Synchronize Configuration

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Synchronize Configuration Example

    "synchronize": {
        "downloadNewFiles": "edit",
        "keepAlive": false,
        "preferZip": false,
        "forceLocalTime": true,
        "purge": false,
        "setTimeAttempts": 3,
        "setTimeByShell": true,
        "unzipCmd": ""

Settings Description

  • downloadNewFiles - Strategy for downloading remote files which are newer than local copies.
    • overwrite - remote files will overwrite local files.
    • skip - remote files will not be downloaded but an appropriate warning message will be shown.
    • edit - remote files will be downloaded into memory and the edit-merge window will be opened to allow the user decide what changes to save.
  • keepAlive - Shell and SFTP connections will not be closed after synchronization is done and will be reused for the next synchronization.
  • preferZip - Prefer ZIP for uploading source files.
  • forceLocalTime - Set local time instead of UTC for archived files.
  • purge - Execute PURGE command after uploading source.
  • setTimeAttempts - The maximum number of attempts to set file time. NOTE: the first attempt to set file time may be rejected because the file is busy. VMS IDE will re-try to set time again.
  • setTimeByShell - If the SFTP server on the OpenVMS host did not set the file time, VMS IDE can use DCL commands to do this.
  • unzipCmd - Is used to run a user-defined command to unzip archive; default is unzip -oo "-D" and file name added at the end of the command.