Synchronize Configuration

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Synchronize Configuration Example

    "synchronize": {
        "downloadNewFiles": "edit",
        "keepAlive": false,
        "preferZip": false,
        "forceLocalTime": true,
        "purge": false,
        "setTimeAttempts": 3,
        "setTimeByShell": true,
        "unzipCmd": ""

Settings Description

  • downloadNewFiles - Strategy for downloading remote files which are newer than local copies.
    • overwrite - remote files will overwrite local files.
    • skip - remote files will not be downloaded but an appropriate warning message will be shown.
    • edit - remote files will be downloaded into memory and the edit-merge window will be opened to allow the user decide what changes to save.
  • keepAlive - Shell and SFTP connections will not be closed after synchronization is done and will be reused for the next synchronization.
  • preferZip - Prefer ZIP for uploading source files.
  • forceLocalTime - Set local time instead of UTC for archived files. Used when synchronizing via ZIP.
  • purge - Execute PURGE command after uploading source.
  • setTimeAttempts - The maximum number of attempts to set file time. NOTE: the first attempt to set file time may be rejected because the file is busy. VMS IDE will re-try to set time again.
  • setTimeByShell - If the SFTP server on the OpenVMS host did not set the file time, VMS IDE can use DCL commands to do this.
  • unzipCmd - Is used to run a user-defined command to unzip archive on the remote side; default is unzip -oo "-D" and file name added at the end of the command.

If you have the full project on OpenVMS and want to download it to your local machine, set downloadNewFiles to overwrite.
If you have the full project on your local machine and use OpenVMS only for compiling and debugging, set downloadNewFiles to skip.
If the project on OpenVMS can be changed outside and may be newer than the local copy, set downloadNewFiles to edit.