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Item Source Tape Description Link
4gl_sig VAX91A 4GL SIG collection update; includes 4GL Comparison report, newsletters etc. From Bart Lederman. DECUS tapes
antivirus VAX91A Anti-viral programs for PC (MSDOS), Mac, and Amiga platforms since the Fall 190 tapes. Obtained by G. Everhart from appropriate repositories. DECUS tapes
ausdecus VAX91A DECUS Australia tape 1990. Includes fortune cookie program, broadcast of batch info to console, diskspace scanner, notes from Australian symposium, how to set up priv shareable image, Portable Bitmap tools, several X11 demos for VMS, xterm, abbreviation store, idle terminal killer, vax user intercommunication. From the Australian DECUS VAX SIG. DECUS tapes
barnes VAX91A TETRIS-like game for X windows. From Jym Barnes. DECUS tapes
brian-jim VAX91A SYMTAB file that was corrupted on Fall 1990 tapes; lists symbols in object files. From Brian Catlin and Jim Gray. DECUS tapes
bulletin VAX91A Messaging and teleconferencing system; also NEWS reader & gateway. From Mark London. DECUS tapes
ckermit VAX91A C Kermit 5A(171), beta C kermit. From Terry Kennedy. DECUS tapes
dbag VAX91A Full function relational database management system (DBMS) similar to dBase III. Relinked for VMS 5.x since the Fall '89 version will not run on VMS 5.x. Submitted by G. Everhart. DECUS tapes
decuserve_1991a VAX91A FORCEX - force image exit on other process. WATCH - watch (or type to) another process' terminal. From John Briggs and Eric Husby. DECUS tapes
demax VAX91A Slides from talk on INSTALL internals. Slides from talk on logical names internals. Also sample code. From David Schwab. DECUS tapes
dibol VAX91A System services and other Runtime info for VAX Dibol. DECUS tapes
ethernet VAX91A Show hardware addresses, general ethernet packets, and LAVC packets on ethernet. from Dave Gagne. DECUS tapes
euro91 VAX91A Decus Munich contribution. Includes BREAK (blocks terminal until password), facility to run Fortran and Pascal in parts of one's net, making it look as if they were everywhere. LMF database cleanup aids. VTEDIT interface in TPU (far more in it than the old TECO VTEDIT.) From Norbert Wiehl and the Munich VAX SIG. DECUS tapes
flowers VAX91A Disk watcher (free space monitor). Show files using VMS global buffers. Menu system for DCL. Free memory monitor. Ask-operator facility. Add checksum to cmd file. Mail edit including spell check, quoting. Mail uaf maintainer. System status program. Util to let selected identifiers be granted/revoked by nonprov'd users holding "master" identifiers. PMP - mail users a phone message. CSwing directory management tool. From Harry Flowers. DECUS tapes
gce91a VAX91A AnalytiCalc, including version using SMG$. VMS local virtual disk package. BBOARD bulletin - connects notes to mail. DKBRAYTRACE - Raytracer for several systems. NET91A - LARGE collection of useful material from Internet, including an updated/enhanced BOSS multiterminal monitor, MORE replacement, updates to XV (image view in X), DECwindows and X examples, generic RZ/SZ (Zmodem), VMS Tar updates, force workset trim, head/tail, MIRROR to let multiple terminals talk to one session, TECOC update (with screen support now); swing. Submitted by Glenn Everhart. DECUS tapes
goatley VAX91A BAT, creates and submits batch files. FLIST - file and directory maintenance tool. From Hunter Goatley. DECUS tapes
iupop3 VAX91A POP3 mail server for VMS; lets PCs or Macs pick up mail on VAX. Submitted by Glenn Everhart DECUS tapes
jbaker VAX91A CONFIRM - login msg that has read confirmation. Disk space report. Util telling when a user last logged in. Phonebook type utility. Show version of software. DECUS tapes
jcsmd VAX91A A/D - D/A control. Set up mail lists for X400 and SoftSwitch. Setuser program; fast symbol definition. Show new mail count. Callable mail interface progs. Simple database. From William Baker. DECUS tapes
mcmahon VAX91A X transport debugging aids. DCL interface to gethostbyname(). docs on WSDriver and DECwindows. Display of who is using X. WHOIS (internet) client. From John McMahon. DECUS tapes
news60 VAX91A ANU News 6.0-3 plus all patches to date. From Geoff Huston; submitted by Glenn Everhart DECUS tapes
nswc VAX91A SD - set default prog. LET - symbol definer. Draw directory tree. MODIFY - replace pattern in a group of files. REFORMAT - copies a file, many conversions available. SPCOPY - copy/print file with filters for nonprinting chars., pagination, etc. Two person login. DCL cmd buffer save/restore. FDIFF - report of differences of a directory tree over time. SYSMSG - display system messages. Viewgraph producer for Postscript printers. Check print queues for stopped stalled, etc.. Monitor for disk space low. SESSIONS - show how many logins a user has (or enforce one only) per cluster. Show disk transactions on current node. SMG display of free space. Terminal pictures. From Al Zirkle and others. DECUS tapes
pavlin VAX91A ETHERMON - general purpose ethernet monitor and display. Now finds gateways. DSPELL - version of Vassar spell corrector with dictionary purged of incorrect words; documentation not complete; see older docs. SNMPsnoop - see what a remote ethernet node can display from SNMP. MTACC - magtape access routines. From Andy Pavlin. DECUS tapes
pederson VAX91A Bitmap graphics on all VT2xx, 3xx, 4xx terminals even if they lack ReGIS. DECUS tapes
penner VAX91A List number of free headers on a disk. Show which queue a terminal is spooled to. Show what processes are using a global section. DECUS tapes
perlunix VAX91A Last stable version of Perl V3, a pattern matching language, for Unix. (Note the [.gnusoftware] area contains a V4 Perl.) Submitted by Kurt Reisler. DECUS tapes
propress VAX91A Programs from the last couple years which have been published in Vax Professional magazine. Included are 340mouse, astproc, barcode, bitflags, bldimage, bucket split, calenadr, call hierarchy from object files, call other langs from vax C, capacity, cleanup, clock, command recall, com_args, dclpower, dired, dislist, dpa, dsm, dynarray, emacstpu, errclear, extlogin, fasu, filattrib, hashtable, lots of hitchhiker's guide to VMS, imagelib, input, integrate, kernel1, kitwindow, knots, ln03graph, mailtour, managemem, modetime, nopriv, openviro, pda0recover, pixmaps, printque, privmask, profiler, reporterr, rfaaccess, rights, script, sda3, spybeam-detector, squeezer, switch, swlayer, testtime, timer, tuningRMS, uil, unlockdsk, vector, vmslock, watchpoint, xevents, xviews. Submitted by Professional Press (VAX Professional magazine publishers) DECUS tapes
queuecontrol VAX91A Start/stop or modify print queues without needing OPER privs. DECUS tapes
rcs VAX91A RCS, an SCCS or DEC CMS - like source control system V4.3, updated VMS port, plus Gnu Diff for VMS. From Rich Gregory. DECUS tapes
rpi VAX91A MX - Message Exchange - mail router between UUCP, DECnet, BITnet, and/or TCP/IP, VMSINSTALlable. Also supports file server, mail lists. NEWSRDR - NNTP client to read news. PCX - read/write MSDOS floppies on VMS. WATCHER - flexible idle terminal monitor, many controls. Works with VWS or DECWindows as well as terminals. From Matt Madison. DECUS tapes
rsx91a/bruread VAX91A RSX Spring 1991 submission, a BRU tape reader update in Pascal (for VMS). Many new switches. From Tom Wyant. DECUS tapes
rsx91a/tpc VAX91A RSX Spring 1991 submission, updated BIGTPC which copies tapes via disk container files, blindingly fast. From Alan Frisbie. DECUS tapes
scan VAX91A VAX SCAN examples from seminar. From David Ream. DECUS tapes
simon VAX91A All-in-1 tools. Check bad dirs, report of shared dirs, A1 users deleted who had mail, archiving aids, stats report on usage of A1. From Christine Simon. DECUS tapes
spx VAX91A Reference implementation (less the crypto sources) of a distributed authentication service. Includes forms to get the crypto sources by mail. DECUS tapes
tihor VAX91A Some of VMSNET.SOURCES archives, and security and other information from VMSnet and Info-Vax. From Steve Tihor. DECUS tapes
unzip VAX91A VMS Unzip program, including sources. Submitted by Glenn Everhart and Ted Nieland DECUS tapes
vmskermit VAX91A New test version of Bliss VMS Kermit with file attribute preservation code.Submitted by Glenn Everhart DECUS tapes
vmsnet_archives VAX91A Complete VMSNET sources archives; a wealth of sources of utilities, current as of 6/12/1991. From Bruce Tanner. DECUS tapes
who VAX91A Report what is in the UAF about a user if either username or UIC are known. Many security facilities to prevent abuse. From Scott Bailey DECUS tapes
wrightgr VAX91A Set Default command. Signal - message utility use within DCL. More. From Gregory Wright. DECUS tapes
zacca1 LT91A All in 1 management aids; tell whata WPS file is; give stats on documents. Clean up pending mail. Profile users.From Russ Zaccari. 91A Tape --- ---- DECUS tapes
epubs/dvips LT91A Convert DVI (TeX output) files to Postscsript. From Ted Nieland. DECUS tapes
epubs/mf LT91A MetaFont (font designer) for VMS, TeX. From Ted Nieland. DECUS tapes
epubs/tex LT91A Latest version of TeX text formatter for VMS. From Ted Nieland. DECUS tapes
gapsig91a LT91A DECUS GAPSIG tape 1991; many graphics packages for various engines DECUS tapes
gnusoftware LT91A Latest Gnu software including update for Gnu C for VMS, latest Gnu C, Oleo spreadsheet, GCC, G++ and many other utilities. From Free Software Foundation. DECUS tapes
modula3 LT91A Modula-3 compiler for Unix from and updated since the Fall 1990 tapes. DECUS tapes
ncsa LT91A Latest NCSA Telnet (TCP/IP for Mac or IBMPC). Submitted by Ted Nieland DECUS tapes
pc LT91A Collection of MSDOS and Mac utilites which has been distributed by the DECUS PC SIG in 1990 and 1991 on diskette; furnished in PATHworks format. Submitted by DECUS PC SIG. DECUS tapes
unixtools LT91A Additional unix-based material including APL, Basic, Prolog, numerous mail and news utilities, zephyr (a terminal to terminal talk over X), XGKS, COPS (Unix security aid) and more. Program names include: apl basic battmem11 berkeleyprolog bosssparc1 bplus1 bplus2 c-news calen1 calen2 calen3 calen4 calen5 calen7 calen8 cops.read1st cops.readme cops102.coverltr cops102 cproto1 cproto2 cprotopatch01 delet1 delet2 delet3 delet4 deletpat13 f2c26apr91 ida_sendmail indexcsuv23_1.txt indexcsuv23_1 indexcsuv23_2.txt indexcsuv23_2 indexcsuv24_1.txt indexcsuv24_1 indexcsuv24_2.txt indexcsuv24_2 lharcunixoo mush65 smail3_1_19 sun3270enhance1 sun3270p1 sun3270p2 sun3270p3 suncontolpat1 suncontolpat2 suncontool0 suncontool1 suncontool2 suncontool3 suncontool4 suncontool5 suncontool6 tarx untic2 vms_nntp vtem_p1trm vtem_readme.txt vtem_trm.h vtem_vtrm watch xgks xgksann. xgks_cbinding xgks_guide xgks_man xgks_userdoc zephyr.dir zoo2 zoosrc zephyr_doc zephyr_src. Submitted by Glenn Everhart. DECUS tapes
uunet LT91A Large collection of tools and utilities from various Internet repositories, including uunet. Includes internet indices, TN3270, PPP, TCL, Netcure (PC based ethernet monitor), selections from comp.sources.unix, alt.sources, comp.sources.X, comp.sources.sun, comp.sources.misc, and much more. Program names include: adduser altsrc.dir athena_discuss15 batch cmu_snmp11b.tar condor.readme condor4_0_0 condor_ann.txt csm.dir css.dir csu.dir csx.dir dump_fast elm23 etherlib ethertools faxpak ftp_uu_net.lis_z iconv8.readme_z iconv8_unix interestgroups.txt log_910all.txt mh67 mit-snmp-890801 motif.arc_z motif11_gpp netcaptip netcontacts.txt_z netcure.doc netcure.readme netmonip otherarchivecontents.lzh pcl pkt7comip ppp ppp_sparc41 rcsv42 rcsv42_patch1.shr_z rcsv42_simulator.readme resourceguide.dir sc614 slip41beta sun_xview_nonansi.txt sw_orders_europe.txt tcl tcl termcapoo tn3270 unix_security_setup_doc.txt uunetindex.lzh vex vmstarreader.src xfig_20_pl9 xloadimg3_01 xpic xps xroach1.uue_z xroach_pat1.uue_z xrolo_v2p5 xterm_motif caltool01 bptree.shr_z calc24.shr_z cz gif_sun lharc.shr_z pty_uport unshrunx.shz ansisunview ethtool3.shr_z abc ansitape avl-subs bpatch budpak cbw checknr conf copytape cproto criptr crp7 dca2troff deliver dial dialout dial_sample etherlib fft filterfile forktest gperf help hill indent index01-17.txt indexdb less lome metric mlpd month87 monthtool2 msg mtools multitee20 nag ofiles_new pcomm pt pty rc.user_z reactkbd regexp rmtlib rolodex sbbs se simplex snefru spell splay-tree sps2 squeeze1711 tar_aids telno tpipe unaces20 undel2 vtem vtree window-srch xargs xmodem xmodm39 xxalloc browserw chaos kaleid2 postit xbd xboard xbrwsr xcal xcoledit xcursor xdb xdiff xfig xgif xgrabsc xlock xmandel xpaint xpic xplotpat2 xpostit xpostme xtartan xtetris xwatchwin2. Submitted by Glenn Everhart. x91b VAX / L&T SIG Tapes, Fall 1991 Abstract DECUS tapes
1bvaxlt LT91A Index directory and toolkit (in [.tools]) containing compress/decompress tools and other tools needed to de-archive files in compressed formats on the tape. DECUS tapes
ecuslib VAX91B DECUS Program Library electronic catalog as of 11/1991 packaged with BROWSER fulltext retrieval tool. X91B...] VAX Fall 1991 saveset --------- --------------------- DECUS tapes
4gl_sig VAX91B 4GL SIG contributions; histograms as X-Y plots, newsletter updates, read_rally, forms visitation order. From Bart Lederman. DECUS tapes
allied VAX91B Inquire printer status about printer attached to VT terminal. DECForms broadcast trapping. Programs to start DECWindows sessions and separate Debug sessions. From Martin Lucas. DECUS tapes
amby VAX91B A few of Don Amby's document generating tools. DECUS tapes
antivirus VAX91B Anti-viral programs for IBM PC, Amiga, and Mac plus a list of antiviral archive sites. DECUS tapes
atg VAX91B Systems utilities from Nick de Smith. Includes MWAIT, tell why a process is in an MWAIT state (lots of detail), XE ethernet monitor, CRC - very fast CRC routines, NICE - NICE protocol program (DECnet control), PTD - get access port names into FTdriver, MONMODE - a "monitor SMP" in DCL, HOW_INVOKED - tell how your .EXE was invoked, SHOW_MEM in DCL, TIMESTAMP - very accurate, fast time stamp routines not using system $gettim directives, gets intervals; good up to around 497 days, more. From Nick de Smith. DECUS tapes
bzl VAX91B RDB to RTF convert; TRIM file reformatter (can turn dir to cmd procedure in 1 pass); DECnet counter periodic reset; convert files to fixed rec. length; SMG calls from C. From Bart Lederman. DECUS tapes
canada VAX91B DECUS Canada submissions; AKCOUNT accounting software. Sci. calculator for VAXstation; QWATCH watch process' quota use; DCL utils - show/watch diskspace, quotas, pipe, merge inventory files, add/remove users, watch memory stats, menulogin, network printer send/receive (cheap DQS), watch tapes, disk security erase; ADAM editor (OCRS std); COOKIE fortune cookie program; RAND random no. gen.; PASSCHK checks password valid; how to install dialout modem; print queue manager; menu driven BACKUP; DIR_STACKS set default program; SCREENCTL input manager program; compare two directories; set time on RSX nodes from VMS; VMS billing system; vt320 graphics conversion; node->node copy with no password on screen; Day of Year; Shownet - allow endnodes to SHOW NET; OS/2 desktop utilities; auto dir of new mail; process permanent key defs for actions; SQUEEZER memory economizer; symbiont to strip extra whitespace off printed files; quick ref of Postscript language; images; mac sounds; schedule runs of programs; rail traffic simulator, N track segments; Symposium registration system; pack files for DCL (like SHARE); VAX accounting utility; WORD-11 addons; screen print/save. From DECUS Canada. DECUS tapes
datebook VAX91B Calendar manager utility for single and recurring appointments, to-do lists, etc. and reminder program. From Bruce Tanner. DECUS tapes
decuserve_tapes VAX91B Programs submitted via DECUSERVE. CONNEX - manage connections to UUCP (George Merriman);MASTER/MENU - menus of applications (Chuck McMichael);MEMO - file "memos" in ACL (Jack Harvey); NEWHELP - SMG oriented help (George Merriman); TK-Labels - makes labels for TK50/TK70 (Jack Harvey); UAI - find actual LOGIN.COM for a user. DECUS tapes
decwlogindoc VAX91B How LOGIN works on DECwindows and how to control it. From John McMahon. DECUS tapes
dinkey VAX91B Compare entire directories of files; show differences. From James Dinkey. DECUS tapes
dnorth VAX91B 1LOGIN - allow 1 user login per user; C lexical analyzer; declaration parser; ACL blaster; CD - another change directory; DO - issue DCL command without getting it into recall buffer; ENTER - enter file ID as filename. PATCHER - force image to call shareable image for patching. PRV - set privs on/off for another process; RMVFIL - force a file closed; SETDATE - set dates on files. SETUP- replaces SIGVEC - use lib$signal to call sys$putmsg and control prog flow. TRACE - trap prog traceback to a file. TTFISW - preload typeahead buffer. UWDIMGSTA - user debugger "catcher". Can be used to allow installing a priv'd image with /TRACEBACK. From Dave North. DECUS tapes
flowers VAX91B ASKOPER - get oper reply in a symbol. CSWING (V3.5s.4) - dir and file management tool. DISK - free space report. DISk_MOUNTER - mounts disks. DISK_WATCHER - watch free space. MASTER - let nonpriv'd holder of nnn_MASTER to grant/revoke any nnn_* ID. MENU - DCL menu system. SYSFILES - check page/swap usage. SYSTAT - clusterwide sys status; WILDCMD -do cmd for wildcard file spec. DYNPRI -dynamic prio adjust; Get broadcast classes to symbol. Compare AUTOGEN params with your old ones. From Harry Flowers. DECUS tapes
france VAX91B DECUS France submission. Compress, added controls. Read, format and print homeblock, storage control blk. DM$SD bugfix. Patch editor, in hex or ASCII; display disk free space, files with n extension headers; peek at 3 longwords from victim process; get caller's no. args; alias for X400 addresses to VAX Mail; set condition handler at image start; add random comments to files; Kermit via LAT aids; open another user's MAIL; Makedepend for VMS; memory map; null printer driver; set file owner while file locked; VMS pipe driver; file attributes recovery; select path with future release of VMS;search message by number/contents; trace errors (replaces DEC traceback); find title in NOTES; list locked files; new VMS TAR read/write util; xCOPY - node to node copy that can be restarted from point of failure. WHO - show what's happening. Make transfer vector for all of a library. PLOT_PS - a Postscript C graphics library; new MSDOS programs; monitor a PC via DECnet-DOS; CVS and RCS for Unix (source control); format floppy in unix w/o priv;create/edit bibliographic database (vms); browser; watchdog idle terminal monitor (for clusters); GMENU multiwindow manager; HOT Files display. SUBMIT/USER w/o privs; MYE super TPU editor; Find largest files on a disk; OPCOM catcher; REcall more than 40 DCL commands; fix bug in SET VOL/REBUILD=FORCE; UCX security; recover deleted files; From DECUS France. DECUS tapes
fts VAX91B Utility able to monitor I/O and VMS system service calls in a process, allocate pool, peek/poke memory, forcex, etc., log system service calls, even lie to an image about what a service call returns, load XDT and start it, alter page protection, spawn, watch device I/O (fdt, start, altstart, cancel, iopost) and more. From Bruce Miller. DECUS tapes
f_getlki VAX91B Gets info about RMS locks. From R. Koehler. DECUS tapes
gce91b VAX91B [.analy] - AnalyRim program (combined spreadsheet and relational DBMS, for VMS, Unix, and AmigaDos. Also AnalytiCalc spreadsheet for unix (Sun executables). AnalyRIM has a new graphics command making it trivial to obtain high quality plots of spreadsheet data while still in AnalyRIM using GnuPlot (V3.0, included prebuilt for VMS) as the plotting engine. Most of the capabilities of GnuPlot can be used. [.anunewsmods] - Compendium of posted patches for ANU News 6.0-3 since the Spring 1991 tapes. [.boss] - The BOSS multisession monitor, with mods by Tony McGrath to allow it to compile with Gnu C. [.virtualdisks] - Complete virtual disk package. Updates to FDDRV to make it more bulletproof; extensions to many routines. Also initial code for a Sun version of fddrv. Remote and local virtual/crypto/shadow/file/memory disks. Shadowing disk assign now allows both hosts to be specified by LBN so both can be raw devices. Also the fdhostcry4 program (better debugged than it used to be) now adds a more robust /CLEAR option to unjam some stuck I/O that could be caused by injudicious use of STOP/ID. FDdriver has also been made more bulletproof. There have been enhancements and bugfixes to vddriver4ae also to correct a problem that occurred in very high concurrent access situations, and an ASNVD mod which recognizes files which are contiguous by virtue of having only one extent is included, allowing these to be used even where they are not marked contiguous. (Often sysdump.dmp will qualify!) [.net91b] - Lots of bits from info-vax and other net sources. Includes Fortran-to-C translator update, POP3 mailserver for VMS, VNEWS news reader, MOST lister, Gnu Grep, Zip, Bulletin update, ada grammar, much more. [.MX123] - Copy of the "user contributed" mods for MX. Note these all predate the release of MX 3.0 (in the [.rpi...] tree on this tapeset) and so should be examined carefully to determine if they are helpful with the current MX release. IBM PC routers and bridges for Ethernet. Pathworks clients for unix. DECUS tapes
gh VAX91B BAT - quick auto-reate and submit batch jobs from console. CVTLIS - convert .LIS files to macro-32 or C. DCL_RECALL - patch DCL to allow 62 recalled commands, not 20. GETCMD - list cmd recall buffer for any process on system. JNET_LINWATCH - report JNET link failures. RCARD - read DECwindows cardfiler files on ASCII terminals. SET_PRCNAM - set process name for any process on system. From Hunter Goatley. DECUS tapes
