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SET DEVICE is a DCL command that establishes a print device or terminal as a spooled device or establishes the operational status for a device.

To make a disk on a local node available to all the nodes on an OpenVMS Cluster, use SET DEVICE/SERVED.

Requires OPER privilege.

PHY_IO (physical I/O) privilege is required when specifying the Alpha-only qualifiers that change the characteristics of shadow sets. These qualifiers also can be specified using the SET SHADOW command, which provides additional options for controlling shadow sets. Qualifier settings for shadow sets remain in effect until they are changed using either SET DEVICE or SET SHADOW or until the shadow set or shadow set member is dismounted. If the shadow set is remounted or a shadow set member is returned to the shadow set from which it was dismounted, the settings must be specified again.


SET DEVICE  [device-name[:]]


  • /LOG
  • /MV_NUM
  • /PATH
  • /POLL
  • /RESET
  • /SITE