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STARTUP.COM is the site-independent startup command procedure supplied with OpenVMS. It uses a series of command procedures, executable images, and database files to perform the following startup tasks:

  • Define systemwide logical names required for the symbolic debugger, language processors, linker, image activator, and help processor.
  • Start processes that control error logging, SMISERVER (the system management server), the job controller, the operator log file, and security auditing.
  • Connect devices that are physically attached to the system by invoking the SYCONFIG.COM procedure.
  • Configure devices and load their I/O drivers.
  • Install known images to reduce I/O overhead in activating the most commonly run images or to identify images that must have special privileges.

Site-specific startup command procedures

STARTUP.COM executes the following site-specific startup command procedures in this order:



The following messages mark the execution of STARTUP.COM:

1. The following message indicates that the system is executing the command procedure SYS$SYSTEM:STARTUP.COM:

The OpenVMS system is now executing the system startup procedure.

2. A short time later (up to a few minutes), the system displays a message similar to the following message:

The OpenVMS system is now executing the site-specific system startup commands.

This message indicates that the system is executing SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM.

3. Finally, the procedure displays informational messages and accounting information. For example:

%SET-I-INTSET, login interactive limit=64, current interactive value = 0
19-APR-2000 15:00:00.00
SYSTEM job terminated at 19-APR-2000 15:00:00.00
Accounting information:
Buffered I/O count: 133           Peak working set size: 401
Direct I/O count: 12              Peak pagefile size: 2379
Page faults: 325                  Mounted volumes: 0
Charged CPU time: 0 00:00:55.23   Elapsed time: 0 00:01:31.24

After the system displays this information, you can log in.