gplot VAX91B High level routines usable with GKS and interactive plotting program using them. Handles linear/log axes, curves with or without error bars, interpolations, legend creation, enhanced text, contour plots, 3D plots, vectors, barcharts, interpreting GKS metafiles. From Tom Worlton. DECUS tapes
grc VAX91B EDX super EDT emulator for TPU with spell checks, wildcard search/replace, optional WPS keypad, 2D cut/paste, sort, many other extensions. Random number generators. How to get a batch job to checkpoint. From David Deley. DECUS tapes
jbaker VAX91B CONFIRM - confirm mail message delivery. LIST - phone list, allows user modification. NEURAL_NET - toy neural net. USERCOUNT - show users' processes on cluster. VERSION - shows current version of software. From Jon Baker. DECUS tapes
levine VAX91B Macro preprocessor, language independent, from Mike Levine DECUS tapes
lomasky VAX91B SYSUAF - utility to report custom reports from whatever fields of system accounting file desired. Also can transfer passwords to other nodes. Many options. From Brian Lomasky. DECUS tapes
nswc VAX91B SD - set default. LET - shorthand DEFINE. USERS - continuous show who is logged on. VGRAPH - viewgraph writer for Postscript printers. BOXES - draw boxes on DEC terminals. IF/ENDIF - check cmd procedure nesting. ZMENU - menu display in cmd proc. From Al Zirkle and Dahlgren LUG. DECUS tapes
pop VAX91B POP3 mail server and clients for various machines including VAX/VMS, PC, Mac DECUS tapes
ragosta VAX91B ADAM editor, updated for EVE 5.3; FPT Fortran programming tools; GRAPHICS - latest GRAF, DISSPLA based viewgrapher. KRONOS - super batch job scheduler. From Art Ragosta. DECUS tapes
richardson VAX91B CLOSE_VMS_ACCT - close VMS accounting at month end. CONCATINATE-SIXEL- concatinates sixel graphs side by side. COUNTREC - count records in a file. DIALUPINI - setup dialout via Hayes modems. DROIDS - robot chase game on 24 x 80 screen. EATCPU - consume exact percent of CPU for load tests. ENPAGE - paginate documents to laser printers. FORCEX - force exit on another process' image. LOCK_TERMINAL - TERMINAL LOCK. VMSDOWN - Allow shutdown w/o privs. DECUS tapes
rpi VAX91B MX - mailer utility able to route mail between DECnet, UUCP, TCP/IP (SNMP), and BITnet. VMS-installable! Supports mailing lists, mailservers, aliases, address rewrites, much more. NEWSRDR - NNTP client to read Usenet news. NSQUERY - interrogate Internet domain name servers. Finger - simple Finger for UCX. From Matt Madison. DECUS tapes
rsx91b VAX91B RSX SIG tape, Fall 1991. Sigtape roadmap; papers on favorite RSX programs; cryptic addition; BRUSHELL control shell for BRU; DIR - super directory list command; SDF - show disk fragmentation. DECUS tapes
ruckert VAX91B Wordperfect keypad defs for MSDOS Kermit. From Roger Ruckert. DECUS tapes
sabatine VAX91B FIXDRIVER - change the name of a driver image to avoid driver name conflicts; works on .EXE. From William Sabatine. DECUS tapes
swim VAX91B Version 2 of multisession, multiwindow monitor for terminals. Allows many concurrent processes on one terminal, rect. cut/paste, each window acts as a VT100. Can log sessions. From Steve Jennen. DECUS tapes
taylor VAX91B SETPRN - set process name. SHOW_PRCNAM - show process name. From Mike and Retha Taylor. DECUS tapes
ualr VAX91B ETAPE - Read/write EBCDIC, nonstandard ASCII, BCD, etc. tapes; handles IBM tape formats read/write. CB - CB simulator. READBACK - reads VMS Backup saveset and produces saveset from subset of the files. UBBS - Full function bulletin board system for VMS. Last production release. From Dale Miller. DECUS tapes
vaxpro VAX91B Code from articles in the VAX PROFESSIONAL magazine since Spring 1991 submission by Vax Pro. C Utilities in Ada - Astring string fcns. RMS Block I/O example (very large transfers, fast). SYNCHR - synchronize processes on a VAXcluster. RUVOLO - find all holders of an ID or all IDs of a holder. PHONEU - use PHONE object to show users on another node. LOGPRT - stores terminal server/port in VMS Accounting in remote node/ID fields, restricts AUDIT to breakins. HIKER7 - give number file hdrs and map pointers given a filename. DECTRM - Create DECterm windows, including multiple accounts. BREAKN - instant notice to selected terminals of breakin attempts. MAIL - mail reorg/cleanup program. WINDOW - let remote node open window on current node. RENAME - Let COBOL accept args by reference and descriptor. RECALL - save/restore DCL recall buffer. (Sometimes even after logout!). FDE - poor man's CASE. PCDECW - Start DECWindows session manager on PC DECwindows. GUIDE8 - check for paging, swapping, split I/O on a disk & count read/write/size for disk. SHUTDN - Cmd procedure to shut down all nodes on a cluster, like SHUTDOWN on a single VAX; exits occur in right order. PHIGSX - how to use PHIGS, GKS, and X11 at the same time. HIKER9 - displays files open to a process, mapping, and count of reads/writes to these files. CHECK - retrict access to WAN by FAL, PHONE, NML to trusted nodes. From VAX Professional magazine. DECUS tapes
vegas VAX91B Two "Vegas" style games - NFLBookie - bets on NFL games. BJTRNR and CCTRNR - trains you to play blackjack or craps. CRAPS - simulated Vegas style craps game. DECUS tapes
vmsnetarch VAX91B VMSNET Archives, material submitted or updated since Spring 1991 VAX / L&T tapes. Includes archie client, cswing, archiver, cd, crashme, datebook, dcl_mailbox, dcl_menu, def, dribble, drlogin, dwprofile, dxrn, fts, get_nfsname, grep, joblog, mailcompress, memtrim, most, mxrn, password policy, pbmplus, pcal, peekfile, primgr, prompt, ptd, queue_display, ramdriver, remote_tape, remprtsmb, sed, squeezer, tiff, turbo, unshar, user, uuencode, vertical menu, vms share, vnews, xloadimage, xroach, xuaf, xv, xwatch, zip, zoo, more. From Bruce Tanner. DECUS tapes
worlton LT91B MODIFY - change text in files; also can reformat Fortran to vanilla Fortran 77. From Tom Worlton. 91B L&T Fall 1991 saveset tps:// -------- --------------------- DECUS tapes
f91symptitles LT91B Titles of Fall 1991 symposium sessions from Anaheim symposium. DECUS tapes
flight LT91B FLIGHT 2.5 flight simulator for VAXstations under DECWindows, from a collection of DEC employees. DECUS tapes
gce91b LT91B [.misc91b] - More net material including Ada lex/yacc, archie client, a unix BASIC interpreter, COPS unix security package, CRACK (fast crack unix password files and report), university Ingres DBMS, Paascal->C, VMS ZIP, squeezer (workset compactor), system service trace, addbad (add bad blks by hand), DCL patch for catch cmds, homemade remote DECnet terminals on TT class devices, free device, clear error count, ^D to delete process, create logical name in any table, any mode, delete logical, dribble mail, how to extend indexf.sys, clear RWAST, show idle time on ALL processes, execute cmd before loginout, and more. DECUS tapes
gnusoftware LT91B GNU software new since Spring 1991 tapes. Includes Epoch, BASH, GnuPlot, Find, Hyperbase, GROFF, PERL, G++. Also includes HYPERBOLE system, NNSTAT, ENCORE dbms, TCPDmp (ethernet monitor for unix), more. Submitted by G. Everhart DECUS tapes
ncsa LT91B NCSA Telnet for Mac and IBM PC, with drivers. Allows multiple terminal windows and file transfers between PC/Mac and TCP/IP-speaking hosts. VT and Tek emulation. DECUS tapes
netmons LT91B PC based Ethernet monitors and analyzers with SNMP protocol interface; included are Beholder, Gobbler, and Spectre, plus assorted related tools for PC or Unix. DECUS tapes
latex LT91B New version of LaTeX with documents, from Ted Nieland. DECUS tapes
unixmisc LT91B Dumps of some archives from Internet. Includes alt.sources, BSD freely distributable Reno tape, and Postgres distribution. DECUS tapes
wais VAX92A Wide Area Information Servers - net client/server based document index query/retrieval system for vms, unix, X, emacs, mac, and NeXT. Takes fulltext retrieval one step further. X92A Spring 1992 VMS / L&T Sig Tapes stract X92A...] Tree --------- ---- DECUS tapes
4gl_sig VAX92A RALLY select_queue - select print queue for RALLY printing. DECUS tapes
ake VAX92A ANU News 6.1 alpha4 release (complete usenet NEWS for VMS). BOSS - multisession terminal monitor, V4.3a. DVIPS - Converts TeX output to Postscript. GNUC - Gnu C++ for VMS and LIBG++ for VMS, from version 2.2 of Gnu C. LDB - Long Distance Backgammon. UMORIA is the Moria game, built for VMS. (many other Gnu files from Earle Ake were moved to the [.gnusoftware] tree.) DECUS tapes
allebrandi VAX92A Programs to set or clear traceback or debug for images linked withour or with those attributes. DECUS tapes
alphabits VAX92A Some public information released by DEC about the new Alpha machine. DECUS tapes
arnold VAX92A BITNET postmaster's guide DECUS tapes
boss VAX92A BOSS multisession monitor, latest version. Allows control of several sessions from one terminal, logging, record/playback of input, flexible control of output, supports FTdriver or PY/TWdriver, low overhead. DECUS tapes
bulletin VAX92A Latest BULLETIN, a many-to-many messaging system and USEnet newsreader that works like VAX Mail. DECUS tapes
bzl VAX92A RDB to RTF (RTF = Rich Text Format, read by many PC and Mac word processors) convert. TRIM - process files in various ways incl. stripping some chars from start of line, replace strings in each line, add prefix/suffix to lines, add line at start of each file, strip whitespace, strip nonprinting chars. DECUS tapes
callback VAX92A System permitting the VAX to call you back on call-in, useful for security and billing purposes. DECUS tapes
cronfeditcoo VAX92A COOKIE - small fortune cookie program. CRON - execute jobs at set times, controlled by data file. FXEDIT - callable F$EDIT routine. DECUS tapes
dialer VAX92A Schedule calls to a remote modem (or pager) DECUS tapes
dx VAX92A Fullscreen directory maintenance utility; multiwindow. DECUS tapes
edx VAX92A EDT style editor for TPU with many extensions and built in spelling checker and dictionary. DECUS tapes
fairbairns VAX92A Addendum to Vassar spell checker; works inside EVE or independently. DECUS tapes
finger VAX92A Current FINGER distribution for those who aren't up to date; reports users, activities, mail read over DECnet, some TCP/IP and JNET nets and aids looking up usernames. Highly secure. DECUS tapes
flowers VAX92A CSWING, directory and file management (full screen) utility, many fixes. DISK - reports free disk space. DISK-WATCHER - monitors free disk space. MAIL_EDIT - quote, spell check, and add signature to outgoing mail. MENU - DCL menu system V2.3. FALL_BACK and SPRING_FORWARD - "kinder, gentler" time change for daylight saving time. MOST - file fullscreen lister with fixes and additions. DECUS tapes
gce92a VAX92A New version of AnalyRIM (combined spreadsheet and relational database manager) adding "infinite dimensions" (per design published 1987!). CAP - Columbia Appletalk server for unix. Also SED, TQE, and CDROM readers. Network - submitted items from all over. These include numerous mesasages with DECwindows hints, DX directory manager, FDdriver updates for remote disks, cryptodisks, memory disks, etc., information on what intercepting VMS I/O flow at various points can be used for, MWAIT analyzer, VMS Share file packager for mailing, CMU domainserver, security product reviews, CDROM reader for ISO or High Sierra CDs, and much more. DECUS tapes
goatley VAX92A Supervisor Series 5.2 (monitor or control other terminals or log terminal output). BAT - easy batch sessions. CVTLIS - convert .LIS files on listings CD back to .MAR or .B32. DCLKEYS - define DCL keys from a program. DCL recall patch for 62 cmds. Gnu FGREP for VMS. FLIST - fullscreen directory/file manager. GETCMD - display anyone's DCL recall buffer. Gnu Grep for VMS. Watch JNET links. Renumber Macro labels. Program to replace LOGIN.COM. Notice manager. Cardfiler display on VT terminals. Gnu SED 1.8 for VMS. Process name set for any process. Display contents of .STB files. APRT - change page protection. CLRREF - clear refs to device (frees device for reuse w/o reboot). LASER symbiont. for postscript printers. MWAIT analyzer. Process-permanent hotkeys. Set privs for any process. UUencode/decode. TQE dumper. UNMACRO interactive disassembler. DECUS tapes
haining VAX92A Account maintenance and creation/deletion system. Also remote print/plot for VMS and Unix. DECUS tapes
jbaker VAX92A TERMINALS - generate terminal statistics. VERSION - show software versions for layered products, VMS. USERCOUNT - looks for other interactive processes. DECUS tapes
levine VAX92A Menu driven mail profile editor and menu driven mail user interface. DECUS tapes
lock VAX92A Terminal lock using vms password. DECUS tapes
lomasky VAX92A Replacement program to do what LOGIN.COM does, but much faster. PIGGY - find who's hogging the disk space, quickly. More flexible SYSUAF reports, very tailorable. Reports sysuaf or rightslist. Also can copy passwords from node to node. DECUS tapes
lpd_for_ucx VAX92A Implementation of LPD for UCX so Unix systems can use printers on VMS machines. DECUS tapes
mcmahon VAX92A DECwindows brain surgery & how to do it documents. DECUS tapes
meadows VAX92A CD - program to play audio CDs on CDROM readers with SCSI controllers. DECUS tapes
most VAX92A Textfile viewer in the tradition of MORE and LESS. Allows moving back & forth etc., less danger of accidental overwrite than an editor & less overhead. DECUS tapes
munic_s92 VAX92A Contributions from DECUS Munich and the European VMS SIG. Includes BREAK terminal locker, CHARGE - modify account string, mount any cluster disk, VMS CRON time based scheduling, EDX - edit a remote (ftp) UNIX file from VMS, fix_queue - repair job controller file, get volume label clusterwide, C indenter, Infoserver monitor, transparent use of a remote compiler, load VT200 keys, convert logfiles, Postscript symbiont for AppleLaserWriter, RDB based PAK mgr., mail distributor, mail profile manager, move DECWindows login box, analyze MWAITed processes, put field from ISAM file into DCL symbol, postscript plot library, print file on remote node queue, postscript draw package, X.25 file transfer, allow use of any Postscript file for DECW login, get time in processor modes since last boot, REMINDER notebook, show info about RMS indexed file, job scheduler, modem/c-kermit utilities, util to move holidays to Secondary Days in UAF, smarter SET TERM/INQ, dynamic quota management, DECW system perf. info, VMSTELL: vms <-> MSDOS communication, remote satellite shutdown, FREEMEM trim working set, UNREAD - show who doesn't read his mail, USER_SHUTDOWN - user driven workstation shutdown. VTEDIT - multiwindow EDIT based on TPU/LSE. DECUS tapes
nswc VAX92A Checkmail - see if someone read mail you sent them. VLOG - view end of log files while the job is still running. SD - set/show default, MANY options. LET - shorthand define. MODIFY - string replacement in text, many MANY options. REFORMAT - reformat text files, lots of options. USERS - continuously updating users display. VGRAPH - viewgraph generator for Postscript printers. ZMENU - DCL menu display system. DECUS tapes
passpol VAX92A VMS password policy module, lets you check for weak passwords automatically as they are entered. DECUS tapes
pavlin VAX92A New version of Ethermon, which works onVMS 5.4-3 and later. More commands, more displays, many programs to analyze traces, and still a VERY complete ethernet online monitor. DECUS tapes
perl VAX92A VMS port of PERL 3.0-18, a useful scripting and text language. DECUS tapes
rcs VAX92A Update of the VMS port of RCS (Revision Control System) though still an RCS 4.3 port. DECUS tapes
ricksys VAX92A TPUPlus superset of TPU editor. DECUS tapes
rpi VAX92A MDMLIB - utilities. MX - electronic mail router between UUCP, TCP/IP, DECnet, and BITnet. Supports mailing lists and file distribution over email. NETLIB - routines to access TCP/IP services in a version independent way for several vendors. NEWSRDR - NNTP client news reader. NSQUERY - asks Internet name servers about a name. UCX_Finger - Simple finger utility for vms/ultrix connection. WATCHER - very general idle terminal monitor. DECUS tapes
stockley VAX92A BRUREAD - BRU tape reader for VMS (no vax/rsx needed). BRULIST - list directory of BRU tapes from RSX systems. DECUS tapes
syssupport VAX92A Command files for supporting a large VAXcluster. DECUS tapes
termlock VAX92A Terminal lock program update. DECUS tapes
uucp VAX92A Release 2.0 of VMS UUCP, a package permitting full participation in VMSnet/USEnet mail and news in VMS. DECUS tapes
vaxpro VAX92A Items from VAX Professional magazine. Become another user; deinstalling page file; how to use SDA; automatic determining machine type; show who is mapped to global sections. DECUS tapes
vmstpc VAX92A VMSTPC - tape ->disk -> tape copier, superfast. DECUS tapes
wyant LT92A RSX Indirect documentation. 92A...] Tree -------- ---- DECUS tapes
antivirus LT92A Antivirals for PC, Mac, and Amiga from internet antiviral archives. DECUS tapes
ckermit LT92A Most recent (beta but usable) C-Kermit for a variety of platforms (plus VMS executables). DECUS tapes
gce92a LT92A COPS security package, V1.4, for Unix. CAP (Columbia Appletalk Package), Appletalk server for Unix. LQtext fulltext retrieval package, for Unix systems. TARsplit package to split Tar files on VMS into smaller pieces. DECUS tapes
gnusoftware LT92A Gnu items updated since the Fall 1991 tapes. Includes BC, new CVS (Concurrent Versioning system), EPOCH, Gnu Emacs 18.58, new fileutils, ElVIs (Vi clone for emacs), Gnu C/C++ (all in one) V2.2, GHOSTScript Postscript interpreter & viewer, Gnu C lib, computer jargon file, new textutils, mawk, metamail, time daemon, VMS termcap patches, and some more. DECUS tapes
ncsa LT92A NCSA Telnet (Telnet and FTP for PC and Mac) DECUS tapes
pc-sig LT92A Disks distributed by DECUS PC Sig at the Atlanta symposium. Both MSDOS and Mac items are here. DECUS tapes
vmsbackup LT92A Another VMS Backup tape reader for unix machines. DECUS tapes
x11r4 LT92B X11R4 clients and demos, ported to VMS (/motif). Updated since Fall 1991. ll 1992 VMS / L&T SIG Tape Collection 92B...] Tree -------- ---- DECUS tapes
ckermit LT92B Latest C kermit for all platforms. Adds long packets, windowing, attribute preservation, much more. DECUS tapes
cmu LT92B Complete CMU TCP/IP distribution. This is a highly reliable TCP/IP for VMS machines, supporting most standard TCP/IP functions. These include Telnet, FTP, a socket library, LPR, SMTP, the Berkeley "r" utilities, domain name service, NFS server, TCP/IP over DECnet, SLIP, and much more. Sources are provided, as is documentation. Note that it is recommended that the MX mailer be used with this package; MX can be obtained from the S92 VMS tapes or elsewhere, and is superior to the included SMTP package. Versions of TCP/IP for VMS 4.7 to 5.5+ are included, though the VMS 4.x support is harder to install. The VMS 5.x uses VMSINSTAL. DECUS tapes
gnusoftware LT92B Large collection of Gnu tools and code. Includes FSF distributions of Bison, Emacs, Find, GCC, GAWK, Ghostscript, Ghostview, Grep, Groff, Oleo spreadsheet 1.1, Regex, Sed, Tar, and many more. DECUS tapes
mx032 LT92B MX mailer, V3.2. Routes mail between TCP/IP, DECnet, DECUS UUCP, and JNET (and other mailers as needed). Also a better SMTP mailing agent with TCP/IP here than the original CMU version. DECUS tapes
tcpextras LT92B Odds and ends that may enhance the CMU TCP/IP package. DECUS tapes
unisig LT92B Unix "Good Stuff" from DECUS Unisig. Includes ELM mailer, icontact (makes contact sheets of many images onto small images), ispell, patch2, perl, xv, metamail, pbmplus. DECUS tapes
x11r4 VAX92B X11R4 clients & demos for DECwindows/Motif, updated. Such "must have" programs as Xterm, Xedit, Xclock, Xlsclients, Xmag, PBMPlus, Xfig, Xless, Xlock, Xpostit, Xscope, XV, and maybe 50 more are included, plus improved libraries for Motif in DECwindows and an RTL library for VMS Unix emulation. X92B...] Tree --------- ---- DECUS tapes
alpha VAX92B Utilities ported to Alpha, some of them updates of the ones on the Alpha CD. Includes BOSS and SWiM multisession monitors, partial vd: driver for alpha, Vax File Editor, Kermit, CSwing, FILE, CLRREF, Invisible, SETUSERNAME, TAIL, VMS_SHARE, Zip and Zoo archivers, and more. DECUS tapes
amc VAX92B Docs on analyzing process, crash, etc. EDX, updated TPU based super-EDT editor. Histogram of CPU use and queue length thru the day. Optimize a function over a space. Prime generator. Search batch queues for jobmane. TERMINATOR - an idle process killer. DECUS tapes
analy VAX92B Complete distribution of AnalytiCalc and AnalyRIM spreadsheet/relational database management system for all platforms. AnalytiCalc runs on RSX, MSDOS, AmigaDos, Unix, VAX/VMS. AnalyRIM runs on AmigaDos, Vax/VMS, Alpha/VMS, and Unix. All sources are present. Updated over version on Alpha CD. DECUS tapes
anunews VAX92B ANU News system, a fully functional News system for VMS, version 6.1 beta6. DECUS tapes
baisley VAX92B DQS Batch symbiont. Requires DFS. DECUS tapes
bdm VAX92B Bulk Disk Manager - manages access to disk space where space is paid for. Lets one manage and administer such a system. DECUS tapes
bulletin VAX92B Messaging system, news reader, and computer conferencing / bulletin board system that works like an enhanced VAXmail (hence very easy to learn). DECUS tapes
bzl VAX92B Bywater BASIC interpreter. Finally a BASIC for VMS that needs no costly licenses. Alpha VMS image also. BAS_EDIT_FUNCTION - good string edit function for 3GLs; does much of what F$EDIT does (strip space, change case, etc.) COMMANDS - many cmd procs showing all params for f$getdvi, f$getjpi, f$getsyi. MOVEFILE - move one file with Movefile. [editor note: See also JUICER on this tape.] NULL_DB - Read Rdb database and convert default date fields to null. TPU procs to strip blanks. TRIM - program to replace strings, prefix/suffix, remove blank lines, strip nonprint chars, etc., you select which. DECUS tapes
