, CMS also has its share of drawbacks -- lack of export options being one of these. cms-export utility allows export of a specified CMS library (or a set of library elements) into a file in git-fast-export format, which subsequently can be used to create a repository with an alternative version management system such as git, fossil etc. DCL VAX, Alpha Artur Shepilko 2018 Github
Ruby A port of Ruby for OpenVMS based on Ruby 1.8.2 (MRI). This work is in early alpha development stage and not suitable for release yet C, Ruby, HTML, Yacc Alpha Ben Armstrong Github
ES40 emulator A portable emulator for the ES40 Alpha C++ Linux Github repository maintained by Dmitry Kalinkin 1994 Github
PLIBSYS A cross-platform system C library with some helpful routines. It has zero third-party dependencies and uses only native system calls. C, C++ Alexander Saprykin Github, wiki
VMSComFiles Lorin Ricker's personal VMS command and auxiliary support files DCL Lorin Ricker Github
LIBVMS This package is a reimplementation of the OpenVMS system services for use in a POSIX environment. C Tim Sneddon 2013 Github
T4 monitor t4Monitor is a module for Windows and Linux that allows easy collection, preprocessing and reporting of generic OpenVMS' T4 compliant counters stored in Format-1 or Format-2 Comma Separated Values (CSV) files. Python J.M. Fernández 2014 Github
OpenSDL Open version of the OpenVMS Structure Definition Language (SDL). C, Yacc, Lex Jonathan Belanger 2007 Github
Adventure game A magic/exploration simulation game. Fortran VAX, Alpha Willie Crowther 1970s Github, Code from DECUS 1990 L&T SIG Tape, OpenVMS Freeware
Fixfilenames A simple program to fix filenames copied from OpenVMS system Go 2013 Github
SIMH VAX VMS A MicroVAX 3900 simulator Docker Github
GhostScript GhostScript for OpenVMS Alpha, Integrity Github repositpries maintained by Troy Makaro 2000 executables, sources
DBCHECK Very fast check the health of a RDB database DCL Github
JOe-Docs command procedsures OpenVMS command procedures and documentation:
  • MAIL.COM: send mail with attachments
  • RECYCLE.COM renewal of OPCOM file rename it by appending date to its name
  • adjusts DECwindows display
  • SNAPSHOTS.COM writes system information (devices, queues, licenses etc) to a predefined file
  • WriteToIndexedFile.COM writes to an indexed file
TAIL Performs a Variation of TYPE/TAIL on a File C Oleg Pyzin Github
C survival kit A set of useful functions, data structures, and macros aimed at allowing more expressive and reliable C code. Portability targets are OpenVMS and Linux. Github
NRPE daemon for OpenVMS A you to remotely execute Nagios plugins on OpenVMS machines. C VAX, Alpha Github
OpenVMS agent for uptime This is a technology preview of an upcoming up.time agent for monitoring OpenVMS systems to allow you to capture OS performance metrics such as:
  • CPU Usage (Both total usage, and a multi-cpu breakdown )
  • Memory Utilization
  • Network Usage
  • File System Capacity & Disk Utilization etc.
C Integrity Dan Branton Github
ODS2 File System readers ODS2 is a program to read VMS disk volumes written in VMS ODS2 format. Provides cut down DIRECTORY, COPY and SEARCH commands for VMS volumes on non-VMS systems. These can be used to find out what is on a VMS volume, and copy files onto the local file sytem. C Paul Nankervis, maintained on Github by Oleg Pyzin 1998 Github
OpenVMS migration utilities A utility that converts a OpenVMS Variable Length (VL) format file into a stream of bytes with additional line endings if required. C, bash Freddie Akeroyd 2016 Github
OpenBmx A Vagrantfile for a OpenVMS porting box using the alphavm emulator on a Ubuntu Linux box. Martin Borgman Github
Ruby for openvms webpage archive Web pages dedicated to Ruby for OpenVMS HTML Github
Convert OpenVMS text files to Unix Convert openvms textfiles into UNIX/DOS format C Andika Triwidada Github
Fabric VMS An addon for managing OpenVMS hosts with fabric. It wraps some of the methods available in Fabric enabling a user to execute commands on an OpenVMS (tested with OVMS 7.3 and 8.x releases) host. Python J.M. Fernández Github
Martineg's DCL scripts Miscellaneous DCL scripts: batch resubmit, LOGIN.COM, etc. DCL Martin Eggen Github
EPICS on OpenVMS Port of EPICS to OpenVMS C Clemens Wermelskirchen, maintained by Freddie Akeroyd Github
SYSUAF authentication for the Mosquito MQTT broker A simple plugin for the Mosquitto MQTT broker ( that provides the ability for the broker to authenticate users via standard OpenVMS means (namely checking the supplied credentials against those in SYSUAF). C Brett Cameron Github
C developer tools for OpenVMS This repo contains developer tools running on OpenVMS operating system C Rafiq Ahamed K 2017 Github
Net-SNMP 5.0.1 port to OpenVMS Net-SNMP v5.0.1 port to OpenVMS C Alpha Ported to OpenVMS by Stewart M. Smith for Siemens AG, released by Giles Burrows (Siemens AG) 2016 Github
Word count new utility. OpenVMS and *NIX OSes. Rework of wc C Oleg Pyzin based on original wc code Github
FileTypeDetector for OpenVMS files Java NIO.2 FileTypeDetector Implementations for OpenVMS Specific Files Java Mark Wickens Github
WASD_LDAP_AUTHAGENT A modification to WASD that allows you to authenticate users against external LDAP server WITHOUT corresponding SYSUAF records. C++, Perl Thomas Morstein Github
OpenVMS-RMS-DecBasic-Macro64 Try to create a OpenVMS project from memory using RMS-FDL-DECBasic on a OpenVMS system. (notes) Jason Loewecke Github
OMI A menu interpreter for OpenVMS, entirely written in DCL (OMI) Oscar van Eijk Github
StarLet File Transfer Utility
REST API component of OVMS
CommuniGate Pro and PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway Integration on OpenVMS systems
A portable processor for Structure Definition Language (a child of the OpenVMS SDL)
A DBL utility to assist with the creation of OpenVMS shared images.
Ready to use procedures for a database administrator of Oracle Rdb databases on OpenVMS.
Experiments in porting an OpenVMS Fortran / Decforms application to Linux and Gfortran
gnikonorov/OpenVMS-DCL-Sublime-Lang-Support ported to vs code extension
Program to read OpenVMS backup save sets on non-VMS machines
his repository contains code necessary to make Sublime Text 3 aware of the 'DIGITAL Command Language
Synergy VMS compatibility
A collection of historical and descriptive documents about the History and Development of the VMS (OpenVMS) operating system
A utility to create a sqlite3 database of OpenVMS filesystems for analysis.
Batch File Conversion This is a Synergy/DE console application that will convert Workbench build files from Windows batch files to Unix script files or OpenVMS command files.
Ansible playbook for installing openvm-tools as a system container on Atomic hosts
Using CURL to parallel download large datafiles
VMS ports sourceforge repository
GT.M for Alpha
GNU for OpenVMS
Using Jenkins CI to build OpenVMS programs (wiki)
OmniORB for OpenVMS
VMS installation for hobbyists
Gnulib Assist
SQlite 3 on SourceForge
VAX decset install (wiki)
Perl 5.28.1
mibble browser