cddriver VAX92B Update to CDdriver disk cache system to let it be useful in some cluster configurations (NOT all). Provides memory cache for disk; OK where the disk is physically connected to ONE VAX that runs CDdriver. Fixes bug that kept it from helping other VAXen that saw the disk via MSCP. DECUS tapes
decusrv/decwmail-tpu VAX92B Let DECwindows MAIL use a TPU editing process for its editing. DECUS tapes
decusrv/dsnlink_new VAX92B Get new DSNlink articles. [note: see updated vers. in [vax92b.gce92b.net92b] also.] DECUS tapes
decusrv/pcsig-spring92 VAX92B Collection of PC software offered by the DECUS\ PC SIG in Spring 1992. MANY utilities. DECUS tapes
denton VAX92B Grant priv'd capabilities to specific unprivileged accounts. Capabilities are grouped using rights identifiers. DECUS tapes
digsysjnl VAX92B Programs from Digital Systems Journal (formerly Vax Professional) since Spring 1992. C Builtins, WATCH, SYSWCH, Daemons, Automated DECforms help, exit condition handler info, DECnet security info, tuning for X windows, detecting process death, and much more. DECUS tapes
dwprofile VAX92B Decwindows Motif fullscreen application; does most of what AUTHORIZE does and searches UAF records as needed. DECUS tapes
extcomm VAX92B Dial-out comm program for VMS; uses Xmodem protocol and has a script language, phone directory, and session logging, and flexible authorization of who may use it. DECUS tapes
flowers VAX92B CSWING, menu / fullscreen front end for VMS for use in many cases instead of plain DCL. MENU - DCL menu system...add your own menus in DCL procedures. SYSGENCOMP - compare AUTOGEN'd params with active ones. SYSTAT - show system status, who's doing what. System management guide from Harry Flowers. DECUS tapes
gce92b VAX92B BOSS multisession monitor. VMS Finger. Gnu Tar for VMS Posix. JED editor. Huge collection of programs and advice found on the Internet. PCX with minor mod to let it read AND WRITE low density floppies (720K) in MSDOS format on Vax drives. SWiM multiwindow, multisession monitor. TRIPWIRE Unix security subsystem. Virtual disk package updates. Net stuff includes VMS Archie client, CD players, CLAIMDEV - move device owner to anyone, VAX disassembler, skeleton intercept driver QDDRIVER (complete src, doc!), FM, FTS, INDENT code indenter, XAUTOLOCK (lock workstations), laser symbionts, intercept driver standards, INTERCOM multiuser localmsg relay, IO_STEALING_TEMPLATE, code for stealing various parts of I/O (with minor example that reduces fragmentation a little), doc on How to Add ACPs ahead of DEC's, netwho, NEWS reader V1.24, ODS2 dir. format doc, docs of DAP protocol, PATCH, PROFILE code profiler, IMGACT DEC images as subroutines of yours, RAMDRIVER, REMIND reminder util, SED for VMS, SETPQL, TARSPLIT - split big TAR files into little ones, typing tutor, undelete, XSERVERNAME - find display for a user, fire appl. up there, MANY more. DECUS tapes
gilbr VAX92B Vegas type games; NFL Bookie, Blackjack practice, Craps. DECUS tapes
goatley VAX92B APFRAG - page/swapfile frag stats. FILE - File attribute report/modify. Flist - fullscreen directory manipulator. GAWK - Gnu AWK VMS port. Getcmd - show cmd line recall of other proc. GLBUFC - GCC compile/link aids. GLOGIN - let priv user have session as anyone. Head/Tail - show front/back of files. Invisible - become invisible on a sys. Laser symbiont. LAST - last login info. Newsrdr - net news reader. Paralyze - terminal locker. X11 performance meter. Print queue monitor. SED port to VMS (stream edit). UAF reporter and password guesser. ZIP/UNZIP latest versions (file archivers/compressors; VMS attributes now preserved.) VERSION - show .exe vers. info. VMS_SHARE 8.3 (pack files for mailing). XDVI - TeX previewer on DECW. VMS-share extract from mail. DECUS tapes
gopher VAX92B Gopher client/server for several systems including VMS. Uses Multinet. DECUS tapes
hittner VAX92B Let DIBOL users use dynamic in addition to static memory. DECUS tapes
hkennedy VAX92B BECOME - become another VMS user. DCLRB - show another user's DCL recall buffer. GETUAI - from Fermilab, updated. SETBACK - set backup dates on lots of files. TELL - send messages including multinode. TREEDEL - another tree delete. DECUS tapes
jbaker VAX92B SEVMS programs. TERMINALS - terminal statistics & usage tables. DELTREE - tree delete. DISKINFO - gives % disk used. LAST - tell when user(s) last logged in. LIST - maintains user base of name, username, group, phone#. VERSION - shows software versions. DECUS tapes
juicer VAX92B Disk defragmenter and frag. report utilities. This version uses the MOVEFILE primitive to do online defragmentation safely and without changing file IDs (and, obviously, respects the NOMOVE qualifier on files now). Reduces fragmentation both of free space and individual files. A dynamic monitor is furnished allowing observation of progress, and a "clean list and shutdown" is provided which lets you see more detail or request clean exit (though it's never very unclean since movefile handles exit conditions cleanly). Note: not for volume sets. OK on stripesets. Old versions are included for VMS prior to V5.5. A detached monitor of free space is provided also. DECUS tapes
lomasky VAX92B Directory, sortable by file type, date, size, or other things, and ability to show just file ID etc. without other stuff. Called DS. builtin help. SYSUAF - UAF report tool, MANY more options than Authorize. Can also generate output for command files. DECUS tapes
munich_f92/dcl VAX92B Reset color of REGIS term.; make MMS incl. files. DECUS tapes
munich_f92/dcldebug VAX92B DCL debugger DECUS tapes
munich_f92/fc VAX92B Something like Norton File Commander for VMS DECUS tapes
munich_f92/prolog VAX92B Portable PROLOG interpreter DECUS tapes
munich_f92/psi_abrch VAX92B Report on PSI accounting files. DECUS tapes
munich_f92/spi VAX92B system performance Information...DECwindows display of load, history. DECUS tapes
munich_f92/xrdb VAX92B X resource database editor port. DECUS tapes
netlock VAX92B NETLOCK - util for managing locks across a DECnet network. DECUS tapes
nieland VAX92B SEND utility - messages between users. DECUS tapes
nswc VAX92B Notify - let nonpriv'd users broadcast to each other; REFORMAT - reformat text files; many options. SPACE- display disk free space. USERS - cont. display of cluster processes. VGRAPH - viewgraphs for Postscript printers. ZMENU - DCL menu system. ZSET - set DCL symbols in an image. ZTYPE - better TYPE/PAGE. DECUS tapes
osudar VAX92B VMSXTPC - a tape - disk - tape copier which handles large tape blocks (65KB) and can compress data in its blocks, provided the data is made smaller thereby; decompression on write is automatic. DECUS tapes
pavlin VAX92B ETHERMON - Ethernet monitor and display, MANY options, finally fixed for VMS 5.5 and up. Knows many protocols. DISM32 VAX/VMS disassembler is included also. DECUS tapes
perl VAX92B Port of PERL report generator tool to VMS. DECUS tapes
pittcorn VAX92B MENU - DCL menu system. WPS - move docs to/from standalone WPS systems. DECUS tapes
ragosta VAX92B FPT - Fortran programming tools. KRONOS job scheduler. DECUS tapes
rcstern VAX92B Cmd proc. to maintain search lists. SHOW_LOCKS - show locks contents on VMS. SYSLIB - utils handy for Pascal users. DECUS tapes
rcsmake VAX92B VMS ports of RCS V5.6 and Gnu Make 3.60, source and object control systems (so that RCS is a tool similar to SCCS or DEC CMS and Make is a tool like DEC MMS; Gnu Make has an automatic interface to RCS.) DECUS tapes
rcswild VAX92B Command procedures to allow VMS RCS to be used on wildcarded files. Gives wildcard ability to CI, CO, RCSCLEAN, RCSDIFF, and RLOG. DECUS tapes
roberts VAX92B ID - let a user with appropriate ID grant/revoke identifiers from a list. INV - help library maintenance utility. SCHEDULER - Repetitive task scheduler something like DECschedule with a few limitations. REFLECTION - keep username when logging in remotely via reflection. PCBACKUP - back up Pathworks PCs to VAXcluster --> tape. DECUS tapes
rsx92a VAX92B Virtual Terminal driver for RSX-11. Also a vast amount of info on contents of some early RSX SIG tapes. DECUS tapes
supervisor VAX92B Supervisor Series V5.4a - terminal watch/record/ remote control utility useful for help desks, system auditing, security scans, and more. DECUS tapes
taylor VAX92B Example programs from "how to write DCL-like command interfaces" DECUS tapes
tool VAX92B RNOTES - Read VAX Notes files without Vax Notes package. Can output to files or terminals or list directories. DECUS tapes
twade VAX92B Name Router - translates mail addresses; works with PMDF or BSMTP. PMDF_STATS - gets statistics for email traffic from PMDF. ACCOUNT - change your account & generate accounting record for your sess. so far. SET PROMPT from within a program. Prog. to get name of cmd. procedure running the image. Get job table name for process. Set local EFN of anyone's process. Set proc. name for any process. Set DCL prompt for another process. SET UIC in a program. DECUS tapes
xautolock LT93A Automatic terminal locker for X terminals or workstations. Works on VMS or Unix platforms. ring 1993 VMS / L&T Collection 93A] Tree ----- ---- DECUS tapes
antivirus LT93A Antivirals for PC, Mac, and Amiga plus TCP filtering and security guides from CERT DECUS tapes
anunews LT93A VMS implementation of NEWS; supports both client and server. DECUS tapes
aus LT93A DECUS Australia 1992 material. Change Terminal Mode, cluster management tools, pagetable fragmentation reporter, MS Windows utilities, A1 purge for read and outboxes, PWD010 - util to copy encrypted passwords to seed target nodes. A1 based room scheduler. DECUS tapes
clisp LT93A Common LISP implementation, full sources including interpreter, compiler, functions. DECUS tapes
cmutcpextra LT93A Domain name server for CMU TCP/IP which was accidentally left off the CMU TCP/IP distribution in some copies of the Fall 1992 tapes. DECUS tapes
decuserve LT93A DECUSERVE tools for reading notefiles, plus information about DECUSERVE. DECUS tapes
gatekeeper LT93A Some custom FTP code used at the FTP server plus some indexing tools used to make automatic indexes there. DECUS tapes
gnusoftware LT93A Free Software Foundation utilities including autoconf, binutils, bison (yacc replacement), button, calc, cpio, dejagnu, diff, ecc, elib, emacs, expect, f2c (Fortran to C converter), fileutils, find, flex, gas, gawk, gcc (C compiler), gdb, gdbm, ghostscript (Postscript clone), glibc, gmp, gnats, gnuchess, grep, groff, gzip (compress utility), hello, HP2xx, indent, ispell, jargon, libg++, m4, make, malloc, nihcl, oleo (spread sheet), patch, perl, rcs, scheme, sed, superopt, tar, termcap, texinfo, textutils, uucp, vh, wdiff, xboard, screen (unix multisession util). DECUS tapes
mx033 LT93A Mail software exchanger. Routes mail between DECnet, UUCP, Internet (SMTP), BITnet, handles fileservers and mailing lists, runs on VAX and AXP, supports mail /FOREIGN. DECUS tapes
newsrdr LT93A NNTP client news reader. DECUS tapes
nz LT93A New Zealand 1991 symposium material. GIF files. SNAP process control facility. TSCON terminal server control. TIME_PROMPT - set prompt to time. HPGL to Postscript converter. LHarc src., MEMTRIM memory reclaimer. PSROFF distribution. VMS port of Gnu Smalltalk. Console log reader. Disk Account file analysis programs. CPU time by account. Prio manager for overloaded systems. Graphics for VT220/VT320. Tape catalog system. XMODEM. more. DECUS tapes
pcsig_mac LT93A Mac software on DECUS PC SIG distributions for spring 1993, in Pathworks format. Includes eudora, kermit, direct_link, afe, trawl, talker, popmail2, suntari, gnuucp, macmud, and c. DECUS tapes
tcl LT93A VMS port of TCL command scripting language and of TK X11 toolkits. DECUS tapes
ms93a LT93A Tree ------ ---- DECUS tapes
ake LT93A Many VT terminal "films" plus the FILM.EXe image. Play these on VT52 or VT100 terminals. DECUS tapes
allied LT93A Get info about a printer attached to a VT term. Example prog using dual sessions, broadcast trapping. Separate DEBUG window for DECWindows, not using the DECW interface. Utils to create decterms. PCL - create barcodes on a PCL5 printer (HPLJ) DECUS tapes
blosser LT93A CDATE - calculate date in past/future by nn days, weeks, months, years. Works in DCL. Can do date add/sub. GRAPHIC - remove nonprint chars from VT dumps and character editor. DISP_WORDS - show one of a set of "sayings". CALC_DATE - library of date functions. CONV_BINARY - binary math. DESIGN - terminal lock and design generator for VT320. DECUS tapes
cswing LT93A Full screen interface to VMS; shows directory tree, allows browsing, moving about, arbitrary commands, works on AXP and VAX, and a host of other things so the VMS interface is mostly graphical. Commercial graphical frontends should be so good. DYNPRI - adjust priority for interactive processes. MASTER - delegate GRANT/REVOKE identifier authority. System mgt guide in Postscript. DECUS tapes
digsysjour LT93A Programs from Digital Systems Journal (formerly VAX Pro) issues since F92 tapes. Macro easy file I/O, Clusterwide sho proc/cont, EACH - do a command to each of a set of files. EXTENS - Add X functions without altering protocol. Info on using $FAO. Open file by FID. How to load exec images. How to use logicals as an interprocess comm technique. How to delete processes in RWAST etc. Use of NAM and XAB. Util to save/restore passwords. Delete range of jobs in a queue. Enhanced show users, stop/id, forcex util. TSR calendar. Working set sizer. DECUS tapes
fnews LT93A Fast NNTP news reader; caches info, and gives graphical user interface. DECUS tapes
gccvms LT93A Gnu C 2.3.3 for VMS, VMSINSTALlable. Includes Libg++ for VMS also. Gnu C generates EXCELLENT code for VMS, and is ANSI compliant (unlike VAX C). DECUS tapes
gce93a LT93A 10Backup - read pdp10 backup tapes. Compression routines. Updates to FQdriver virt. disk driver. Amiga ZIP, condor dbms, gopher, mac PPP, mood-dbms, ISODE, WAIS, many X11 sources, vms XKEY, VMSTPC tape->disk->tape able to ignore errs, RWASTED, MSDOS Kermit 3.13 including IBM PC and generic .EXEs, Archie, clients/servers, Bulletin messaging system, BYACC, CAP (Columbia Appletalk), CCMD, some VT100 "pictures", cron, C programming "10 Commandments", Diff, Dumper DEC10/DEC20 backup tape reader, DWShutdown Motif oriented system/cluster shutdown tool, Gnu Emacs VMS patches, DXRN newsreader, FILM VT terminal movie player and some films, FTS system service and I/O monitor, VMS Ghostscript, GIFregis (show GIF files on a ReGIS terminal), Gopher 1.12, getopt in C (allow easier ports of unix code), idraw, imagemagick, example of running a DEC image from within your own, IUtelnet, IUfinger, IUPOP3 (pop3 mail client), Jed editor, MASTER (prog to do distrib. grant/revoke identifiers), HPWD, Laser printer symbiont, mailpatch for other mailers, mxwatch, LHarc sources, patch (a la unix; goes with diff), PERL VMS port (Practical Extraction and Report Language), RAMdriver memory virt. disk (generic memory now, not just nonpaged pool), RIM5 DBMS, remote magtape driver, shell, ANU news fixes & comment$ PS Finger, peekfile, remote terminals that are real TT class devices, how to get OPCOM messages to a program cleanly, THEOREM, xgopher 1.3, XV version 3, X11R5 VMS build bits, much VT art (From Earle Ake and others); advice & example code from net experts. FIG to Metafont convert, ethernet bridge prog running on PC, list of S93 DECUS sessions, selections from SIMTEL20 unix area including parser for ANSI C, arb. precision math lib, argproc, arith, arithmetic parser, BASIC, B+ tree code, Btree code, complex arithmetic, curses widgets, prog. identifier database, dynamic link & hash routines, password manipulation tools, PD versions of BSD directory routines, password filter to find "obvious" passwords in unix, Xlisp. INDEX - FORTRAN indexer & static analysis. M4 macro proc. Isend, scsiII. Complete WHATIS database from archie. Xtermlock - lock xterms after idle period. Program to set/clear process "nodelete" bit. DECUS tapes
ghc LT93A Utility to ensure system clock stays close to right even if battery dies. DECUS tapes
goatley LT93A FILES_INFO - display all processes that have a file open. FTS - Funct. Test Suite - display I/O and/or system services used as an image runs. Replacement for LIB$GET_INPUT with cmd history. Postscript utils for repaging, merge, 2/4/8/9up print, etc. RAMDRIVER memory disk using any free VMS memory as a disk. SCANUAF - search SYSUAF.DAT for accounts meeting specified criteria. MOST file viewer. UUCP bugfix. WATCHER idle terminal monitor. MX 3.3 mail exchanger addons. DIRUTL default directory tools. (see also [.tk]) DECUS tapes
jbaker LT93A Progs all usable with SEVMS (or normal VMS). TERMINALS - generate terminal statistics, usage stats. DELTREE - deletes dir. trees. LAST - report user last login date. Can do groups too. LIST - phone number database. User can alter HIS phone no., not all. VERSION - show version number for layered software. DECUS tapes
lomasky LT93A "All About EVE" EVE superset. Does all of EDT, adds spell check, write region to file, word capitalization, line center, auto indent, buffer sort, buffer pad/trim, multiwindows, rectangular cut and paste, learn (like KED), works in batch, text pattern search (like unix), more. DECUS tapes
madison LT93A NETLIB - vendor independent way to access TCP/IP. NEWSRDR - NNTP client news reader. Supports most VMS TCP/IP pkgs. NSQUERY - get info from domain name servers. SETDEF - enhanced set default. WATCHER - idle terminal monitor. Detects idleness based on I/O, CPU use, username, privs, identifiers, terminal. Highly configurable. DECUS tapes
mahan LT93A X extensions talks text. Source to play/record audio on VS4000s. DECUS tapes
marshall LT93A ARGUS - idle terminal killer. Configurable. AUDIT_LISTEN - sets up an audit listener to get audit events and process immediately. COMPARE_NCP - compare NCP nodename databases in a local and remote node, report discrpancies. RMT - Much updated remote magtape driver with frontend. Multi-unit, very easy to use now. No need to log into both ends to start it. SANITY_CHECK - monitor, look for prespec. batch jobs, hostd queues, etc.; sends mail if something gets wedged. DECUS tapes
psdc LT93A Produce DECps graphs in 3 types. DECUS tapes
sewell LT93A Info & example on how to write a privileged sharable image. Sample system services included. Also, LaTeX macros for DECUS sess. notes. DECUS tapes
supervisor LT93A Allows monitoring terminals, recording terminals, assisting other users from your terminal (a help desk function), playback of terminal sessions (with screen regularizing), and a HANDIN facility to securely pass session output to an instructor. Many functions can be active at a time, user notice of monitoring or assistance is built in for observe/control functions, and many sessions can be monitored from a process. Control of who may/may not be observed is possible too. DECUS tapes
tk LT93A Material from Terry Kennedy/Hunter Goatley FTP archive. Chg prot on sys pages; AXP working example driver. BAT - sub mult cmds from DCL to batch. BBOARD bulletin board. BLISS language intro. C Kermit V5A-189 src/exe/doc (VAX and AXP). Cardreader - a symbiont that executes files sent to it. Pgm to read High Sierra CDRom. CLAIM - claim files in your dir. CLRREF - clear device owner field. COMPRESS - Gnu compress. CVTLIS - convert .LIS files from listing CDs to src. DCL_RECALL - patch DCL for more than 20 recalled cmds. Diff and Patch - unix style source patching combo. DRlogin - Rlogin for DECnet nodes. DSNLINK_NEW - poll DSNlink for new articles. EPM - tool to monitor disk perf. and find hot files. Gnu Fgrep and Grep for VMS (find patterns in files). FILE - alter VMS file attributes in place. FILES_INFO - show what processes have a file open. FIND - finds files based on hdr info; very fast. Finger - VMS finger release. Flex - lexical scanner generator. GAWK - pattern matching language. GZIP - compress and decompress file tool. Symbionts for HP Laserjet and for postscript printers. Humor entries. JED EDT like editor for VMS, MSdos, unix. Macro32 replacement for LOGIN.COM. Docs of loginout hooks for user code. MAKE - like MMS, build only what is new. LOOK - fast VMS file viewer. MOST - another fast VMS file view. MFTU - convert files to/from text for mailing; preserves VMS attributes. NEWS 1.25 - NNTP client news reader. ODS2 reader - reads ODS2 (VMS) disks on VMS (ignoring locks) or non-VMS (e.g.unix) machines. PARALYZE - terminal lock program. PC_DCL - DCL emulator for MSDOS. PDUMP - force process dump on other proc. SMG$ based queue mon. Diskquota info. RAMDRIVER - memory disk, uses any VMS memory, not just pool. RCARD - read Cardfiler cards on VT. Reminder system. REMOTE - execute remote commands on other DECnet node. SCANUAF - find processes matching criteria. Gnu SED (stream editor). Product setup. Screen oriented help. Spell checker. Timer Queue Entry display. TSCON - control terminal servers. TURBO - speed image access by locking some images in memory. UNARJ - read pc .ARJ files. ZIP and UNZIP - compress/decompress into archives, preserving VMS attributes. AXP and VAX executables. VMSTAR - read/write .tar files. VQM - visual queue manager. XDVI - X11 TeX DVI preview. XE ethernet monitor. XFIG structured draw prog. more. Most of these work on AXP as well as VAX. DELIVER - intelligent mail delivery agent for user; route mail to newmail, to files, to others, to null depending on sender/subject/etc. DECUS tapes
visualmail LT93A Full screen replacement for VAX MAIL. DECUS tapes
watch6 LT93A Update to the WATCH terminal monitor program. Allows use from batch and watch multiple users from one process. DECUS tapes
worlton LT93B GPLOT - High level plot routines for use with DEC GKS package. MODIFY - modify source files. OK on Alpha as well as VAX now. Allows changing strings in a whole file, detab, and various other reformatting operations. ll 1993 VMS / L&T Collection 93B] Tree ----- ---- DECUS tapes
brodie LT93B Collection of sounds from a variety of sources plus a sound editor utility to convert formats. DECUS tapes
cmuip LT93B Some addons to CMU TCP/IP for your convenience. DECUS tapes
gnusoftware LT93B Large collection of material from the Free Software Foundation dated since the Spring 1993 tapes. The area directory contains the following: autoconf17.tar-gz bash1_13_5.tar-gz binutils-2_3.tar-gz bison122.tar-gz calc202b.tar-gz cperf21a.tar-gz diffutils26.tar-gz elisp-manual-19-2_02_2.tar-gz emacs1922.tar-gz fileutils3_9.tar-gz flex246.tar-gz gas22.tar-gz gawk2154.tar-gz gcc258.tar-gz gdb412.tar-gz gdbm171.tar-gz glibc107.tar-gz gnats32.tar-gz gnuplot35.tar-gz gzip124.tar-gz indent191.tar-gz libgpp253.tar-gz m4_11.tar-gz make370.tar-gz makedoc370.tar-gz malloc.tar-gz net2-bsd.readme oleo15.tar-gz ptx03.tar-gz recode33.tar-gz scheme.dir screen352.tar-gz shellutils192.tar-gz superopt23.tar-gz textutils19.tar-gz time16.tar-gz uuencode10.tar-gz DECUS tapes
languages LT93B Some languages off the net. Includes GNAT, an Ada 9x prototype, a good Edinburgh style Prolog, and Regina, an implementation ofthe REXX language (with a good VMS version). DECUS tapes
linux LT93B Version 1.1.0 of the Slackware Linux distribution. Linux is a unix-like OS for Intel machines with a complete set of support utilities etc. DECUS tapes
parallel_virt_mach LT93B Code that can be used in making multiple networked machines co-operate in performing large computing tasks. DECUS tapes
scandora LT93B F2C Fortran to C compiler for Vax and AXP VMS. Also updates to execsymb (symbionts over DECnet etc.) and examples, compressed auto-depack procedure; generates smaller files than vms share, and GRAB (broadcast msg grabber) and SETUSER, to set username/UIC/logicals with authorization. DECUS tapes
smalltalk LT93B Little Smalltalk for various OSs (including Linux, VMS, OSF/1 and more). DECUS tapes
ms93a LT93B Tree ------ ---- DECUS tapes
antivirus LT93B Antiviral programs for PC since the S93 tapes. Provided as a service to help keep your PCs clean. DECUS tapes
anunews LT93B Patches of various sorts for the ANU News last beta (on the S93 tapes). DECUS tapes
ckermit LT93B C Kermit update release; an excellent communications package gets better yet. DECUS tapes
clift LT93B Utility and system to debug detached processes, sending messages thru pseudoterminals so the detached process appears to have the terminal attached directly to it. DECUS tapes
ctg LT93B Command procedures used to speed up startup, do rebuilds, monitor disk space and alert operators of problems, etc. DECUS tapes
decuserve LT93B Tool to read notes files. The CD contains the actual DECUSERVE notes archives thru December 1993 as well. DECUS tapes
deliver LT93B Utility to allow mail lists, automatic special handling of mail by sender, topic, or contents. DECUS tapes
dsj LT93B Programs from Digital Systems Journal (formerly Vax Professional) magazine. Many examples of useful coding techniques DECUS tapes
erkamp LT93B Reminder program. Provides automated reminders of your appointments. DECUS tapes
flowers LT93B CSwing new version, Vax or AXP. Gives a full screen menu front end for VMS, allows easy movement around directory trees, graphically, aids maintenance or use, menu system, dynamic priority adjuster for interactive procs, system status reporter, many system management command files, disk space monitor etc. DECUS tapes
gce93b LT93B Ethermon update (incl. instructions from D. Cathey on building for Alpha). Finger port to Alpha. Forcex util for Alpha. FPAINT screen forms tool updated for current VMS. Gopher and related stuff (lynx 2.2 etc.). JED text editor (John Davis). VMS Gnuplot, netfax, WWW browser, JUICER3 disk defragger (safe: uses MOVEFILE) for very large disks. RT11 kermit update. MXRN/DXRN newsreader. Lots of bits and kernel hacks from the net. Base64 converter. Claimdev claims device ownership. DVI to PS. Many X11 games. Fragmentation analyzer for disks. Disk space monitor. Large file splitter. Locking examples. REMINDER from 1985 tapes, disassembled so it can be VESTed, used on alpha. Description files of what a log-structured file system is like. Tape library system updated for newer VMS. Zip and Unzip latest versions. Virtual disk drivers of all kinds. Includes new VMS striping driver (nothing to do with DEC's; better than theirs) and a Step 2 port of VDdriver for Alpha. Much more. DECUS tapes
gceaxp LT93B Several ref. manuals from DEC's net sites describing how to write Step 2 Alpha drivers. DECUS tapes
ghostscript LT93B Ghostscript for VMS. A Postscript interpreter. Can be used to get VMS to handle non-postscript printers intelligently. DECUS tapes
goatley LT93B Patch for MX 3.3 to avoid confusion with the MM utility used at some sites. (see also [.TK]) DECUS tapes
grc LT93B Bookreader to ASCII. Autologin. Check acct about to expire. Force other proc to dealloc device. Batch examples. List disk use by dir. fast. Crash analysis doc. and other references. EDX update (EDT-like editor with many extensions including spell check). Find diretory for someone among many disks. Split and unsplit large files (so they can be transferred in small bits). Function optimizer. Prime number generator. Fun things to read. Docs of RMS internal file organization. Set proc name. ensuring unique. Program to show dir listing. Search queue for jobname. Idle process killer. Wrap lines of files with LONG lines. Clear access time. GREP for VMS. SWING directory tree editor. HP calculator emulator. DECUS tapes
hkennedy LT93B Security related docs. GETLCK - display locks on a system. VMS Password policy module. Needs no dictionary. DECUS tapes
jbaker LT93B Terminal statistics generator. Delete dir tree. Report user's last login date. List users with group name, username, name, and phone number. Users can update their entry (only). Version - display version of layered products. DECUS tapes
lomasky LT93B SYSUAF - report program for SYSUAF and RIGHTSLIST that reports as much or little detail as you want and has many selection abilities so you can manage rights without wading thru reams of printout. DECUS tapes
luthe LT93B Documentation about VMS Backup saveset formats. DECUS tapes
mpeg LT93B MPEG decoder and viewer for VMS (VAX or AXP). Also many movies in MPEG format. Everything needed to compile and display MPEG movies is here. DECUS tapes
munroe LT93B UNSDL with module to support generating .H files for Gnu C compiler. DECUS tapes
nedit LT93B GUI style plaintext editor for workstations with X and Motif. DECUS tapes
rboyd LT93B Search list modify program. Lets you quickly maintain and edit searchlist logical names. DECUS tapes
remote_tape_axp LT93B Beta version of a remote magtape driver package for Alpha AXP. DECUS tapes
taylor LT93B How to write DCL-like .CLD files. Examples from intro to system services. DECUS tapes
tk LT93B Bookman - select doc files to copy from CD. C-Format - prettyprint C. CARDREADER - symbiont that reads input and executes jobs. DSNlink get new articles. EPM - VMS I/O performance monitor. Many features. EPYT - "type backwards" type/page starting at end of file. Gnu ISPELL for VMS. GREP. GZIP for VMS. Kill/forcex a process by name. Laser printer symbiont. LOGGER - log sessions using FTdriver. Gnu MAKE for VMS. Todd Aven's MAKE. MFTU file packager for transfer via mail. MOST file browser. MMK - a MMS workalike. NEWSRDR - news reader. NSQUERY - query Internet domain name service. PACKASM - mail/nntp package assembly. PSTAT - show process status. Postscript utilities. QLOGIN - intercept login to allow only if load OK etc. RCARD - Cardfiler reader for VT. SCANUAF - find accounts matching criteria. SHELP - fullscreen help utility. SPELL - update to Vassar Speller. Supervisor - terminal watcher, recorder, remote control utility. Observe and/or control other terminals. SWITCH - enhanced SET DEF. SYMBOL - set or delete DCL symbols for another process. TM -Turing machine emulator. VTBOOK - Bookreader for character cell terminals. DECUS tapes
tri LT93B VMS gopher server distribution. V1.2VMS-1. DECUS tapes
vajhxj LT93B PPL$ routines PASCAL interface. Two symbionts, a null one and one that tests if a file matches queue (use to keep postscript files from being printed on a non postscript printer). Profiler of execution. Example of using EDT/TPU to edit in memory. Translate logical name in another process. CRC in C. Find_file call examples in C. Lots of remote information display utilities. Info about using sys$imgact. More. DECUS tapes
vmail LT93B Replacement fullscreen user interface for MAIL. Also some patches to speed up Mail. DECUS tapes
xmfm LT94A X11/Motif file manager for VMS (VAX or Alpha). Shows regular files, executables, and directories separately and more. ring 1994 VMS / Languages & Tools SIG Tapes ---- ---- --- --------- - ----- --- ----- 94A...] Tree -------- ---- DECUS tapes
antivirus LT94A Antivirals for some PC types from major repositories DECUS tapes
gnusoftware LT94A Software from Free Software Foundation since F93 tapes. Includes Binutils, Calc, BASH, GAS, Emacs, GDB, Make, GAWK, Oleo (spreadsheet), many more. DECUS tapes
info_and_kermit_ref LT94A DECUS info and Kermit on compressing virtual disk containers, plus readonly compressing disk for VAX and AXP. Makes it easy to keep ref. material online with less physical space used. DECUS tapes
mx041 LT94A Latest release of MX mailer and mail router. Routes mail between DECnet, TCP/Ip, UUCP, Bitnet, X.25. DECUS tapes
nieland LT94A X11R6 complete latest release of X Windows system code (dist and contrib. stuff) DECUS tapes
xcontribs LT94A Some miscellaneous newer contribs for X windows DECUS tapes
ms94a LT94A Tree --------- ---- DECUS tapes
acorn LT94A DKdriver patch & intercept driver to allow access to optical disks under VAX VMS 5.5-x DECUS tapes
anunews LT94A ANU News 6.1b9 and patches. Allows VMS systems to have full news functions on vms (Vax or Alpha) DECUS tapes
athenaplotter LT94A Plotter widget for Athena X tools DECUS tapes
cmuip LT94A Socket library for CMU TCP/IP DECUS tapes
cracker_novel LT94A "Cyberpunks" novel DECUS tapes
dsj LT94A Sources from Digital Systems Journal. Packages include RPC, PFAULT, XQPLCK,LXDRV, PHONE, THREAD, XCOPY, LIMITR, QRDRVR, SWITCH, W32API and more. DECUS tapes
ed LT94A EDT-like editor for VMS, Unix, MSdos, etc. DECUS tapes
flowers LT94A CSwing fullscreen directory/file manager for AXP, VAX, V 3.7.4, DYNPRI (dynamic prio adjust interactive procs), MOST (file viewer), MASTER (delegate ident grant/revoke), ASKOPER, sys mgt guide and more. DECUS tapes
gce94a LT94A Striping driver with speedup (VAX). Driver & control to stop output to any device. TSX-lite. Some VMSnet utilities including UBBS, challenge/response sys. Also a VD driver (virt. disk on contig files) that works on AXP VMS 6.1. DECUS tapes
gnuc_vms LT94A Gnu C 2.5.8 with VMS binaries (mainly vax; start at AXP VMS port also.) DECUS tapes
gopher LT94A Gopher dist'n, WWW, Lynx, and Mosaic systems for Internet browsing DECUS tapes
jed LT94A JED - fullscreen EDT like editor for VMS, MSdos, unix, etc. MOST - file browser, scrolls/searches. SLANG - editor language DECUS tapes
jones LT94A VMS DECthreads HTTP server for use with WWW browsers DECUS tapes
kermit LT94A Kermit distributions DECUS tapes
london LT94A BULLETIN conferencing system. LASER - laser printer symbiont for VMS DECUS tapes
moreau LT94A Lots of DECwindows utilities and games. Includes AUDIO, BITMAP, DW Shutdown, Idraw, ImageMagick, typing tutorial, MahJongg, MPEG player, NEDIT editor, rayshader, reversi, Tetris-like games, Motif widgets, breakout game, Life, Color editor, Earth pix, keycap editor, Xanim, X spreadsheet, Xterm enhancements, Xpipe, more. DECUS tapes
mx LT94A Contribs for MX mailer DECUS tapes
net94a LT94A Many utilities and bits of arcane info from the net. Includes FORCEX, APRINT, SPELL, NPASSWD, QI nameserver, drawtree, MIME pack/unpack, STATUS, much more. DECUS tapes
news_mail_agents LT94A VMS ports of PINE mailer and TIN newsreader DECUS tapes
patch LT94A Wall's PATCH and DIFF programs for VMS. (Needed to apply ANU News patches) DECUS tapes
remote_tape LT94A Remote magtape driver for VMS on VAX, AXP. Also virtual tape using disk files. DECUS tapes
tk LT94A New items from WKU server. Includes BOSS, DBS-NETUTILS, DBS-ODSM (dsk space mon), DBS-PATCH, DBS-TAPEUTILS, DECnet QIO examples, DELIVER, DSNLINK_NEW, DX dir mgr, ED, EXECSYMB generic symbiont, string mpy/div, FLIST dir mgr, GAWK, GETCMD (see someone's recall cmd history), GREP, Internet menu, KILL, updated MFTU, MGFTP server, MG_FINGER, MLU (media loader for DEC multitape boxes), MMK (like MMS), Modify, NEWSRDR, NOTICE, mail patch, permanent DCL syms, RAMdriver (vax), SCANUAF, SHRCOMMON, Searchlist modification util, SUPERVISOR series (monitor/control remote terminals), Unzip, and more. DECUS tapes
worlton LT94B GPLOT update for VAX, Alpha. A plotting routine library, uses GKS as its back end. all 1994 VMS / L&T SIG Tapes 94B...] Tree ________ ____ DECUS tapes
ck LT94B C Kermit revisions and MSDOS Kermit revisions since the last SIG tape. These provide high performance communication over asynch lines and script language. DECUS tapes
decnetiv LT94B Documentation describing all the Decnet Phase IV protocols DECUS tapes
gnusoftware LT94B Gnu software since the S94 sig tapes. Includes BASH (shell)m binutils, F2C, diff, Gnu Emacs 19.28, Flex, GCC 2.6.3, Aladdin Ghostscript 3.12 for VMS, FDB, ispell, Perl 5.0, Pine, PCL, the Octave language and many more. DECUS tapes
gopher LT94B Gopher client and server including VMS versions, lus Walker (index builder), QI, and other related utilities. DECUS tapes
humor LT94B Various texts of jokes and the like. DECUS tapes
icon LT94B Icon string language V9.0 for VMS. DECUS tapes
ncsa LT94B NCSA Telnet for PC and Mac - a TCP/IP for these micros able to do telnet and ftp, plus various contributed bits. DECUS tapes
perl LT94B Perl V5.0 for VMS with enhancements for VMS. DECUS tapes
rfc LT94B Many Internet RFCs on a compressing virtual disk, with the compressing virtual disk package to access it. Keep most of the RFC (Request for Comment) text online in 1/3 to 1/4 the space otherwise needed. DECUS tapes
utils LT94B Various file functions including CRC, hex dump, convert to mailable form. Also VMS Make and the CGLE graphics editor sources for VMS. DECUS tapes
vmsgcc LT94B VMS binaries for Gnu Emacs, Gnu C, Libg++, and the Bison parser generator. DECUS tapes
www LT94B WWW clients and servers for unix and Vms. Contains Mosaic, Lynx, WAIS, and more. DECUS tapes
ms94b LT94B Tree _________ ____ DECUS tapes
antivirus LT94B Current antiviral programs for PC and for Amiga plus much material from CERT and other sites relative to VMS and Unix security. Also present are such tools as Crack, Tiger, Tripwire, TCP wrappers, SRA, and Drawbridge (a PC based net router); also netlog, IPACL, and others. Where advisories report problems with common tools which have been repaired, the repaired versions have been placed here wherever possible. DECUS tapes
anunews LT94B Patches to ANU News 6.1 beta 9 (released on S94 tapes) correcting various problems. ANU News is a full news system for VMS. DECUS tapes
dsj LT94B Code accompanying various Digital Systems Journal articles. Includes material on using the class scheduler, debugging techniques, graphics in X, remote DECnet commands, recovering lost files in OSF/1, VMS drivers in C, Decnet PING, and more. DECUS tapes
e11 LT94B Several pdp11 emulators, one in binary for Intel 386 or better, others in source (in C) plus various utilities for pdp11 operating systems. Given a binary image of a pdp11 OS, these can execute pdp11 code and operating systems (except maybe IAS). DECUS tapes
flowers LT94B Latest CSwing (V3.7.5) full screen menu system for VMS and menu system for DCL. DECUS tapes
freewarecd LT94B Extracts from DEC freeware CD material including Adventure, Bliss compilers, DFU file utility, C declaration interpret, Bitmap plotter, Decwindows AUTHORIZE utility, FLIGHT simulator, HSC and HSJ load balancer,LDDriver VAX virtual disk, MXRN newsreader, SDL language, Mandelbrot demo viewer, and many more. DECUS tapes
gce94b LT94B Virtual disks for VMS including contig file, remote virtual disk, encrypting virtual disk. BULLETIN conferencing system. CMU TCP/IP update files for VMS 6.x. Comp.sources.misc items since the S94 sigtapes. DCL lock interface (updated for current VMS). JED EDT-like editor for vms, unix, msdos. MOST file viewer. John Davis' spreadsheet. JUICER defragger with AXP binaries (uses movefile). Utility to read ODS-2 VMS disks on other OSs plus binaries to do it on OSF-1/axp. Double speed VMS Backup...utility to present a BACKUP/PHYSICAL or HSC Backup saveset on a tape to VMS as a disk. Access to the saved data is achieved direct from tape as though it were an online disk. Can use CRCs and XOR blocks to recover bad data. (Back/phys is twice as fast as normal Backup.) Skeleton intercept driver for AXP VMS 6.1. RCS source control system V5.6 for VMS. Much more. DECUS tapes
jones LT94B Decthreads HTTP server (for clients like Mosaic) for VMS. DECUS tapes
lomasky LT94B NUSER hierarchical system management system. Allows groups of accounts to be managed by selected users who can alter accounts within their domain but not others. DECUS tapes
moreau LT94B Many DECwindows clients and demos including flight simulators, tank battle, pool simulator, Ghostscript, image editor, JPEG and MPEG viewers, solitaire game, world map, tetris, server access control, morphing, xanim, much more. DECUS tapes
munich LT94B Help text extract from Decforms. Media load util. Laser printer symbiont. Automatic restarter for stalled or stopped queues. Hack to allow auto disconnect for modem on VS3100. DECUS tapes
net94b LT94B Much material from all over the Internet including many texts and sources from the info-vax group. Includes card reader symbiont, AXP Finger version, Decnet socket library, disk accounting tool, dumper32 dec10/20 tape reader, force deallocation on a process, FSP for VMS (like ftp file transfer without permanent connections), LKSTAT get lock status for a lock, MM mailer, Mosaic (different ports), peek, DECwindows console window, scheduler patch (speeds up vms 5.5 scheduler), vms backup reader for unix, VI editors for VMS. X11r5 libraries, x aquarium, XV 3.10 picture viewer, X window pick, much more. Long filenames are intended to indicate general contents of files. DECUS tapes
plass LT94B XAW 3D widget set, X Miscellaneous utils, and VMS Ghostview (postscript viewer) and Xfig for VMS (picture editor). DECUS tapes
ptmail LT94B Extended mail utility, intended to be reminiscent of the ELM mailer on unix. DECUS tapes
ragosta LT94B Fortran Programming Tools update. Kronos job scheduler and automatic system management tool, ADAM editor (AXP version) and some other odds and ends for Alpha. DECUS tapes
sallee LT94B DSM Mumps utilities. Copy global array, renumber a subscript. DECUS tapes
sewell LT94B DELIVER update. DELIVER is a mail delivery agent which lets you route mail to 0 to N places, selecting the places based on sender, subject, etc., including AXP version. DECUS tapes
tk LT94B Archie VMS client. ACMS audit trail logger. BAT - submit commands to batch. BLISS documentation. CD player for VMS. Toggle verify on/off. Convert .LIS to source. Ethernet, LAT monitors. DCL auto cmd complete. ED edt-like editor. Execution symbiont. Find files by info in indexf.sys. Last login report. Get last command of other processes. Mailbox peeker. MFTU. MGFTP FTP server. MG Finger. MMK VMS "MMS" clone. NETLIB single interface for EVERYONE'S VMS TCP/IP. NSQUERY lookup names in nameserver. Notice displayer. Remote execute commands on net. RMS interface to HOLs. SETUSER- become another user, axp. show users. split/join files. UAF search & guess passwords. Unzip. VERB extract .CLD from dcltables. VMS Tar. WATCHER idle process watch/kill/disconnect. ZT remote magtape driver for VAX and AXP over DECnet. Much more. DECUS tapes
ualr LT94B ETAPE tape read/write for EBCDIC, ASCII, and BCD tapes with lots of translations including floating point, packed decimal etc. Can write FB or VB EBCDIC tapes and can span reels. DECUS tapes
vajhxj LT94B Numerous VMS internals hacks. Pascal PPL frontend. Null symbiont. Profiler. Translate logical in another process. Display lots of info about system. Get default directory of another process. Info on use of sys$imgact and sys$imgfix. Set prompt to current dir. VAX -> AXP porting guide. Pascal prettyprint. Show all channels for a process with device name and fid. Much more. DECUS tapes
vmsnet LT94B Recent items from vmsnet.sources including setpql, eyeSPY, getquo, fastio, Vms->unix mail convert, more. DECUS tapes
vms_huji_ac_il LT95A Port of PINE mailer to VMS. ring 1995 VMS / Languages & Tools SIG Tapes ---- ---- --- --------- - ----- --- ----- 95A...] Tree ________ ____ DECUS tapes
gnusoftware LT95A Gnu software new since Fall 1995 tapes. Includes G77, Gnu C, Gnu Emacs, Diff, grep, CVS, Postscript, BISON, and more. DECUS tapes
linux-alpha LT95A Linux (beta) distributions for Alpha AXP platforms. Includes sources and binaries DECUS tapes
ms95a LT95A Tree _________ ____ DECUS tapes
antivirus LT95A Antivirals for PC and Mac plus various security tools for mostly Unix systems. DECUS tapes
anunews LT95A ANU News 6.1 beta 10 release. This allows a VMS (Vax or AXP) platform to fully handle net news as client or server. Patch to fix scrolling problem here too. DECUS tapes
dfwlug LT95A MPEG player for Windows. Image conversion for Windows on PC. Cracker text files FYI. Frequently Asked Questions lists for many topics. DECUS tapes
dsj LT95A Listings from Digital Systems Journal magazine (and also how to subscribe). DECUS tapes
gce95a LT95A Virtual disk drivers; striping, normal, and a template driver for I/O interception. New AXP version support is illustrated. BULLETIN news reader and messaging system. Patch for CMU TCP/IP FTP. JED editor, an EDT like editor for VMS, MSdos, Unix, etc. DECUS tapes
gle LT95A Graphics Language Editor. Almost WYSIWYG. DECUS tapes
gnusoftware LT95A Items logically part of the gnu software collection in the L&T tree moved for reasons of space. DECUS tapes
gopher LT95A VMS Gopher client and server DECUS tapes
jones LT95A HTTP server (for WWW clients like Mosaic or Netscape) DECUS tapes
languages LT95A Pointers to many free language processors (compilers, interpreters, etc.) plus the SUIF compiler exploration suite. DECUS tapes
mailnews LT95A TIN and FNEWS newsreaders for VMS DECUS tapes
montagar LT95A Prototype VMS management station that runs on PCs. Papers from many DECUS talks by Dave Cathey DECUS tapes
moreau LT95A A large collection of X utils and games is included. Present are a Tetris-alike, GhostScript for VMS, MPEG movie players, chess, updated Xlock screen locker, Xrobots game, XV image viewer (MANY formats), Imagemagick image editor, XWpick menu pick system, moonclock, blockade, xtartan, xtiff, xwit, and more. DECUS tapes
mrichmond LT95A LHARC, LZCOMP, and ZOO versions with VMS improvements (so file dates are preserved etc.) and compiled on Alpha. DECUS tapes
net95a LT95A Articles from the net, largely Info-Vax, plus sources from here and there. Most sources submitted to info-vax or pointed to there are present. Highlights include Bliss-11 pdp11 BLISS compiler, JOBLOG session logger, unix login enhancements,Freestone net firewall system SDCL structured DCL update, pdp11 cross assembler, Secure Telnet, Extended FTP daemons for unix, Graphics viewer, Topview VMS graphics package, Terminal intercept for Alpha VMS, ZIP library (so programs can call zip compress & decompress), WXWindows - MS Windows - alike for VMS, library etc., Many FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) files, Change to allow "passive" FTP (useful for firewalls), pdp11 emulators for Intel., Updates for CMU TCP/IP SLIP support, PC ethernet monitors, HTML editor, AXP terminal intercept, and many more. DECUS tapes
netpbm LT95A Successor to PBM allowing conversion of images between many formats. DECUS tapes
netsrc LT95A Items from various *source* newsgroups. Included are automatic structured diagrammers for C, Fortran, the TSCREEN screen intercept for unix (which uses streams and provides "watch someone's terminal" facilities and "control someone else's terminal" facilities. Also various fixes for news, and some XV mods which allow reading and access by XV of photo CDs. DECUS tapes
osudar LT95A SETUSER to "become" someone else on AXP, DVI to Postscript convert, program to clear mount verify timeout, cluster show system DECUS tapes
perl LT95A PERL report and utility language, V5.001, with later patches and VMS improvements. DECUS tapes
readvmsbackup LT95A Read VMS Backup tapes on unix boxes. Skips XOR blocks and can be built for big-endian (e.g. Sun) boxes or little-endian (e.g. Intel, DEC) boxes. DECUS tapes
remtape LT95A Remote magnetic tape. Makes tapes located on one machine on your net look local to another. Works on VAX or Alpha AXP, and works across architectures too...uses DECnet transport. DECUS tapes
tanner LT95A QI nameserver for network servers DECUS tapes
tk LT95A Items from WKU archives. Ada docs in Bookreader, find who has ISAM record locked, set default, debug C memory allocation, remote login over DECnet (like rlogin), Gnu AWK for VMS, login as someone else, DECthreads HTTP server, log session to file, text viewer, show other process' saved commands, get unread mail count for someone, manage mail profile file, view Bookreader files on VTs, finger server, MAKE utility (build files, like MMS), Postscript pretty printer, create digests for MX mailer, latest NETLIB (uniform interface for all TCP/IP pkgs), VMS news reader, find IP sites, graphical performance meter, handle cmds in a kept "slave" subprocess, BSD sockets for VMS TCP/IP (anyone's), find strings in binary files, TCP/IP print symbiont for VMS, disk drive tester, X 3D widgets, utils, and Ghostcript. DECUS tapes
vajhxj LT95A Convert binary files to hex. Font editor for VT220+ DECUS tapes
vmsgcc LT95A VMS binaries for Gnu C 2.6.3 and Gnu Emacs 19.28 and more. DECUS tapes
www VMSLT96B Mosaic, Lynx WWW browsers for VMS. Also current CERN WWW code. SLT96B Fall 1996 VMS/L&T SIG Tape Collection -- ---- --- --- --- ---- ---------- ce again the VMS and L&T SIGs present their semiannual software llection, this one for Fall 1996. The following are brief abstracts the areas. DECUS tapes
migaemulator VMSLT96B Emulators for Amiga computers running on several machines including PC and unix. DECUS tapes
ecuserve VMSLT96B DECUSERVE journals released in 1996 DECUS tapes
ecuslib VMSLT96B The LOOPSCAN program, finds a program that is looping uncontrollably. DECUS tapes
ickey VMSLT96B Vile (Vi editor version) V6.1. Also vttest which tests vt emulators DECUS tapes
pm VMSLT96B Condition handler to find exceptions and report on what went wrong in a log file, with enough system information to let you find what went wrong. Also utility (with Brian Schenkenberger's help) to report what files a process has open, what images are present, and what locks are present. DECUS tapes
stsrv VMSLT96B DST Scan, scans debug symbol tables and info to tell you about the image you're looking at. DECUS tapes
tk VMSLT96B DECtalk support routines DECUS tapes
mulators VMSLT96B Emulators for various machines: pdp11, CPM/Z80, 6502, and more. DECUS tapes
tape VMSLT96B General purpose program to handle EBCDIC, ASCII, and Honeywell tapes. Can even handle files that span tapes, in IBM formats. DECUS tapes
tex VMSLT96B Extended TeX, a TeX with several extensions DECUS tapes
nal_gov VMSLT96B CPS, allows you to split a computational task among several processes on one or more computers. FASTBUS readout task. Jukebox interface software (tape or disk jukeboxes). Nedit, a text editor for X/Motif. DECUS tapes
reewarev3 VMSLT96B Things from the V3 Freeware CD including checkpoint for accounting file, BISON, monitor calls to a shared image, VMS dir browser, remote disk and cryptodisk for vms (incl axp V7.1). Gzip. Ethernet monitor. Remotely crash cluster member. Convert Postscript to text. Kill process. HTTP server. PSI file copy. Printer scan for hung printers. Selective delete acct records. Virtual disk for alpha, ok with DEC volume shadowing; shadow unlike size or geom. disks with it. Bookreader access from web. DECUS tapes
reewarev4 VMSLT96B Make and Touch for Alpha VMS. Also an update to Art Ragosta's KRONOS scheduler, fixing bugs in the version that was on Freeware V3. (Kronos does much of what commercial VMS job schedulers do...) DECUS tapes
tp_hhs_dk VMSLT96B Huge library from Arne Vajhxj. Pascal PPL$ interface. Code profiler. Getspi$ call example. Many find-info-about processes utils. Generate fonts for VT220. Expression reduction in TPU. Porting guide from Vax to Alpha. Spawn with mailbox example. Pascal beautifier. Mail file manipulator. Edit several DCL commands. XEVE extended EVE editor. Translate other proc' logical names. Get JIB from PID. Get someone's default dir. Read ACL. Wildcard logical lookup. Del file by FID. Much more. DECUS tapes
ce96b VMSLT96B Fragmentation Avoider (from Acorn Software); prevents most fragmentation before it happens AND speeds disk access. Compressing virtual disk (you make compressed copy of disk, later have read only copy of disk based on the compressed files.). Logging virtual disk...logs all writes to a log. Virtual disk that works with DEC shadowing (on Alpha). Use to shadow unlike disks, or just a few files, or parts of disk etc. DECUS tapes
nusoftware VMSLT96B Many programming tools from FSF since S96 tapes. DECUS tapes
nuvms VMSLT96B VMS Gnu things including CVS, RCS, Ghostscript, Emacs, BISON, Touch. CVS/RCS are source management tools. DECUS tapes
ed VMSLT96B JED - text editor, EDT features. SLRN, newsreader. MOST - text fullscreen viewer. SLSC - spreadsheet. DECUS tapes
athog VMSLT96B ICALCV - line oriented calculator. Mail MIME format docs. Calendars in Postscript. RTF to HTML converter. XBIN- undo Mac binhex on VMS. More. DECUS tapes
oeller VMSLT96B Remote tape variant on unix. This one will work with tape drives physically on unix boxes. DECUS tapes
oreau VMSLT96B Tetris like games. Flight simulator. Ghostview PS viewer for VMS. Image display utils. Mosaic. MPEG encode/decode. Newsreader. Puzzles. Blockout game. HTML editor. Xlockmore - locks X display...lots of good idle hacks. Plot tool. Morph tool. X paint program. X PDF (Adobe type) viewer. Much more. DECUS tapes
et96b VMSLT96B Lots of things picked up off various net sites, too small to separate. BXforms. Starting DECterms. Program diagrammers. Bliss-11 source. Name router. IRC. Lots of security info. Reminder. Lots of programming tips and general info. DECUS tapes
etpbm VMSLT96B PBM graphics transformation routines with enhancements. DECUS tapes
etsrc VMSLT96B Miscellany from comp.sources.misc, comp.sources.unix DECUS tapes
tsec VMSLT96B Utilities to fix some of the more egregious problems with Windows NT security setups. DECUS tapes
dp11 VMSLT96B pdp11 simulator & a few (non-DEC) systems that may work with it. DECUS tapes
erl VMSLT96B Practical Extension and Report Language, latest vers. with VMS builds. DECUS tapes
ine VMSLT96B Very good mail utility and IMAP server. DECUS tapes
pl VMSLT96B RTL components for PPL$ DECUS tapes
rcs VMSLT96B Project Revision Control System, like CMS, SCCS, RCS, etc. but on larger scale (on the whole). DECUS tapes
afety VMSLT96B Comprehensive data safety package. Changes DELETE to mean "pass to delete agent", usually moving files to a wastebasket allowing user UNDELETE, wastebasket emptying. Disk space monitor which can react and find space (by shelving files if necessary) to prevent space from running out. Security enhancer which can give security even mainframes lack! Can do file passwords, hide files, softlink, control access by max privs permitted, time, location, image, name, etc., run in enhanced check mode where auto downloaded code is used, do file integrity checks before open, prevent unknown images from getting privs EVER, much more. This version works on all disks for 45 days, or on one disk forever. Write for N-disk version avail. Vax or Alpha VMS. Because this program is ahead of the VMS file system it protects against access or deletion 100% of the time; others claim to but do not. DECUS tapes
dl VMSLT96B Symbol def language processor, generates symbol files for many languages from symbolic input DECUS tapes
ecurity-things VMSLT96B Many Unix security tools. DECUS tapes
ecuritystuff VMSLT96B Papers about security, mostly Java and ActiveX DECUS tapes
tl VMSLT96B Standard Template Library, a C++ class library DECUS tapes
eco VMSLT96B Some more TECO implementations in addition to those from the Teco Archive on S96 tapes. DECUS tapes
k VMSLT96B BOSS multisession monitor for terminals. Translator to translate VMS Basic to C++. Gnu AWK for VMS. Show other process' DCL command recall buffers. Log in as another user without need of his password. Interactive calculator. Become another user. FTP server, many enhancements. Access MSDOS disks under VMS. Finger server for TCP/IP. Free MMS-alike (a "make") (called MMK). MPEG player. MX 4.2 patches. Ethernet monitor. SMTP (mail) server. DECUS SPELL, updated for latest VMS. VMS strings routines in C. Read VMS Backup tapes on non-VMS systems. More. DECUS tapes
ktcl VMSLT96B TK and TCL toolkits for VMS; a late V7+ and a V8 port of both. DECUS tapes
mesis VMSLT96B Brian Schenkenberger's template Alpha VMS system service intercept and some documentation on how to use it to greatly speed up VMS I/O. DECUS tapes
nixdcl VMSLT96B Some VMS DCL and other command processes for unix, in source written in C. DECUS tapes
msghostscript VMSLT96B Ghostscript Postscript interpreter for VMS. converts Postscript to bitmaps etc. so they can be printed, FAX'd, etc. DECUS tapes
ms_on_nt VMSLT96B A few Windows NT implementations of VMS functions. DECUS tapes
nt VMSLT96B Interesting Windows NT things, mainly disk sector editors and tape access routines. DECUS tapes
ww VMSLT96B Web servers, browsers, etc. Mocha disassembler for Java. Lynx text based web browser. Mosaic latest sources. FreeWAIS. The famous QI indexer for web sites. DECUS tapes
tools-unix VMSLT96B Many X11 tools in originally submitted form, suitable immediately for one or two unix variants; work needed for others. DECUS tapes
tools VMSLT97A X11 tools which will work on VMS. Things like GIFMERGE, XForecast, XMFM, XTERM (that is good on Alpha!) SOCKS (for firewalls), WWWcount, etc. ring 1997 VMS/L&T SIG Tape Collection ---- ---- --- --- --- ---- ---------- ce again the VMS and L&T SIGs present their semiannual software llection, this one for Spring 1997. The following are brief abstracts the areas. SLT97A...] Tree ----------- ---- DECUS tapes
antivirus VMSLT97A Windows and MSDOS antiviral programs and tools DECUS tapes
build_iso_fs VMSLT97A Master ISO 9660 CDs on VMS. Writes the master images for ISO9660 CDs. (Does not write the CDs directly; see CDWRITE*.* elsewhere on this distribution for a program which will do that on VMS.) DECUS tapes
bulletin VMSLT97A User messaging utility. Lets users create messages seen by many users. Works something like a cross between a shared VMS Mail, news reader and browser and VMS Notes. Also is a news reader and a mail to news gateway (bidirectional). DECUS tapes
decuslib VMSLT97A Utility to convert FMS form descriptions into A1 boilerplate. DECUS tapes
dfu VMSLT97A DFU, a do everything disk and file maint. util that can defragment, delete by file id, manipulate dirs, alter/view indexf.sys, do fast file search, modify attribs, recover deleted files if not over written, or repair ods2 disks. Also LD, a virtual disk (both vax and alpha). Makes a container file act like a disk. OK with DEC striping/shadowing too. DECUS tapes
dnews VMSLT97A Generic news server system, high performance. Works on VMS and other systems. DECUS tapes
flowers VMSLT97A CSwing, a fullscreen file/directory maintenance utility and file manger. VTbook bookreader file reader for terminals. MASTER - delegate grant/revoke priv to user managers. Mail edit utilities. DECUS tapes
ftp_hhs_dk VMSLT97A Huge collection of system examples and utilities including kernel examples, a callable COPY, file access by FID, much more. DECUS tapes
gce97a VMSLT97A Compressing virtual disk. Lets you make compressed copies of disks, use them as disks. Store your stuff in 30% of the space. Fragmentation avoider. Avoids ~98% of file fragmentation; intercept tweaked so it can be started even with the disk furiously busy. Update to VDdriver for alpha; just some cosmetic stuff. Still makes contig. files look like disks, works with DEC shadowing. Example of how to intercept I/O that is compatible with upcoming VMS multipath stuff. DECUS tapes
gnusoftware VMSLT97A Many Gnu things since F96 tapes. Includes GCC, Apache, BASH, GAWK, GLIBC, NCurses, MetaHTML (HTML editor), Binutils, much more. DECUS tapes
gnuvms VMSLT97A Gnu Emacs for VMS. Also site_deliver extension for the MX mailer. DECUS tapes
icon VMSLT97A ICON string language V9.x for VMS, unix, etc. Icon is a compiler for a string oriented language. DECUS tapes
jed VMSLT97A JED editor (EDT-alike for vms, msdos, unix...). MOST file viewer with many extensions. DECUS tapes
mathog VMSLT97A GIBBS software, GLE graphics plotting system, ICALCV interactive calculator program, MIME mail sender, PCAL calendar program, RTF to HTML convert, keyboard files for micro-X windows. Some TCP/IP for windows stuff. DECUS tapes
moeller VMSLT97A CLI error signal catcher to prevent pgm crashes. NDFP. NDFP lets you run a utility on a PC over an ethernet, connecting to VMS boxes, and use devices (or files) on the PC as if they were local to the VMS boxes. Put tapes or disks on the PC and use them as if they were local VMS devices (so add cheap disk or tape!). Allows use of PC printers files, other stuff too. Turns the PC into a kind of infoserver. Allows shared disk use on cluster for this kind of disk too. Also this area includes remote magtape drivers over DECnet or TCP/IP, remote print symbiont, util to set/unset debug bits, and more. DECUS tapes
moreau VMSLT97A DECwindows enhancers and utilities. Includes flight simulator, SNMP, Ghostscript/Ghostview, kill node, MESA 3d graphics, Xarchie, MPEG play, TCP filters, POP passwords, EMON ethernet monitor, and more. DECUS tapes
net97a VMSLT97A Wisdom and Lore from the Internet. Among the goodies here are ASCII to HTML, a forms utility, a modular C language preprocessor, a utility to write CD-R disks on VMS machines. (Even works on a VS3100/38). Also C prettyprint, Ghostscript, cheap net bridge running on PC iron, mail tools, and VFE (vms file editor, a binary file editor for vms). Also has a free X windows system for PC or Mac (so you can run X on a PC display without buying software) and more. DECUS tapes
nope VMSLT97A Utility that displays what files WOULD be purged if you did a purge (and allowing wildcards, filespecs and so on). DECUS tapes
ntstuff VMSLT97A As much Windows NT internals arcana as could be gathered. Includes some info on intercepting file system calls. DECUS tapes
pc-decompiler VMSLT97A Utility which converts Intel binaries into C language and has libraries to allow tools to be written that can do the same for other binary architectures. DECUS tapes
pdp11 VMSLT97A Utilities to write RX50 diskettes, and to read/write file structures used by various OSs including rt11, os/8, rsts, and so on. These run on msdos generally and include sources. DECUS tapes
perl VMSLT97A VMS build of PERL language processor, and also latest distribution of PERL. DECUS tapes
pine VMSLT97A VMS build of the PINE mailer / editor, ElVIs (a Vi editor clone), Lynx, dumper, VILE Vi clone, FSP (ftp replacement more-or-less) for VMS, a bit more. DECUS tapes
provost VMSLT97A Ethermon ethernet monitor, made to run on Alpha VMS. DECUS tapes
rtl2 VMSLT97A Compiler and runtime system for pdp11 or VMS systems complete with examples. DECUS tapes
safety VMSLT97A Unrestricted function utility with many abilities. SAFE undeletion...changes semantics of IO$_DELETE to write to a wastebasket, and can manage the waste basket, route files to backup etc. Security abilities not seen before (unless you've seen RACF or Top Secret which have a few of them) to regulate what happens to your most critical information. Storage management... can shelve or unshelve files automatically as needed like HSM packages. Softlinks are supported, and has many other abilities. Most kernel sources are present too. Industrial strength system. DECUS tapes
samba VMSLT97A Lets VMS systems share file systems with PC, Windows, Unix, etc. and share printers. Amounts to Common Internet File System for VMS. (File access is ftp-like.) DECUS tapes
tecoupds VMSLT97A Couple TECO versions obtained since the F96 tapes. DECUS tapes
tgvthings VMSLT97A Updates to NETLIB tcp/ip-implementation-independent TCP/IP library, to WATCHER idle terminal monitor, MMK, NEWSRDR, and some others. DECUS tapes
tin VMSLT97A TIN newsreader for VMS port. Also a collection of publically available database management systems (DBMS), one of which is like SQL server. DECUS tapes
tk VMSLT97A Madgoat FTP site things since F96. BAT.ZIP- Submit multiple commands to a batch queue from DCL. BTRAN.TAR- Translate BASIC to c. DECMATE.TAR- Read decmate disk. EXTRACT.ZIP- quickly select groups of records out of files. GAWK-DOC.ZIP Gnu AWK docs. GAWK.ZIP Gnu AWK for vms. String processing etc. HTTP_SERVER.ZIP- OSU HTTP server. ICALC.ZIP Interactive calculator. JOB_DAEMON.ZIP- Watch disks for files to trigger batch jobs. JUMP.ZIP- Become another user. LIST.ZIP- maintains user information associated with a username. LNMLOOKUP.ZIP- sys svc to look up logicals (wildcards too). LOOK.ZIP- text file viewer. MBOX.ZIP- DCL frontend for mailbox. MGSD.ZIP- set default. MMK.ZIP- MMS (make) replacement. NEWSRDR.ZIP- News reader. NOTICE.ZIP- Send notices to folks logging in. PC_DCL.ZIP- DCL emulator that runs under Windows (also windows NT). PPPD_KIT.ZIP- PPP kit from DEC. Driver and daemon, run the PPP protocol. PROBE.ZIP- Ethernet monitor. SITE_DELIVER-19970617.ZIP- deliver msgs at site. SPELL.ZIP- SPELL utility, updated for current vms. STR.TAR- str$ utilities, src, portable. SYMBOLS.ZIP- Extract symbols from VMS .OBJ, .OLB, .EXE, and .STB files. TESTDEV.ZIP- Disk Exerciser & I/O Performance Tester. UCX_TOOLS.ZIP- gopher, ping, ntalk, traceroute, whois, etc. UNZIP531.ZIP- Current unzip src. VMSBACKUP4-1.ZIP- Read vms backup tapes under non vms systems. VMSTAR.ZIP- read tar tapes or write them in vms. WATCHER.ZIP- idle terminal killer. WHO4VMS.ZIP- unix like who for VMS. ZIP.ZIP- VMS ZIP src DECUS tapes
tmesis VMSLT97A SYMBOL utility. Provides cluster wide DCL symbols (read, write, set, test). An entirely new VMS cluster service, Alpha or VMS. Also a utility to force a process to generate a dump and optionally kill it afterwards. DECUS tapes
web2c VMSLT97A New releases of some basic TeX project programs. DECUS tapes
www VMSLT97B OSU HTTP DECthreads web server w/src. Also NCSA Mosaic 2.7b5 browser. ll 1997 VMS/L&T SIG Tape Collection -- ---- --- --- --- ---- ---------- ce again the VMS and L&T SIGs present their semiannual software llection, this one for Fall 1997. The following are brief abstracts the areas. SLT97B...] Tree ----------- ---- DECUS tapes
antivirus VMSLT97B A few Amiga anti-virus programs DECUS tapes
anunews VMSLT97B NNTP news server and client for VMS; allows a VMS machine (Vax or Alpha) to fully participate in net news. DECUS tapes
cpm VMSLT97B Complete sources and many utilities for the CP/M-80 (and -86) operating systems, which have been released for public access. Can be used from VMS using the Z80 emulator on the 1982 Australian VAX SIG tape. DECUS tapes
decompile_pc_exe_to_c VMSLT97B Set of utilities to convert .EXE files on MSDOS (old format only, unfortunately) from binary back to C if they were produced with any of a variety of MSDOS C compilers. Included because it is the only executable to C decompiler your librarian has ever seen. DECUS tapes
e11 VMSLT97B John Wilson's latest pdp11 emulator which runs on IBM PC iron. DECUS tapes
ferry VMSLT97B Pipe utility for VMS to allow command pipes a la unix, on older VMS versions. DECUS tapes
freepcdos VMSLT97B PC-DOS, free version, with sources. Descended from the old DR-DOS which has been released for public use. Provides a non-Microsoft MSDOS-alike. DECUS tapes
gce97b VMSLT97B Update to compressing virtual disk, which lets you make a compressed disk snapshot and access it as a disk (or access backup tape as disk). Disk copy program. Reblocking code to allow read of disks of other than 512 byte sectors. VD update for alpha VMS that removes erroneous limit of transfers to 8KB. and thus performs better. Sendpackack - little util that sends io$_packack to a device. DECUS tapes
gnusoftware VMSLT97B Software from Free Software Foundation since S97 tapes. Includes flex, gcc, clx, g77, glib, plot utils, octave, lesstif, emacs, and others. The new GCC (Gnu C compiler) for VMS Alpha is included here, with source and binaries, provided by ProGIS. DECUS tapes
httpd VMSLT97B VMS hypertext HTTP level 1 server for VMS. Multi threaded, many extensions for dynamic environments. DECUS tapes
jed VMSLT97B John Davis' EDT like editor for VMS, MSDOS, Unix, and other OSs. DECUS tapes
moeller VMSLT97B NDFP ... code that runs on VMS and MSDOS allowing MSDOS peripherals (disk, tape, etc.) to appear as though they were connected locally to VMS. Also DKdriver patches to allow generic SCSI disks to be used on VS2000. DECUS tapes
moreau VMSLT97B MANY DECwindows utilities and games. Includes sound editor, PDF (adobe acrobat format) view, Ghostscript postscript view, xlock, xscreensaver, imagemagick, much more. DECUS tapes
net97b VMSLT97B Large collection of X utilities. Includes also some new CDWRITE versions to write CDs on VMS, and an update to the LD virtual disk. Much much more. DECUS tapes
ntstuff VMSLT97B Large collection of lore and examples about Windows NT. Includes kernel code and some example drivers and many hints and kinks. DECUS tapes
pdp11 VMSLT97B Bob Supnik's pdp11 emulator, and also versions of unix and rt11 that work with it. DECUS tapes
perl VMSLT97B PERL for VMS, a script language slightly more powerful than DCL (kinda like dcl with regular expressions) that runs on many different OSs. Very handy for many kinds of numerical and string jobs. DECUS tapes
pine VMSLT97B A main and news program for VMS including IMAP and POP transports. Contains an IMAP and a POP3 server also. Uses NETLIB to work with most tcp/ip stacks. DECUS tapes
plotter VMSLT97B MIIPS plotting package usable on VMS. DECUS tapes
powers VMSLT97B SYMFILE - redirect output from DCL or any program directly into symbols in the user's process. DECUS tapes
samba VMSLT97B Client and server for CIFS, the protocol used by Microsoft for its networking. Allows VMS or Unix to participate fully in MS networking. (This does for free most of what Pathworks does. Use to share disks, printers, etc. to MSDOS for instance. Also has a way to backup msdos / windows systems on your VMS machines. DECUS tapes
security VMSLT97B Huge collection of security related tools, tips, system vulnerability advice, and info. Also present is the NT configuration guide recently released by the US military. DECUS tapes
tk VMSLT97B New stuff from Hunter Goatley's collection. Includes a pipe for VMS 5.5, run/user (run prog. as someone), a Basic to C translator, DECmate disk access, FLEX, MGFTP update, PCX update (r/w msdos disks), a set def kit, VMS PPP driver/daemon, ethernet monitor, TAR read/write, VMS backup reader for non VMS OSs, automatic lock for X screens, much more. DECUS tapes
tmesis VMSLT97B SSINT - example Alpha VMS system service intercept code and some suggestions for its use as an I/O speedup. PRIMOGEN - start code in the context of the SYSINIT process before STARTUP.COM gets going. DECUS tapes
vmsgnu VMSLT97B Several FSF packages with VMS ports, including Gnu C (vax only, not alpha, yet, till GCC 2.8 is released) Ghostscript, Adventure, Make, JPEG, ZLIB, much more. DECUS tapes
win_under_vms VMSLT97B TWIN, a package which implements the WIN32 API, was released to public domain and an early VMS port was done. This area contains the VMS port (with src) and the slightly later version on the original web site. This package does the same job that the WIND/U code Bristol sells does, but is free. DECUS tapes
www VMSLT97B VMS Lynx update DECUS tapes
xthings VMSLT98A Various X tools including a new xterm and some more. SLT98A DECUS tapes
ulletin VMSLT98A News and note reader that works a lot like vms mail DECUS tapes
dwrite VMSLT98A Write CD-R on VMS using direct scsi drives DECUS tapes
orba VMSLT98A VMS implementation of CORBA object oriented program paradigm DECUS tapes
vs VMSLT98A Concurrent Versioning System for VMS - do src control and manage updates in large projects DECUS tapes
g VMSLT98A Traceroute for VMS DECUS tapes
inger VMSLT98A Finger server and client for VMS (and DECnet) DECUS tapes
hostscript VMSLT98A Postscript interpret/print/view DECUS tapes
nusoftware VMSLT98A Many new gnu items including new C and Fortran compilers DECUS tapes
roth VMSLT98A Plot software and tape software DECUS tapes
rc VMSLT98A IRC (internet chat) for VMS DECUS tapes
ava VMSLT98A PD Java compiler, runtime, interpreter etc. DECUS tapes
ed VMSLT98A Editor, file viewer DECUS tapes
athog VMSLT98A Graphics driver, M4 port for VMS, XBIN Macintosh file extract, mime mailer, print calendars, how to build SSLEAY on VMS, RTF to HTML convert, etc. DECUS tapes
oeller VMSLT98A NTP for VMS DECUS tapes
oreau VMSLT98A Many DECwindows utilities including XPDF (read Adobe .PDF files) DECUS tapes
asa VMSLT98A Latest KRONOS VMS job scheduler DECUS tapes
et98a VMSLT98A Lots of new stuff, including PC routines to read VMS disks or CDs. DECUS tapes
t VMSLT98A Much lore about Windows NT innards DECUS tapes
erl VMSLT98A Perl with source and VMS binaries DECUS tapes
ine VMSLT98A Mailer that knows about MIME and IMAP4 protocol (client) DECUS tapes
sicopy VMSLT98A Copy util for psi-net (Europe) DECUS tapes
amba VMSLT98A Access Microsoft shares, or let windows access disks on VMS (or unix or...) as shares DECUS tapes
ecurity VMSLT98A Much computer security lore and code samples DECUS tapes
acacs VMSLT98A VMS Tacacs (remote authentication) server DECUS tapes
k VMSLT98A Many new items including super FTP client and server, VMS Tar, file viewers, MMK make or mmg-alike, utils to "become" someone else, etc. etc. DECUS tapes
mesis VMSLT98A Clusterwide DCL symbols, how to intercept an Alpha system service, etc. DECUS tapes
asd VMSLT98A HTTP server for VMS DECUS tapes
in_under_vms VMSLT98A Implementation of Win32 interface for other OSs (VMS too) DECUS tapes
ww VMSLT98A HTTP server and plugins for VMS DECUS tapes
mgrplot VMSLT98A X windows plotting tool DECUS tapes
analy VMSLT98B AnalyRim spreadsheet and database (integrated) for VMS, RSX, Unix, MSdos/windoes, AmigaDos SLT98B Fall 1998 VMS/L&T SIG Tapecopy Collection -- ---- --- --- --- -------- ---------- S/Can) DECUS tapes
bulletin VMSLT98B VMS MAIL-like message facility and newsreader with commands like VMS Mail but specializing in many to many communications. DECUS tapes
cmu VMSLT98B Reissue of CMU TCP/IP for VAX/VMS (sorry, not Alpha) since some of the servers that used to have it are reportedly off the air. DECUS tapes
fractal VMSLT98B Many fractal images DECUS tapes
freeware4 VMSLT98B New items from Freeware V4 disk. Includes new Bliss, Macro64 assembler, new LD, new DFU, VDE development environment (used in VMS Engineering) and several more. DECUS tapes
gcc VMSLT98B Gnu C for Alpha, free version of Progis' port. (For a supported port look at for the info. The supported version is more complete.) DECUS tapes
gce98b VMSLT98B Definitive current versions of both Vax and Alpha VD: virtual disk drivers (since there has been a confusing plenitude of such). Host process for use with 2048 byte block CDs and ZRdriver to work with it for use making virtual disks of such things. Quick program to send io$_packack to any device. DECUS tapes
gnusoftware VMSLT98B New FSF stuff including Ghostscript, CFengine, freeDOS,, grep, screen, metahtml, Bison, and severalmore. DECUS tapes
gregg VMSLT98B Search/replace that spans directories. Menu command system. DECUS tapes
ivie VMSLT98B Update to BECOME (become another user). LPdriver which allows a process on Alpha to monitor another process' terminal. Prog to create Eproms for Epson burner. DECUS tapes
jed VMSLT98B Cross platform EDT-alike. Nifty text file viewer. DECUS tapes
linux VMSLT98B Tips and key files for booting Linux on Alpha DECUS tapes
moeller VMSLT98B KA420 ROM patch (overcome 1GB disk size limit) DECUS tapes
moreau VMSLT98B Lots of DECwindows utilities for VMS. MXRN, Xeyes, Nedit, XPDF, Xscreensaver, Xterm, Xfig, many more. DECUS tapes
net98b VMSLT98B General grab bag of useful stuff off the net. B64 decode/encode, Pine, Pacman, PK2K, Radius, VNC (remote system view/control), many more. DECUS tapes
nt VMSLT98B Useful stuff for NT including source where feasible. Includes (f)undelete w/src, file and registry monitors, other useful example kernel code. DECUS tapes
ods2rd VMSLT98B Read ODS-2 disks on PC. Source included. DECUS tapes
perl VMSLT98B Practical Extract and Report Language. Most unix type text operations encapsulated in one language. DECUS tapes
pine VMSLT98B Mail client (also imap4 and pop compliant) and mail editor. DECUS tapes
povray VMSLT98B Ray tracing system DECUS tapes
safety VMSLT98B Built for VMS 7.2 as well as earlier versions. Recall that systems that alter privs need to work differently for VMS 7.2. Objects supplied here do. Sources for kernel stuff were on 97A sigtape. DECUS tapes
samba VMSLT98B Let VMS participate in MS Networking to share disks and/or printers. DECUS tapes
sec VMSLT98B Vast collection of security related material, both attack and defense tools and documents. Stuff for lots of platforms, and many recent alerts from security sites. Know what the enemy knows, and have tools to detect and defend. DECUS tapes
tk VMSLT98B Updates to several of H. Goatley's library items including Deliver (mail delivery tool), Flist (menu frontend), Deltree, Netlib, Set_Prcnam, Remind, NBS, Unzip, HGlogin and more. DECUS tapes
tktcl VMSLT98B VMS ports of TK and TCL script language, recent versions. DECUS tapes
www VMSLT99A HTTP servers and various options. SLT99A Spring 1999 VMS/L&T SIG Tapecopy Collection ---- ---- --- --- --- -------- ---------- DECUS tapes
coast VMSLT99A Security tools from PurdueUniv. COAST archive DECUS tapes
djs VMSLT99A Logical disk driver, queue utils, ADD User procs, Zip file split/join, port print DECUS tapes
gce99a VMSLT99A Favoid update (can start anytime, not just at boot, w/o hanging anything). Latest VD driver virtual disk for Alpha. DECUS tapes
gnu VMSLT99A New Gnu stuff including things like Gnuplot, Java2html, Oleo, new Emacs editor version, much more. DECUS tapes
jed VMSLT99A JED editor, MOST text viewer, SLRN news viewer DECUS tapes
malmberg VMSLT99A Missing bits from Gnu C for Vax. Gzip update. Samba debug build for VAX VMS and CMU IP. Latest SOCKETSHR socket routine. Samba for othr VMS. Simulator for UCX that works with CMU IP. DECUS tapes
moeller VMSLT99A UVax2000 SCSI port driver, and various other SCSI code improvements for older VAXen. DECUS tapes
mon-alpha-tt VMSLT99A Code that allows one, on Alpha VMS, to monitor terminal traffic on another terminal. DECUS tapes
moreau VMSLT99A DECwindows updates. Imagemagick, GV, Timidity music editor, Rosegarden, XPDF (view Adobe Acrobat docs on VMS), MESA (open3d) and more. DECUS tapes
net VMSLT99A Lots and lots of utilities off the Internet. CD writer code, net monitors, Gnu patch for VMS, GZIP, graphics and plotting routines, spreadsheets, code to let VMS run on Multia, VMS IRC, Python language, TECOC, VNC (remote access to windows, unix etc.), XScreensaver, ZLIB, lots more. DECUS tapes
nt VMSLT99A NT utilities including sources when possible. Includes an undelete and various intercept code source. DECUS tapes
perl VMSLT99A Practical Extract and Report Language distribution and VMS add-ins. DECUS tapes
ragosta VMSLT99A Adam extended TPU editor, FPP Fortran preproc, Kronos VMS job scheduler, SDIR sorted directory (by many criteria) DECUS tapes
safety VMSLT99A Minor rev to Safety, which does very extended security access controls, soft links, a RELIABLE undelete system, hierarchical storage, and more. DECUS tapes
samba VMSLT99A Access MS Windows file shares (and Samba shares) from VMS and allow other OSs to access VMS file structures as Windows shares. DECUS tapes
sec VMSLT99A Numerous security alerts, exploits, and tools DECUS tapes
tk VMSLT99A Hunter Goatley's library addins. Catdoc - extract text from MS Word docs, Ethermon - ethernet monitor extract - Select groups of records from files GV - GhostView - view Postscript files on screen without Postscript LNMLOOKUP - src code to look up logicals MBOX - DCL interface to mailbox commands MGFTP - FTP server for VMS MPG123 - Mpeg encode/decode Persona - Assume persona of another user Postman - Manage incoming mail with deliver Rcard - Display cardfiler cards on VT Syslogd - VMS syslogd and logger Watcher - Idle process killer for VMS DECUS tapes
tmesis VMSLT99A How to connect a fast modem to an Alpha with ISA slots; also several VMS Alpha internals tips. DECUS tapes
ucrack VMSLT99A How to crack Unix passwords DECUS tapes
vmsutl VMSLT99A Updates to Gnu C for VMS and a Socketshr fix for an R2 initialization problem. DECUS tapes
www VMSLT99B VMS Mosaic 3.5.1, MMK "make" clone, two VMS HTML servers, Lynx text only web browser. ll 1999 VMS/L&T SIG Tapes -- ---- ------- --- ----- is material is all freely distributable, passed around without charge. e following are contents of the respective directories in the SLT99B...] tree. DECUS tapes
pache VMSLT99B Apache web server for VMS with patches to improve operation. DECUS tapes
rpwatch VMSLT99B Watch ARP (Address Request Protocol) packets from VMS. DECUS tapes
js VMSLT99B Info on burning CDs under VMS DECUS tapes
d VMSLT99B EDT like editor DECUS tapes
ws VMSLT99B VAXEln windowing software for VAXstations DECUS tapes
ce VMSLT99B Frag Avoider. Eliminates most disk fragmentation before it happens; makes file allocation CBT, also files grow by a fraction of their current size. Now installs right on heavily used disks. Also canonical VDdriver distributions for axp, vax. DECUS tapes
nu VMSLT99B FSF software since 99A: new GCC, G77, Emacs, more. DECUS tapes
ed VMSLT99B New SLANG language interpreter for editors DECUS tapes
oreau VMSLT99B DECwindows utilities including Ghostscript (PS interpreter), Mosaic (web browser), Timidity music editor, sound file to MIDI, etc. DECUS tapes
et VMSLT99B Numerous tools. Includes Python for VMS, M4, Samba use hints, XV, VMS backup reader, imagemagick, Omega (Mumps clone), how to set up a certificate authority in VMS, Vi clone, XTerminal update for VMS, much more. DECUS tapes
ethack VMSLT99B Game from the internet, related to Dungeon. DECUS tapes
t VMSLT99B Many internals hints and tools for Windows NT. DECUS tapes
erl VMSLT99B Latest Perl (string oriented utility language and system), builds on VMS. DECUS tapes
hrack VMSLT99B Internals articles, mostly unix related, on how to attack and defend systems. DECUS tapes
ine VMSLT99B Mail agent, MIME aware. VMS usable DECUS tapes
amba VMSLT99B System to let VMS or unix share files or printers with Windows. Bidirectional. DECUS tapes
dl VMSLT99B Structure Definition Language for VMS. Updated. DECUS tapes
ec VMSLT99B Security relevant information and utilities. Much is generic; many sources. DECUS tapes
ilu VMSLT99B Package of VMS utilities that is somewhat unix like. Includes a VMS SED, Unarj, a BBS, a record extract, touch, various others for VMS. DECUS tapes
k VMSLT99B Convert .LIS to source. JUMP - become another user. DECUS tapes
tk VMSLT99B CVTLIS - convert .LIS to source. JUMP - become another user. MGFTP - VMS structure aware fast FTP client/server. MMK - make or MMS clone. NBS- set your time to match NBS clock. REMIND - reminder util. WAON - Convert WAV to MIDI file. (LONG step to making a score from a sound recording.) DECUS tapes
mesis VMSLT99B VMS internals advice from the master. DECUS tapes
u VMSLT99B VMS utilities, many types. VMS BASH (shell), utils, Ghostscript, Ghostview, diff/patch, xpdf, tecoc, more. DECUS tapes
ww VMSLT99B Lynx text only web browser. slt00a Spring 2000 VMS/L&T SIG Tape Collection tps:// DECUS tapes
ulletin VMSLT99B Many to Many messaging utility; works a lot like a cross between mail and news. Interface like VMS Mail but handles news type messages. DECUS tapes
dwrite-vms VMSLT99B Info and utilities to write CDs on VMS DECUS tapes
ce VMSLT99B Frag Avoider. Eliminates most disk fragmentation before it happens; makes file allocation CBT, also files grow by a fraction of their current size. Now installs right on heavily used disks. Also canonical VDdriver distributions for axp, vax. DECUS tapes
nu VMSLT99B FSF software since 99B: new GLIBC, Emacs, Gnumeric, more. DECUS tapes
nv VMSLT99B Unixlike environment for VMS including bash, make, cc, ar, tr, and others. DECUS tapes
oreau VMSLT99B DECwindows utilities including MESA, XPaint, Xfig, Imagemagic, Timidity music editor, sound file to MIDI, etc. DECUS tapes
et VMSLT99B Numerous tools. Includes Xscreensave for VMS, BZip2, Samba use hints, Gnusniff, Nessus, SEDT, VMS on Multia hints, Spice, Xlockmore and others. DECUS tapes
t VMSLT99B Many internals hints and tools for Windows NT. DECUS tapes
dp10 VMSLT99B Some pdp10 emulator code. The pdp10 is a 36 bit machine with extremely powerful and general instruction set. DECUS tapes
erl VMSLT99B Latest Perl (string oriented utility language and system), builds on VMS. DECUS tapes
amba VMSLT99B System to let VMS or unix share files or printers with Windows. Bidirectional. DECUS tapes
ec VMSLT99B Security relevant information and utilities. Much is generic; many sources. DECUS tapes
pellaxp VMSLT99B DECspell for alpha (attributes correct) DECUS tapes
k VMSLT99B Change default; define DCL keys from a program; perf monitor; show disk fragmentation; show free space on disks; mirror ftp site; show DCL cmd buffer for other proc; login as anyone; calculator; do cmd on many files; better ftp client/server; show timer queue; zip/unzip compress/decompress; menu control program. DECUS tapes
u VMSLT99B VMS utilities, many types. VMS CD burn; C checker; disk perf meter; lock monitor; virtual disk; ray tracer; m4; tcp/tk; RDB utils; QT library for VMS (used for K desktop in Linux); twin (win32 code) for VMS. Better xterm. DECUS tapes
ww VMSLT99B Latest Mosaic web browser for VMS. slt00b Fall 2000 VMS/L&T SIG Tapes tps:// DECUS tapes
achtera VMSLT99B DECUS presentations on DCL programming, ZIP/UNZIP for VMS DECUS tapes
ce VMSLT99B Many virtual disk drivers of various sorts. Info on customizing dkdriver. SAFETY - combined undelete/space manager/HSM/security applique for VMS. Allows control of privs, prio, identifiers, hides files, controls access based on many items including image running, location, type of open etc. etc. Also has "suspicious mode" for use controlling browsers and so on. Softlinks in VMS also supported here for individual files. DECUS tapes
nu VMSLT99B New FSF stuff including new Emacs, Bison, Oleo (spreadsheet), Gnumeric (spreadsheet), gFax, etc. DECUS tapes
ed VMSLT99B Updated EDT like editor for many platforms DECUS tapes
oeller VMSLT99B Improved VS2000 boot (boots scsi), remote tape, few other goodies. DECUS tapes
oreau VMSLT99B Numerous DECwindows things. Free TrueType font access, GTK patches for VMS (see QT library for VMS in [net...]), Timidity music editor, XPDF update which works for "protected" files, jpeg, etc. DECUS tapes
et VMSLT99B Lots of good things from the net. Includes QT and Mozilla for VMS, VIM editor, WINE release, CDrecord, many more DECUS tapes
t VMSLT99B Things that work under windows NT including packet sniffers, file access monitor, forensic tools, driver writing info. DECUS tapes
penoffice VMSLT99B MS Office clone, initial release sources complete. DECUS tapes
erl VMSLT99B Script language embedding most of the text processing tricks one can do in unix in an OS independent package. Also a number of VMS specific add-ins. (Perl V5.7) DECUS tapes
adius VMSLT99B VMS RADIUS server. Handles authentication for remote access. Does authentication, authorization, access control. Multithreaded. DECUS tapes
amba VMSLT99B Initial code for Samba 2.0.6 for VMS. Samba allows non-MS windows systems to share disks and printers with MS Windows systems. DECUS tapes
ec VMSLT99B Various computer security text files and the scanner VLAD. DECUS tapes
k VMSLT99B BOSS - multisession monitor; ETAPE- access to IBM format tape; Ethermon - ethernet monitor for VMS ; MX - last free MX mailer plus some hints on linking it with some antispam features. Note the not free MX 5.0 has very serious antispam features. Look at in the [.madgoat] directory for an eval kit and docs.; VNC - Program that allows you to access screens on other systems including Windows and control them remotely from VMS. Transports screen display, keyboard, and mouse across systems. Servers for windows (or for that matter for unix) boxes have been on these tapes; see [] for the server code and docs. DECUS tapes
u VMSLT99B Utilities built to run on VMS. GNUPG is a mail and file encrypt/decrypt utility using public keys. It is cryptographically strong and works on many platforms. (Note elsewhere on this collection gnupg 1.0.4). ETAPE is the classic access to IBM magtape DFY_VMSCD writes VMS filestructure CD image files for burning CDs. Gnuplot is a plot program, plots on many displays and printing devices. Lynx is a text only web browser. LD is a virtual disk driver package (treat files as disks) Xterm is a smaller replacement for DECterm on workstations. VIM is an editor similar to Vi XPDF is a utility that allows you to read PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files GNAT is an Ada compiler DECUS tapes
ww VMSLT99B Official Mosaic for VMS build, a web browser with a number of netscape addon functions now supported. slt02a Spring 2002 VMS / L&T SIG Tape Collection tps:// DECUS tapes
bulletin VMSLT99B MAIL like utility for one to many messaging and for net news access. DECUS tapes
gce VMSLT99B VDdriver update to make it easier to use unmounted disks. Program that allows reading of almost any SCSI disk, even if blocksize <> 512 or if its SCSI subset is too braindamaged for DKdriver. DECUS tapes
gnu VMSLT99B New gnu programs including GCC 3.1 which is said to build on VMS, Gnucleus and Gnunet, Wget, more. DECUS tapes
jed VMSLT99B SLANG update. JED editor (edt like, many OSs) update DECUS tapes
moreau VMSLT99B Flight simulators. Freetype for VMS. Music and sound editors. Lunar lander. PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file viewer update. DECUS tapes
net VMSLT99B Generally useful things: P2P programs, MS word read, working VAX emulator, working x86 emulator, remote contol progs for unix, windows, vms, OpenSSL, SPICE circuit sim, GnuPG (encryption for the masses), more. DECUS tapes
nt VMSLT99B Lore and a few example progs for Windows, including a virtual disk w/src. DECUS tapes
openoffice VMSLT99B Source code to MS Office lookalike in C and Java DECUS tapes
pro VMSLT99B DECUS DEC Pro 3xx programs, as many as could be found DECUS tapes
samba VMSLT99B VMS port of Samba 2.2.4. Samba lets non-windows systems export shares to windows and each other, and lets them access windows or samba shares for disk or print. V2.2.4 is quite recent. Includes sources. Samba also can let a machine act as domain controller (so VMS can become your domain control machine) DECUS tapes
sec VMSLT99B Security tips from here and there. Also a Solaris loadable kernel module, much forensics advice. DECUS tapes
swtools VMSLT99B LBL Software Tools package, reissue from LT86 sigtapes because those got little circulation. DECUS tapes
tk VMSLT99B Ascii to Postscript cvt. Callable ping. Convert .LIS to source. Dir and file manager. Show free blocks. FTP mirror utility. HGFTP better FTP client and server. JUMP -become another user. MGPCX - read/write PC floppies. MX042 with couple published patches to stop relay. Set time to NBS time, Netlib stack-independent TCP/IP lib. VERB - generate .CLD from DCLtables. VMS TAR utiity. Watcher idle terminal logout. DECUS tapes
vu VMSLT99B VMS things. ASCII to HTML. Flight sim. Analog clock. Read MS Word. Alpha software development environ. SSH client & lib for VMS. BASH shell. X86 emulator ported to vms. CD recording software. Compress and decompress utils. Calculator. DCL mailbox interface. Editors. Access ODS-2 (VMS) file structures from other OSs. View postscript. Gnu diff/patch. RCS. Wegsite indexer for VMS. Change image types. VMS web server. Complete routing and messaging product similar to BEA or DEC MessageQ, complete sources, first release here. Flash plugin for VMS (compat with Macromedia Flash, derived from Linux code). Stego code. Peek in VMS mailbox (MBdriver) contents. Send or receive and pack/unpack MIME messages. Copy command. Compiler compiler. RCS rev control system. Python for VMS. Syslogd for VMS (client and server). Message passing for parallel scientific programming. Restore disk or file from ASCII dump. Log file analysis (with lots of graphics). Mailer. Mozilla latest for VMS. Updated Emacs V21 for VMS. DECUS tapes
www VMSLT99B Web servers and Mosaic web browser for VMS. slt02b Fall 2002 VMS / L&T SIG Tape tps:// DECUS tapes
gce VMSLT99B Fragmentation avoider, IDEZR - allow use of dumb or non- 512-block devices, vd driver DECUS tapes
gnu VMSLT99B Gnu utils including gnu C 3.2 which may build in vms DECUS tapes
ltsig VMSLT99B Old '87 stuff including LBL Tools last release for VMS DECUS tapes
moreau VMSLT99B combat sim, midi editor, phone/addr/todo database for X DECUS tapes
net VMSLT99B Large collection including WINE windows emu, crypto, p2p systems, openAFS src, ms word readers, much more DECUS tapes
nt VMSLT99B A few bits of NT advice, and virtual disk for NT in src DECUS tapes
openoffice VMSLT99B Latest src for MS Office lookalike DECUS tapes
perl VMSLT99B Perl V5.8 which builds for VMS also DECUS tapes
samba VMSLT99B Share out, or read, MS Windows type shares for disk or printer. VMS port of very recent vers., and latest src DECUS tapes
sec VMSLT99B Some security notes including some bits on how to insert hooks into unix kernels to hook functions in loadable modules and in executables. DECUS tapes
tk VMSLT99B DCL template expander, fast file delete, FTP mirror, Gnu AWK, VMS search with wildcards etc., "become another user" util, r/w MSDOS floppies, show known DECnet+ links, guess passwords, virtual disk, generate .CLD for any verb, idle terminal monitor DECUS tapes
vu VMSLT99B Many VMS things. Includes ascii->html, get all usernames, flash plugin, Alpha and Vax PL/I compilers, many VT100 display hacks, PC emulator BOCHS for VMS, CDrecord for VMS, CVS for VMS, CURL for VMS, DFU, LD, Eiffel compilers, Python compiler, Expat database, search utilities, web site indexer and search systems, image editors, password guessers, mailbox controls, Mozilla browser (latest VMS vers), partial MYSQL ports, patched MX free vers, mail handler, openSSL, portability libraries, SIMH emulator to emulate Vax or pdp11 (or several more) on other systems, secure tunnel, TCL/TK for VMS, word processor (ted), Mac emulator (if you have mac roms), Zmenu, Zlib (compression library) and much more DECUS tapes
www VMSLT03A WASD HTTP server for VMS and several plugins including MIME-aware mail utility. ring 2003 VMS/LT SIG Tape Collection ---- ---- --- -- --- ---- ---------- SLT03A...] Directory Tree ------------ --------- ---- DECUS tapes
ce VMSLT03A IDEZR - read/write disks that have blocksize other than 512 bytes or that normal DKdriver can't handle DECUS tapes
nu VMSLT03A New Gnu software including Gcc 3.3.1, Glibc, Gnucash, Gnumeric, Make, etc. DECUS tapes
qrdev VMSLT03A Message driven queue system that does reliable inter process messaging / scheduling something like DECMessageQ but with src. DECUS tapes
oreau VMSLT03A Timidity music editor patches DECUS tapes
et VMSLT03A Bochs pc emulator, SIMH cpu emulators including for Vax, Gnunet p2p, Xpaint, Wine windows emulator, Blassic Basic interpreter, OpenSSL, more DECUS tapes
penoffice VMSLT03A Source for OpenOffice 1.1 RC3 complete. MS Office clone in source. Works on unix, windows, linux. Some work needed for getting it running under VMS. DECUS tapes
amba VMSLT03A VMS Version 2.2.8a, serve disks to Windows shares or printers to windows, access Windows shares from VMS. DECUS tapes
ec VMSLT03A A few docs about security holes DECUS tapes
k VMSLT03A CLEAR_ERRORS.ZIP Clear device error count on alpha VMS DCL-EXPAND.ZIP DCL template expansion utility GRAB.ZIP VMS search util with wildcards, many extensions IDEZR.ZIP Read non-512-byte CD drives and a few other tricks LWW-DECWDISP.ZIP like SHOW DISPLAY LWW-FUNCT-KEYS.ZIP Display keymap, define function keys LWW-MODIFY-ATTRIB.ZIP Modify certain file attributes LWW-PERSONA-DECW.ZIP Create new DECterm logged in as someone else LWW-PERSONA.ZIP Log in as another user (rewrite of GLOGIN) LWW-USERINFO.ZIP Display user info from SYSUAF MORE.ZIP more/less for VMS - file displayer TRF-LIB$SEARCH.ZIP C routine to simplify calling $search DECUS tapes
u VMSLT03A Things that work with VMS. Among them: Alphaahb4 - Alpha cpu emulator (may not run any interesting OSs) am - math program, symbolic math, claimed portable BOCHS - x86 emulator. Emulates a PC with peripherals, enough to run Windows or Linux BRNCH - Branches. A complete operator in a box. If you have a tape or disk jukebox it can automatically mount, dismount, catalog media and mount them automatically as needed. Only one is mounted per drive at a time but it can catalog thousands of media depending only on size of your jukebox. Full sources too, from Acorn Software/Dick Munroe BZIP2 - very good compress/decompress utility; does not preserve VMS attributes. CDRECORD - burn CDs on VMS CDRTOOLS - ditto, more elaborate. CSWING - various fixes for CSWING utility on VMS 7.3-1. Several folks edited the code and fixed known problem symptoms but there were somewhat different ideas about beautifying the code. CURL - ftp or http files from/to other locations from command line, restart partial transfers from point of interruption, etc. etc. DFU027A - disk utility for many disk filestructure maintenance operations GNV - Unix like commands for VMS EXPAT - a web search engine for VMS. FREETYPE - handle TrueType fonts in VMS GAWK - Gnu AWK for VMS Gnupg - crypto utility for lots of systems Ghostscript - free Postscript interpreter. Does display postscript too. Gnuplot - plots graphs on most anything. Graphicsmagick - converts image formats from most anything to most anything els$ GTK - yes, the Gnu Toolkit, for VMS, graphics support. GD - chart generator Imagemagick - converts image formats from most anything to most anything else Jasper - software for coding and manipultation of images (even huge ones) Mozilla - Web browser, modern successor to Netscape MySQL - complete relational DBMS Nethack - networked famous game Ods2 - portable read-ods2 (vms) disks code Python - portable language, many uses; somewhat string oriented. STunnel - Encrypted tcp/ip tunnel between VMS and other systems VMS FAQ, all parts VB031 - Virtual Branches. Disk collection in a box. Works with a jukebox of disks, lets many of them (up to all) appear to be mounted at once even though there are actually only 1 to a few drives. Manages all the volumes, even reduces fragmentation as they are written. Works with CD or r/w disks, works perfectly across clusters (and is not subject to the 500 volume limit of MSCP server) even for jukeboxes (libraries) with thousands of disks in them. From Acorn Software. Xlockmore - lots of display hacks for locking a display. Beautiful! XV - view many image formats on X DECUS tapes
ww VMSLT03B WASD HTTP 1.1 server for VMS with many plugins and extensions, V8.3. S/L&T Fall 2003 SIG Tapes - --- ---- ---- --- ----- SLT03B Directory Tree ------ --------- ---- DECUS tapes
gce VMSLT03B SAFETY security addin for VMS sources including inheritance, directory links, and other code not published before. Source. DECUS tapes
ghostscript VMSLT03B Postscript interpreter; can replace display postscript and allow view or print of .ps or .pdf files DECUS tapes
gnu VMSLT03B Various Gnu utilities including latest GCC C compiler and other compiler suite, Gnumeric spreadsheet etc. DECUS tapes
jed VMSLT03B EDT like and Emacs like editor that runs on many platforms DECUS tapes
moreau VMSLT03B Sources to MP3 encoder and MPEG player DECUS tapes
net VMSLT03B Stuff from net including Basic interpreter, x86 hardware simulator, CD write code, p2p networks designed for privacy, SSH, code to talk to Windows shares, Windows emulator, X locker, some more DECUS tapes
nt VMSLT03B Program to let Windows read Linux filesystems DECUS tapes
openoffice VMSLT03B Source to openoffice 1.1 distribution DECUS tapes
samba VMSLT03B Programs to allow sharing of disk shares with windows, and printer shares. VMS can be client or server though VMS client is ftp like. DECUS tapes
tk VMSLT03B BAT.ZIP;1 Submits multiple cmds to batch queue from DCL CLEAR_ERRORS.ZIP;2 Clears all errors on a device FLIST.ZIP;2 File and directory mgr HGLOGIN.ZIP;1 Log in as another user HGSD.ZIP;1 set default with history, extensions HINDEX.ZIP;1 search help library for keywords LNMTOOL.ZIP;1 logical name browser MORE.ZIP;1 look at files a page at a time SAMBA-0227A.ZIP;2 VMS kit for util to share disk with windows DECUS tapes
vu VMSLT03B Many utilities and programs for VMS. Antiword reads MS Word format Ghostscript is a postscript interpreter, can replace display postscript mozplugger is a Mozilla plugin letting you use standalone progs to work as Mozilla plugins GNV is a set of unix like tools for VMS CURL is a file retriever, can get files over http or ftp and restart failed transfers from the point of failure. Rdesktop lets you have remote access to windows from vms Python is a language MYsql is a relational DBMS XPDF will read PDF files (adobe acrobat) simh is a set of machine emulators. pdp11 and vax emulators that will run on other machines (such as alpha or pc) are included. The pdp11 emulator can boot rsx, rsts, rt11. The vax emulator can boot vms. John the ripper is a password guesser, can brute force passwords OCR is optical char recognizer. Get text back from images. in Emulation is a z80 emulator CDrecord is utilities to make ISO CDs or burn CDs (maybe DVDs too) on VMS. DECUS tapes
www VMSLT04A WASD HTTP (web) server for VMS ring 2004 VMS/LT Sig Tapes SLT04A...] Directory Tree ----------- --------- ---- DECUS tapes
gnu VMSLT04A New Gnu software including gcc, gnumeric, gnunet (p2p), gnuplot etc. DECUS tapes
net VMSLT04A Miscellany from net, not necc. VMS related. Crypto (legion of the bouncy castle java crypto set), eckbox (info on Eckard tv spying), imagemagick (handles many image formats), ods2 (reads VMS disks on other OSs), Reactos (an NT behavior clone, all free source), unzip (decompress), xpaint (new version drawing program), wine (emulates many Windows APIs in non windows environments), Shareaza (another portable p2p package), Qemu (machine emulator, can emulate x86 environment on other systems, supposedly higher performance than Bochs), several more; docs inside files. DECUS tapes
openoffice VMSLT04A Open Office (MS Office clone) source V1.1.2 DECUS tapes
samba VMSLT04A Latest Samba for VMS and releases. Shares MS shares and printers with non windows systems including VMS and vice versa. DECUS tapes
tk VMSLT04A Many utils. BAT.ZIP;1 submit multiple cmds to a batch queue BOSS.ZIP;1 Log in multiple times using pseudo terminals CMPDIR-VMS.ZIP;1 Compare 2 directories CMPDIR.ZIP;1 ditto DBS-BUILD_LIBRARIES.ZIP;1 libs for dbs* DBS-ETHERWATCH.ZIP;1 ethernet monitor DBS-LATWATCH.ZIP;1 lat monitor DBS-NETUTILS.ZIP;1 utils for monitoring ethernet DBS-NULLSYMBIONT.ZIP;1 null symbiont - use to handle queues DBS-ODSM.ZIP;1 online disk space monitor - vax only DBS-PATCH.ZIP;1 DBS-SCANLOCKS.ZIP;1 DBS-SYSRTL.ZIP;1 DBS-TAPEUTILS.ZIP;1 FLIST-VMS.ZIP;1 FLIST.ZIP;1 file & directory manager (fullscreen) GETCMD.ZIP;1 process cmdline args HGFTP.ZIP;1 ftp server, better than most commercial, for vms HGLOGIN.ZIP;1 "become" someone else w/o knowing password if you have p rivs HGSD.ZIP;1 fancy set default LNMTOOL.ZIP;1 motif logical name browser LWW-DIRSORT.ZIP;1 sort dir by date/time LWW-DORMANT.ZIP;1 find inactive users in uaf LWW-FUNCT-KEYS.ZIP;1 display keymap, show fcn keys LWW-MODIFY-ATTRIB.ZIP;1 alter file attributes LWW-NEXT_UIC.ZIP;1 find next free uic LWW-PERSONA-DECW.ZIP;1 create new decterm logged in as someone else LWW-PERSONA.ZIP;1 login as someone else LWW-REMTREE.ZIP;1 delete a directory tree LWW-REMTREE_ZIP.1;1 LWW-REVERT.ZIP;1 change file version numbers of files in a dir LWW-USERINFO-VMS.ZIP;1 display user info from UAF MBU.ZIP;1 mailbox utility MMK.ZIP;1 MMS "clone" make utility UNZIP.ZIP;1 Decompress routine VIEWFILE-VMS.ZIP;1 motif viewer/browser VTFM.ZIP;1 Norton Commander style video term file manager ZIP.ZIP;1 compress files. make archives. DECUS tapes
vu VMSLT04A VMS relevant utilities. ADVENTURE.ZIP;1 Colossal Cave adventure src BASIC-LOCK-DLM.ZIP;1 BOCHS-2_1_1_TAR.BZ2;1 x86 software emulator. Emulates a complete system with peripherals. BTVID-STB-VIDEO-W98.DRV;1 BZIP2-1_0_2.ZIP;1 gnv bzip2 compressor for vms C-LOCK-DLM.ZIP;1 C-TCPIP-TCP_DEMO.ZIP;1 CDRTOOLS-2_01A24_VMS.ZIP;1 burn ISO or other CDs CDRTOOLS-2_01_TAR.BZ2;1 CIFS-1_0_4-2_6_TAR.GZ;1 CURL-7_12_1-VMS-AXP.ZIP;1 Fetch http or ftp files by URL, resume from CURL-7_12_1-VMS-IA64.ZIP;1 point of interrruption, check size etc. CURL-7_12_1-VMS-VAX.ZIP;1 CURL-7_12_1_TAR.BZ2;1 C_FILE_OPERATIONS.TXT;2 D4X-2_5_0RC3_TAR.GZ;1 DECW-LOGIN-CUSTOMIZE.TXT;1 DOS11.ZIP;1 Emulate DOS-11 including DOS RK05 image DPLI043H_ZIP.GZ;1 PL/I compiler for alpha VMS DPLI044.ZIP;1 DUNGEON.ZIP;1 Old Dungeon game src ECKBOX-V0_1A1_TAR.BZ2;1 Info on Eckard TV spying stuff FINDRMS.SRC;2 FREETYPE-2_1_4.ZIP;1 Handle truetype fonts FREEVMS-0_0_55_TGZ.TAR;1 in-progress make Linux work like VMS FUNNY-ANALOGIES.TXT;1 Humor!!! GD-2_0_26.ZIP;1 graphics GDCHART-V0011-4-1.ZIP;3 graphics GDCHART0_11_4.ZIP;1 GHOSTSCRIPT-8_14_TAR.BZ2;1 Display or print postscript on non PS devices GHOSTSCRIPT-VAX-AXP-PCSIDUMP.ZIP;1 GNUPG-1_2_6_TAR.BZ2;1 Like PGP but totally free, encrypts or decrypts files, signs them. GNV-AXPVMS-BISON-V0135--1_PCSI.ZIP;1 GNV-AXPVMS-FLEX-V0205-4-1_PCSI.ZIP;1 GNV-AXPVMS-PATCH-V0205-4-1_PCSI.ZIP;1 GNV-BISON-1-35.TGZ;1 GNV-FLEX-2-5-4A.TGZ;1 GNV is a VMS "shell" and utility system that gives it many Unix features GNV-PATCH-2-5-4.TGZ;1 GNV_ZIP.PATCH;2 GRACE-5_1_16_TAR.GZ;1 ICC-COBOL_EXAMPLE.TXT;1 IDLE-MON_VAX.HTML;1 IMAGEMAGICK-5_5_7_VMSPATCH.TAR;1 Build Imagemagick on VMS - tiny patch IMAGEMAGICK-5_5_8_VMSPATCH.TAR;1 JGRASP-VMS-WEDGE.ZIP;1 JGRASP170.ZIP;1 Freeware IDE from Auburn JGRASP_FOR_OPENVMS.TXT;1 JOHN-1_6_37.TAR-BZ2;1 Password cracker John the Ripper JPEG-6B.ZIP;1 Handle JPEG files LDAP-VMS-WHATIS.ZIP;1 LGILDAPSRC_V10-LDAP-VMS.ZIP;1 LDAP on VMS LIBGD-V0200-28-1.ZIP;2 LIBIMAGING-1_1_4.ZIP;1 LIBPNG-1_2_5.ZIP;1 handles .png format images LIBPNG-1_2_5_TAR.BZ2;1 LIBXML2-2_6_13.ZIP;1 LIBXML2-V0206-11-1.ZIP;1 LIBXML2-V0206-13-1.ZIP;1 MORE-VMS-DVD-WRT.TXT;1 Some info on writing DVD on VMS MOSAIC3_7.ZIP;1 Web browser for VMS MOZILLA-OPENVMS-ALPHA-M170.SFX_AXPEXE;1 Mozilla browser, mailer etc. for VMS MOZILLA_RELNOTES.HTML;1 MYSQL-4_0_20_VMS-BIG.ZIP;1 MySQL relational DBMS for VMS MYSQL-4_1_5-GAMMA_VMS.ZIP;3 MYSQL-V0401-5-1.ZIP;3 NETBSD-EMULATOR-HOWTO.HTML;1 OPENSSH-3_8P1_TAR.BZ2;1 SSH secure shell, buildable on vms OPENSSL-VMS-AXPMAKE.COM;1 PARRIS-VMS.ZIP;1 Many utils from lK. Parris including stuff to monitor memory, locks, display odd things in VMS , find master lock, show paths etc. etc. Many cluster and lock tools. See readme.txt inside. PDFLIB-5_0_0_VMSPATCH.TAR;1 PDFLIB-LITE-5_0_3-UNIX-SRC_TAR.GZ;1 PHEX_2_1_4_80_SRC.ZIP;2 PHEX is another P2P sharing system PHPBB-INS-GDE.TXT;1 PHPWASD121.ZIP;1 Let WASD handle PHP somewhat PIVOT-BLOGGING-ON-VMS.TXT;1 Decent blog package, builds on vms PIVOT-HELP.ZIP;1 PIVOT_1_14_1_FULL.ZIP;1 PIVOT_1_14_1_UPDATER.ZIP;1 PLI-PAK.ZIP;1 PLI037_ZIP.GZ;1 More VMS PL/I compiler stuff PLIRTL044.ZIP;1 PYTHON-2_3_4-VMS-SRC.ZIP;1 Python language for VMS PYTHON-2_4A2-VMS-SRC.ZIP;1 PYTHON-V0203-4-1.ZIP;1 PYTHON_INSTALL-2_3.TXT;1 REGINA-REXX-3_3_TAR.GZ;1 Allegedly very portable REXX version RMS-VMS-WISH-ITEM.TXT;1 RT11SWRE_TAR.Z;1 Some packages for use with SIMH (only) RTV53SWRE_TAR.Z;1 RUBY-VMS-IGUIDE.HTML;1 Ruby languages for VMS RUBY-VMS-RELNOTES.HTML;1 RUBYVMS_X181X014.ZIP;1 SHILLELAGH.TXT;1 SIMHV32-3.ZIP;1 Emulator for many machines on VMS, on Windows and on other systems. Includes a Vax emulator that runs on Alpha or Windows PC, pdp11 emulators for these, and much more. SIMTOOLS.ZIP;1 SOX-12_17_4_TAR.GZ;1 sound editor SOX-12_17_4_VMSPATCH.TAR-GZ;1 SOX_-_SOUND_EXCHANGE.HTM;1 SWISH-E-2_4_2-VMS-SRC.ZIP;1 Used for making searchable web pages SWISH_E-V0204-2-1.ZIP;1 TECO.TXT;1 UNZIP551_TAR.BZ2;1 decompressor UNZIPVMSMODS.DIR;1 VMS mods for unzip, claimed to help with ods5 VAX-SIMH.HTML;1 VAXSIMH.ZIP;1 patches VMS-GET-PROCESS-SYM-VALUE-SRC.TXT;1 VMS-GOOD-ARTICLE.TXT;1 VMS-LOGINOUT-HOOKS.ZIP;1 VMS-NAMECHANGE-SCRIPT.TXT;1 VMS-PCAP.ZIP;1 ckt sim VMS72KITS.DIR;1 Some free utils built for vms 7.2 VMSSWWHATTOOLS.ZIP;1 Sox sound editor VMS_X_FIX.H;1 WEBCALENDAR-0_9_43.TGZ;1 WEBCALENDAR.TXT;1 WGET-1_9_1A_VMS.ZIP;1 Get http or ftp files, resumes from interruption point, ensures all get there WGET-VMS_NOTES.TXT;1 WHOIS016-VMS.ZIP;1 XAUTOLOCK-2_1_VMSPATCH.TAR;1 Loads of display hacks to lock idle display XAW3D-1_5E_TAR.GZ;1 XAW3D-1_5E_VMSPATCH.TAR-GZ;1 3d graphics stuff XMCD-3_3_2_TAR.GZ;1 XMCDBIN-VMSAXP.ZIP;1 XPHOON.ZIP;1 XSCREENSAVER-4_18_TAR.BZ2;1 more display hacks for idle screen saving XVMSUTILS.ZIP;1 ZIPVMSMODS.DIR;1 More ods5 mods for zip ZLIB-1_2_1.ZIP;1 zip compression library DECUS tapes
www VMSLT04B WASD HTTP server and system for VMS including mail connection utility. ll 2004 VMS / LT SIG Tapes SLT04B...] Directory Tree DECUS tapes
gnu VMSLT04B This is Gnu software that is new since last time. BISON is a parser generator Emacs is an editor GCC is a compiler for C, Fortran, Pascal etc. Gnumeric is a spreadsheet (pretty much superset of excel) Gnunet is a p2p system specializing in privacy Gnutls is a transmission level security system DECUS tapes
net VMSLT04B Net stuff Things off internet, not necessarily VMS specific. Bible has text of KJV Bible Blassic is a BASIC interpreter in src BOTAN is a crypto lib CDRtools are for burning cd-r Crypto is another crypto lib DVD-P-RW-Tools is for burning DVD+R Firebird is a DBMS FSP client is for FSP, like FTP but connectionless GNUPG is a free PGP version, crypto for all. INGRESr#-SRC-1 is the Ingres DBMS released open source MSORT is a sort with many options OPENSSL is a crypto library and can generate certificates QEMU is an x86 emulator TECOCLINUX is a TECOC dialect for linux in src. Updates Pete Siemsen's older one UNFS3 is a reader for linux disk file structures UNZIP and ZIP are updates to those compression utils XPDF is to view pdf fiels WINE is a windows emulator VMSBACKUP is a reader for vms backup tapes on other systems AAAREADME.TXT;1 BIBLE-KJV_4_18_TAR.GZ;1 BLASSIC-0_10_0.TGZ;1 BOTAN-1_4_6_TAR.BZ2;1 BRLCAD-7_0_2_TAR.BZ2;1 CDRTOOLS-2_01_TAR.BZ2;1 CRYPTO-128.ZIP;1 DVD-P-RW-TOOLS-5_21_ 4_10_8.TAR-GZ;1 FIREBIRD-1_5_2_4731_TAR.BZ2;1 FSPCLIENT-0_0_9_TAR.GZ;1 FSPROXY-07.ZIP;1 GNUPG-1_4_1_TAR.BZ2;1 INGRESR3-SRC-1_TAR.B Z2;1 LIBECC-0_11_0_TAR.GZ;1 MSORT.TGZ;1 OCRAD-0_9_TAR.BZ2;1 OPENSSL-0_9_7G_TAR.GZ;1 P7ZIP_4_14_01_SRC_TAR.BZ2;1 QEMU-0_6_1_TAR.GZ;1 SOCAT-1_4_1_0_TAR.GZ;1 TECOCLINUX0398_TAR.G Z;1 UNFS3-0_9_12_TAR.GZ;1 UNZIP552_TAR.GZ;1 VMSBACKUP4-1-1.ZIP;1 WINE-20050419_TAR.BZ2;1 XPDF-3_00PL1.PATCH;1 XPDF-3_00PL2.PATCH;1 XPDF-3_00_TAR.GZ;1 ZIP231_TAR.GZ;1 DECUS tapes
openoffice VMSLT04B This area has source to latest build of OpenOFfice, a package that works a lot like MS Office (word proc, spreadsheet, presentation, dbms, etc.) DECUS tapes
samba VMSLT04B SAMBA allows other systems to read and write CIFS ("Windows shares") filesystems over a net. Included are some VMS ports plus latest general code releases. While client access is in VMS from a utility it lets VMS serve printers and disks to windows or samba-using Linux or Unix boxes transparently. DECUS tapes
tk VMSLT04B Hunter Goatley new files BZIP2-1_0_2.ZIP;1 Good compressor FREETYPE-2_1_4.ZIP;1 Use freetype fonts in vms HINDEX.ZIP;1 HELP index JUMP.ZIP;1 Become someone else LWW-REVERT.ZIP;1 Change file version numbers in a dir LWW-UTC.ZIP;1 Motif UTC clock LWW-VIEWXBM.ZIP;1 Motif bitmap viewer LWW-XMEASURE.ZIP;1 Measure Motif windows MBU.ZIP;1 Mailbox utility MYSQL-PYTHON-INST-INS.TXT;1 installing python and mysql in vms NOPE.ZIP;1 simulate a purge, see what would be deleted ODS2-PATCH.TXT;1 process wait analyzer PWAIT$SDA.ZIP;1 PWAITSDA.ZIP;1 PWAIT_SDA.ZIP;1 RCARD.ZIP;1 display cardfiler cards on vt term and print UNZIP.ZIP;1 uncompress zip archives VIEWFILE.ZIP;1 Motif file viewer/browser VTFM-HG.ZIP;1 Norton Commander style VT file mgr VTFM.ZIP;1 ZIP.ZIP;1 Makes zip compressed archives DECUS tapes
vu VMSLT04B MS specific stuff from all over This material has or claims to have ability to build in VMS and most of it has VMS binaries. All 3 VMS hardware architectures have material here. Highlights: CDRTOOLS - burn CDs cURL - get/put files to URL on net, ftp or http protocol, can recurse Emacs - famous editor, VMS flavor OpenSSL - encrypt/decrypt, make certs, scores of options ppf012 - port print facility, print to port MySQL - relational DBMS for VMS Python - language for VMS, used for many script tricks Imagemagick - displays / converts images, edits images Mosaic - web browser PCX - read/write MSDOS floppy Lucane - groupware platform for VMS LibGD and GD - lib for dynamic creation of images SWISH-E - powerful web indexing system ODS2-patch - patched version of ODS2 reader for other systems, lets almost any OS read VMS material Superversion - version control system XV patches to fix various problems. files: A2PS.ZIP;1 AAAREADME.TXT;1 AD_USER.ZIP;1 BLISS-0_010.TGZ;1 BUILDING_OPENSSL_0_9_7E_ON_A_VAX.TXT;1 BZIP2-1_0_2.ZIP;1 CDRECORD_V__RMS_DEFA ULTS.TXT;1 CDRTOOLS-2_01A24_VMS.ZIP;1 CLD-ON-IA64-VMS.TXT;1 CLD-SYMBOL-TABLE-OBJECT-ON-ITANIUM.TXT;1 CURL-7_13_1-VMS-AXP. ZIP;1 CURL-7_13_1-VMS-IA64.ZIP;1 CURL-7_13_1-VMS-VAX.ZIP;1 CURL-7_13_1_TAR.BZ2;1 CURL-README.TXT;1 C_FILE_OPERATIONS.TX T;1 DAILYDRV.ZIP;1 DES.MSG;1 DJESYS-FREEWARE-DOC.TXT;1 EMACS-VMS-BASIS-1-SYNCH-1.README;1 EMACS-VMS-BASIS-1-SYNCH-1_DIFF.GZ;1 EMACS-VMS.TXT;1 FIND-IMG-HDR-IN-IA64-ELF.TXT;1 FINDRMS.SRC;1 FREE-AXPVMS-JETTY-V0501-2-1.ZIP;1 FREE-AXPVMS-LUCANE-V0704--1.ZIP;1 FREE-AXPVMS-SUPERVERSION-V0102--1.ZIP;1 FREEDISK.ZIP;1 FREETYPE-2_1_4.ZIP;1 FREETYPE-V0201-4-1.ZIP;1 FTB.C;1 GD-2_0_33.ZIP;1 GDCHART-V0011-4-1.ZIP;1 GDCHART0_11_4.ZIP;1 GETTING-IA64-NOTES-V MS.TXT;1 GNV_ZIP.PATCH;1 GRUB-0.95-DIFF1;1 IA64.DIR;1 IMAGEMAGICK-6_2_1-2_ TAR.BZ2;1 IOPENER-0_2-SRC.ZIP;1 JETTY-EN.HTML;1 JETTY-EN_FILES.DIR;1 JGRASP-EN.HTML;1 JGRASP-EN_FILES.DIR;1 JGRASP-SETUP.HTML;1 JGRASP-SETUP_FILES.DIR;1 JGRASP175.ZIP;1 JPEG-6B.ZIP;1 LIBBZ2-V0100-2-1.ZIP;1 LIBGD-V0200-28-1.ZIP;1 LIBIMAGING-1_1_4.ZIP;1 LIBIMAGING-V0101-4-1.ZIP;1 LIBJPEG-V0602--1.ZIP;1 LIBPNG-1_2_8.ZIP;1 LIBPNG-V0102-8-1.ZIP ;1 LIBXML2-2_6_17.ZIP;1 LIBXML2-V0206-17-1.ZIP;1 LIBXSLT-V0101-12-1.ZIP;1 LUCANE-VMS.TXT;1 MOSAIC3_8.ZIP;1 MOVEROOT.ZIP;1 MOZILLA-OPENVMS-ALPHA-M170.SFX_AXPEXE;1 MYSQL-4_1_9_VMS.ZIP; 1 MYSQL-PYTHON-INST-INS.TXT;1 MYSQL-V0401-9-1.ZIP;1 ODS2-0_9_3_TAR.BZ2;1 ODS2-ANN.TXT;1 ODS2-PATCH.TXT;1 OPENSSL097E-V0102-0-1.ZIP;1 PCX.BCK;1 PERLVMS.HTML;1PHEX_2_1_4_80_SRC.ZIP;1 PPF012.ZIP;1 PYGET.SH;1 PYTHON-2_3_5-VMS-SRC.ZIP;1 PYTHON-2_4-VMS-SRC.ZIP;1 PYTHON-V0203-4-1.ZIP;1 PYTHON235-V0113-0-1.ZIP;1 Q_UTILS.ZIP;1 SIMHV33-2.ZIP;1 SRM_TAR.GZ;1 SUPERVERSION.TXT;1 SUV-EN.HTML;1 SUV-EN_FILES.DIR;1 SUV-SETUP.HTML;1 SUV-SETUP_FILES.DIR; SWISH-E-2_4_2-VMS-SRC.ZIP;1 SWISH_E-V0204-3-1.ZIP;1 T4CHART.ZIP;1 T4MYSQL.ZIP;1 TYPE-FILE-BY-FID-VMS.TXT;1 UCX_LPD.ZIP;1 UNZIPVMSMODS.DIR;1 USB-VMS-SUPP.TXT;1 VMS-ADJUST-QUORUM-EM ERGENCY.TXT;1 VMS-CHEAP-SUPPLIES.TXT;1 VMS-CONSOLE-ADDR-MAP.TXT;1 VMS-PCAP.ZIP;1 VMS-USB-2-SUPP-STATUS.TXT;1 VMS-USB-IN-8_2.TXT;1 VMS-WHOIS016.ZIP;1 VMS72KITS.DIR;1 VMSFAQ_HTML.ZIP;1 VMSFTP-BEHAVIOR-CHAN GE.TXT;1 VMSZIP.DIR;1 VMSZIP3.DIR;1 VMS_DOS.ZIP;1 VNEWS.DIR;1 VNEWS.ZIP;1 VNEWSVMS.ZIP;1 VTFM.HTML;1 VTFM.ZIP;1 VTFM_232.ZIP;2 VTFM_232.ZIP;1 VTFM_FILES.DIR;1 WEDGE.ZIP;1 WHOIS016-VMS.ZIP;1 WINXP64RC.TXT;1 WWW_PI-NET_DYNDNS_ORGANONYMOUSKITS.HTM;1 WWW_PI_NET_DYNDNS_ORG_KITS.HTML;1 WWW_PI_NET_DYNDNS_ORG_KITS_FILES.DIR;1 XPDF-3_00PL1.PATCH;1 XPDF-3_00_TAR.GZ;1 XSCREENSAVER-4_21_TA R.GZ;1 XV-3_10A-JUMBO-PATCHES-20050410_TAR.BZ2;1 XV-3_10A-JUMBO-READM E.TXT;1 XV-3_10A-VMS.ZIP;1 XV-3_10A_TAR.GZ;1 XV-STD-DOWNLOADS.HTML;1 XV-STD-DOWNLOADS_FILES.DIR;1 ZIPSPLIT.ZIP;1 ZIPVMSMODS.DIR;1 ZLIB-1_2_2.ZIP;1 ZLIB-V0102-2-1.ZIP;1 DECUS tapes
www VMSLT05A WASD HTTP server This is a VMS web server with many additions, most recent release. ring 2005 VMS / LT SIG Tapes SLT05A...] Directory Tree ----------- --------- ---- DECUS tapes
mulators VMSLT05A Alpha emulators (such as are available). None vms ready. DECUS tapes
nu VMSLT05A Gnu C, Emacs, Gnumeric, Gnunet, etc. new free software DECUS tapes
et VMSLT05A This directory contains code which might be of some interest, off the net. CDRTOOLS in particular is used to write CD (and by rumor DVD) on other OSs. Some versions work on VMS. UUCP is a copy of vms uucp, and new zip and unzip sources here should build on VMS and add new abilities and better compression. Botan is a crypto tool. Bochs is an x86 emulator for generic machines and WINE is a windows emulator that runs on x86. Some versions of Bochs have been reported to work on VMS in the past, albeit slowly. XPDF is a .pdf viewer. DECUS tapes
amba VMSLT05A SAMBA is a system which allows systems to communicate using SMB or CIFS protocols (used by MS Windows for network communication) thus permitting sharing either way of printers and disks with such systems. (The VMS client is however a utility, not a mountable filesystem.) DECUS tapes
k VMSLT05A Files recently added to Hunter Goatley's collection CSVSEARCH - search comma separated variable data files FLIST - File and directory manager (fullscreen oriented) GBLSEC_SDA_VMS - global section info MAILSYM - mail symbiont for mailing files to yourself via PRINT MBU - mailbox utility. Manipulate VMS system mailboxes from command line RSYNC_2_5_6_PRE_1_SRC - synch class libs from CMS (VMS pieces) DECUS tapes
u VMSLT05A VMS things off the net This area has lots of useful material that builds on VMS with sources and binaries where possible. Among the items here: Antiword - read MS Word documents AUTOCONF - configuration generator like unix one, for VMS BLISS- partial Bliss compiler from FreeVMS effort BZIP2- better compress utility, compresses smaller than gzip CURL - get ftp or http served files off web, restart partial transfers till done GNV - unit / gnu like tools for VMS Ghostscript - display Postscript on screen or printer for non postscript devices FreeVMS - VMS rebuilt for x86, partial effort so far. Based on Linux sources but builds VMS APIs. Imagemagick - displays / manipulates images in many formats Mac64 - macro64 (assembler for alpha) (freeware) MySQL - relational DBMS, built for VMS OpenSSL - lots of cryoto routines and certificate generation ability WGET - get http or ftp served data, remote mirror of sites, will keep trying till it gets all of a file (picks up from where a transfer failed). Xscreensaver - lots of great display hacks and screen saver for Xwindows including VMS (obviously many others. Documents present generally.) DECUS tapes
ww VMSLT05A WASD web server and utils This area contains a VMS web server and associated utilities, recent distribution. S/LT Spring 2006 SIG Tapes -- ------ ---- --- ----- slt06a...] Tree DECUS tapes
gce VMSLT05A AnalyRim is a spreadsheet and DBMS that are integrated, designed for text display devices. All versions are here, though they need to be recompiled for newer OS versions. Versions include some for msdos, unix, vms, rsx, and amigados. Safety - This is an elaborate security package for VMS with all functions ever written for it. Some security related idea papers present too. DECUS tapes
gnu VMSLT05A Present are Gnucleus, a secure encrypted P2P system, Gnumeric, a spreadsheet (very Excel like, more accurate and more functions) Gnunet, another P2P system, and libgcrypt DECUS tapes
net VMSLT05A Net items: This is material of interest from the internet, not specifically VMS related. Among other things: BOCHS is an x86 software emulator BOTAN is a bunch of crypto code and routines CRYPTO is a lot of Java crypto code Firebird is a DBMS MSORT is a powerful sort algorithm P7ZIP is a compress/decompress utility, very high compression Ruby is a language interpreter WINE is a windows emulator DECUS tapes
oldrsx VMSLT05A Zip file of some of the old RSX SIG material of historical and perhaps practical interest as it is getting hard to find. DECUS tapes
samba VMSLT05A Latest Samba kits. Samba allows other systems (e.g. VMS) to access Windows type file and print stores and serve files and printers to Windows DECUS tapes
tk VMSLT05A Hunter Goatley material: This is from Hunter's net collections. CSVSEARCH.ZIP;1 search comma separated variable files ESET.ZIP;1 set various process attributes no SET command exists for FTP_NEW.ZIP;1 find new or changed files in an ftp directory FW80_DELTREE.ZIP;1 delete tree of files GBLSEC_SDA.ZIP;1 show global sections in sda HGFTP.ZIP;1 ftp server for VMS, works better with others than std one JAZZ-V26B.ZIP;1 music prg LISTEN.ZIP;1 multicast message listener LN.ZIP;1 logical names util LN_SDA.ZIP;1 logical name display for sda LN_SDA010.ZIP;1 ditto MBMON.ZIP;1 mailbox monitor MBMON010.ZIP;1 ditto MBU.ZIP;1 mailbox utility MBU016.ZIP;1 ditto MMK.ZIP;1 make clone for VMS. Works a lot like MMS PF.ZIP;1 shows users of pagefile PFLOAD-VMS-KEY-SETUP.FOR;1 PF_SDA.ZIP;1 shows pagefile PF_SDA011.ZIP;1 ditto PWAIT.ZIP;1 process wait analyzer PWAIT_SDA.ZIP;1 ditto, sda PWAIT_SDA010.ZIP;1 ditto RK.ZIP;1 ROSEGARDEN-21.ZIP;1 music program SDL-1_2_11.ZIP;1 system symbol definition language TIMIDITY-2002-PATCHES.ZIP;1 sound patches for timidity prog TIMIDITYXX-2100.ZIP;1 music program VMS-MIDI.HTML;1 VMS-MIDI_FILES.DIR;1 VMSBACKUP4-1-1.ZIP;1 reads vms backup tapes in unix WATCHER.ZIP;1 idle terminal logoff or protect WXWINDOWS_167.ZIP;1 windows API emulator WXWINDOWS_167_AXP_OLB.ZIP;1 WXWINDOWS_167_VAX_OLB.ZIP;1 X11R5_XAW_XMU.ZIP;1 X utils ZIP.ZIP;1 new ZIP compress utility DECUS tapes
vu VMSLT05A VMS related utilities from net: Antiword Convert ms word docs to other formats like text BLISS Bliss compiler for FreeVMS (with FreeVMS, VMS clone for x86) cURL ftp or http copy to/from URL BZIP2 compress utility, high efficiency. CDRTOOLS Make CD-R or DVD-R or DVD+R CMUIP TCP/IP suite for VMS (Vax) GNUPG Gnu Privacy Guard, encrypts info MTOOlS access windows FATxx or msdos file structures NEDIT editor GHOSTSCRIPT Postscript interpreter, print .ps files or view (wth gv) Imagemagick Image manipulation and format translator JOHN John the ripper, password guesser. Mosaic web browser, descended from first such, but for VMS. Openssl encryption routines, supports https, certs, more Python language interpreter, many utils in it. MySQL DBMS supporting SQL Simh emulator for many processors including pdp11, vax, pdp1, many m$ NCHREM dir many VMS utils, things like xpaint, tiff, sed, xautolock, zlib, sox, pnglib, fontconfig, gnuplot, freetype, bochs, graphi$ abinit. fontforge Font create/edit/install huber dir getkey, inverted index facility, sendmail, init cli, lots of st$ subroutines, tcpip examples and utils, basic io vim Vi editor lookalike swish web indexing facility zip archiving utility zlib compress util, programmable library DECUS tapes
www VMSLT05A This area has WASD (htroot), a web server for VMS and various utilities and plugins for it. Lynx, a text only browser, is present also. Soymail gives vms mail access from web S/LT Spring 2007 SIG Tapes - -- ------ ---- --- ----- slt07a...] Tree DECUS tapes
analy VMSLT05A AnalyRim spreadsheet/dbms, edited to be compilable and buildable with g77 fortran compiler DECUS tapes
net VMSLT05A BOCHS - x86 emulator. Crypto - java crypto lib. DND - VMS Dungeon & Dragon game. LD - virtual disk DECUS tapes
samba VMSLT05A Samba CIFS system, disk and print sharing system compatible with windows. DECUS tapes
tk VMSLT05A CLRREF.ZIP;1 Clear owner field for a device DECLOGO.HTML;1 DEC logo pictures DECLOGO_FILES.DIR;1 EXPAT-2_0_0_TAR.GZ;1 FLIST.ZIP;1 File and directory manager FREE.ZIP;1 show disk space usage FREETYPE2.TAR-GZ;1 Font mgr for truetype fonts GD-2_0_34.TAR-GZ;1 HGFTP.ZIP;1 Improved FTP daemon for VMS JPEG-6B.TAR-GZ;1 make jpeg files LPNG128.TAR-GZ;1 make png files MMK.ZIP;1 program build facility (similar to mms) MX060.ZIP;1 Mail daemon for VMS, final release; good for antispam too MX060_SRC.ZIP;1 ditto, src NETLIB024.ZIP;1 Network call lib; use to have same calls work for any of several tcp/ip stacks for VMS NSQUERY.ZIP;1 host lookup PQUOTA.ZIP;1 show process quotas SCANUAF.ZIP;1 look for things in UAF files SDL-1_2_11.TAR-GZ;1 display library for games SDL_GFX-2_0_16.TAR-GZ;1 SDL_IMAGE-1_2_5.TAR-GZ;1 SDL_MIXER-1_2_7.TAR-GZ;1 SDL_NET-1_2_6.TAR-GZ;1 SDL_TTF-2_0_8.TAR-GZ;1 TIFF-3_8_2-VMS.TAR-GZ;1 UNZIP-VMS.ZIP;1 uncompress zip files VMSTAR.ZIP;1 uncompress tar files VSM_SOPHOS.ZIP;1 automate sophos IDE updates WATCHER.ZIP;1 watches idle terminals and can protect them ZLIB-1_2_3.ZIP;1 compression library DECUS tapes
vu VMSLT05A ALPHA-ARCHITECTURE.PDF;1 Describes alpha instruction set ANN_IREPORT_FOR_OPENVMS.TXT;1 find Ireport util ANTINODE-VMS-UTILZ.ZIP;1 Many VMS utilities including src/doc ANTIWORD_VMS.HTML;1 ANTIWORD_VMS_FILES.DIR;1 ANTIWORD_VMS_FILES.ZIP;1 ANTIWORKD-MAKEFILE.VMS;1 BASIC-FIX-FTP-SAVESETS.ZIP;1 Fix saveset attributes BASIC-FOREIGN-CMD.ZIP;1 Foreign commands execute from basic lang BASIC-OPEN-FSP-BAS.ZIP;1 FSP protocol BASIC-OPEN-USEROPEN-BAS.ZIP;1 BASIC-WATCHDOG-VMS.ZIP;1 BLISS-0_211.TGZ;1 Bliss compiler bits BORK-1_4.ZIP;1 Cross platform java encryption util BZIP2-1_0_4B_VMS.ZIP;1 Compress files BZIP2-VMS_NOTES.TXT;1 CDRKIT-1_1_5_TAR.GZ;1 Burn cd/dvd CDRTOOLS-2_01_01A39_TAR.GZ;1 ditto CDRTOOLS-OFFICIAL-AN-2_01.01A27;1 CDRTOOLS-VMS_NOTES.TXT;1 CITADEL-7_22_TAR.GZ;1 game CLEARQ.TXT;1 CLEARQ.ZIP;1 CURL-7_18_1-VMS-AXP.ZIP;1 Get files by URL (http or ftp), retries from point of stopping if not all is retrieved CURL-7_18_1-VMS-IA64.ZIP;1 CURL-7_18_1-VMS-VAX.ZIP;1 CURL-7_18_1_TAR.BZ2;1 DFU032.PDF;1 DFU many disk/file maint utilities DIX-0600.ZIP;1 Rebuild corrupt index files DIX-ANN.TXT;1 EMACS_TAR.BZ2;1 Emacs editor part ES40_0_06.ZIP;1 Alpha system ES40 machine emulator. Emulates an Alpha ES40 (well enough to run Alpha VMS on). Runs on vms, windows, whatnot and can run on i386 and amd64 systems as well as others. CVS version below is a bit laterES40_0_08_OPENVMS_ALPHA.ZIP;1 ES40_CVS_20080503_1030_SRC.ZIP;1 FREE-I64VMS-SUPERVERSION-V0102--1.ZIP;1 FREEVMS-0_3_10.TGZ;1 VMS os clone being written to give a free open source replacement for VMS FW_CSV.ZIP;1 GHOSTSCRIPT-8_54_TAR.BZ2;1 Displays postscript files GNUPG-1_4_9B_VMS.ZIP;1 A free OpenPGP implementation, encrypts/ decrypts/signs files. GNUPG-1_9B-VMS_NOTES.TXT;1 GNUPG-2_0_8_TAR.BZ2;1 GNV_COM_2_1_PATCH.ZIP;1 GNV "VMS unix" commands - patches. Get full GNV dist off HP website. GNV_COM_2_1_PATCH_IMPORTANT_README.TXT;1 GNV_UPDATE_DEC30_2006.ZIP;1 more GNV stuff GNV_UPDATE_DEC30_2006_NOTES.TXT;1 GPG-MODS_1-VMS.ZIP;1 GPG-VMS_NOTES.TXT;1 GPG = Gnupg GTAN_1_0.ZIP;1 GTK-PL-2_10_6_VMS_PRE_SRC.ZIP;1 Gnu toolkit for vms GZIP-1_3_12A_VMS.ZIP;1 Gzip compress util for vms HCAM_V1_3.ZIP;1 webcam HP-VMS-DFU-V0302--1.ZIP;1 IMAGEMAGICK-6_3_5-3.ZIP;1 Image file (pictures that is) manipulation and editing INGRES2006-9_3_0-111-GPL-SRC_TAR.BZ2;1 Ingres relational DBMS released open src. Said to be buildable or to have been buildable on VMS once. Had been a commercial dbms (related to postgresql) before release to open source JEM-AXPVMS-ATK-V0112-4E1-1.ZIP;1 JEM-AXPVMS-CAIRO-A0102-6-1.ZIP;1 JEM-AXPVMS-EXPAT-V0200-0E1-1.ZIP;1 JEM-AXPVMS-EXPAT-V0200.ZIP;1 JEM stuff is from John Malberg, many VMS builds of utilities and librzries for image handling, compression, fonts, search and more. Mainly all pcsi kits. JEM-AXPVMS-FONTCONFIG-V0203-2-1.ZIP;1 JEM-AXPVMS-FREETYPE-V0202-1-1.ZIP;1 JEM-AXPVMS-GETTEXT-V0016-1-1.ZIP;1 JEM-AXPVMS-GLIB-A0212-6E3-1.ZIP;1 JEM-AXPVMS-JPEG-V0600-0B.ZIP;1 JEM-AXPVMS-LIBPNG-V0102-13.ZIP;1 JEM-AXPVMS-LIBPNG-V0102-13E1-1.ZIP;1 JEM-AXPVMS-LIBXRENDER-V0009.ZIP;1 JEM-AXPVMS-PANGO-V0114-8E2-1.ZIP;1 JEM-AXPVMS-PKGCONFIG-V0021-0E1.ZIP;1 JEM-AXPVMS-TIFF-V0308-2.ZIP;1 JEM-AXPVMS-TIFF-V0308-2E1-1.ZIP;1 JEM-AXPVMS-ZLIB-V0102-3.ZIP;1 JEM-AXPVMS-ZLIB-V0102-3E1-1.ZIP;1 JEM-VMS-RENDEREXT-V0009.ZIP;1 JONAS-VMS-ANN.HTML;1 Where to get JONAS application engine for Java built for VMS. JONAS-VMS.HTML;1 LDDRIVER_BOOTCAMP_2006.PPT;1 Virtual disks for VMS. V9.0 is recent and V8.3 is for older VMS (V7 vintage and earlier) LDDRIVER_BOOTCAMP_2007.PPT;1 LDDRIVER_TECHNICAL_JOURNAL_JUN2005.PDF;1 LDDRIVER_TUD_OCT2006.PPT;1 LDDRIVER_V83.ZIP;1 LDDRIVER_V90.ZIP;1 LIBBZ2-V0100-4-1.ZIP;1 LIBCDIO-0_78_2_TAR.GZ;1 CD read/write library LIBGD-V0200-35-1.ZIP;1 LIBIMAGING-V0101-6-1.ZIP;1 Imaging LIBPNG-V0102-22-1.ZIP;1 LIBXML2-V0206-29-1.ZIP;1 MISC_VMS_PREFIX.C;1 MMJ-PINOUT.TXT;1 Pinout for mmj cables MOSAIC-PREFS.C;1 MOSAIC4_2.ZIP;1 OSAICVMS-LISTING.TXT;1 MTOOLS-3_9_10B_VMS.ZIP;1 Read/write msdos file structures MTOOLS-VMS_NOTES.TXT;1 MYSQL-5_1_23-RC_VMS.ZIP;1 Relational DBMS, built for VMS. Src. MYSQL051-V2301-0-1.ZIP;1 Ditto, binaries NCHREM_TNW_TUDELFT_NL.ZIP;1 Many VMS utils from tudelft repository ODS5_NAMES__AS_IS_LIBRARY_MMS_V__ME.TXT;1 OPENVMS-SRRCHKLST-V2R2-3.ZIP;1 PHP_4_4_7-OVMS-1.ZIP;1 Build of PHP web app system for VMS PORTERPACKAGE_62_73489.TAR;2 Eiffel language source kit PY251EV4_PATCH.ZIP;1 PYTHON-2_5_2-VMS-SRC.ZIP;2 Python language interpreter src PYTHON252-V0101-0-1.ZIP;2 ditto, vms binary kit Q-CAN-ANYONE-WRITE-DEVICE-DRIVERS.TXT;1 RABBIT3-BIN_TAR.GZ;1 RENDEREXT-VMS.TXT;1 RE_LOOKING_FOR_BLUE_DIGITAL_LOGO.TXT;1 RE_SYS$GRANT_LICENSE_OUTPUT_CODES.TXT;1 RE_SYS$GRANT_LICENSE_OUTPUT_CODES2.TXT;1 RE_SYS$GRANT_LICENSE_OUTPUT_CODES3.TXT;1 RE_SYS$GRANT_LICENSE_OUTPUT_CODES4.TXT;1 RE_USB_SUPPORT_ON_ALPHA.TXT;1 RE_XV_3_10A_BUILD_ON_ALPHA_COMMENTS.TXT;1 SCANUAF-2_2.ZIP;1 Look in sysuaf for info or weak pwds SETPASS.ZIP;1 Set password SHOWLOCKS.C;1 SIMHV37-3.ZIP;1 MAchine simulators for many machines. Src. Includes simulators for pdp11 and Vax that can run RSX, RSTS, RT, VMS etc. Also many other simulators for old DEC machines. See website for OS code to run under this. SODE34.ZIP;1 math pkg, eqn solve TAPECOPY-VMS-PROGRAM-SRC.TXT;1 UNZIP60D.ZIP;1 VMS unzip V3R5_PRE2_SRC-VMS-GNU-TAR.ZIP;1 VERNE-SEDT2.ZIP;1 VKER.ZIP;1 VMS kermit update VMS.DIR;1 VMSFAQ.ZIP;1 many other simulators for old DEC machines. See website for OS code to run under this. SODE34.ZIP;1 math pkg, eqn solve TAPECOPY-VMS-PROGRAM-SRC.TXT;1 UNZIP60D.ZIP;1 VMS unzip V3R5_PRE2_SRC-VMS-GNU-TAR.ZIP;1 VERNE-SEDT2.ZIP;1 VKER.ZIP;1 VMS kermit update VMS.DIR;1 VMSFAQ.ZIP;1 VMSKER.DIR;1 VMSTAR-V3R5_PRE1_SRC.ZIP;1 VNC333R1VMS011.ZIP;1 WEBWARE093-V0100-0-1.ZIP;1 WGET-1_10_2C_VMS.ZIP;1 XPDF-3_02_TAR.GZ;1 XPDF-PACKAGES.SFX_AXPEXE;1 XSCREENSAVER-5_03_TAR.GZ;1 ZAP.MAR ZIP30G.ZIP;1 Latest Zip src, can handle large files ZK.ZIP;1 DECUS tapes
www LT90A WASD HTTP server sources plus a few utilities to go with it. ring 1990 VAX / L&T SIG TAPE CONTENTS The L&T and VAX Systems SIGs are again producing a combined collection r Spring 1990 to reduce duplication between the two. The collection has been lit, rather arbitrarily, into an L&T part and a VAX part for purposes packaging it for the DECUS Library. The NLC / Tree distribution is combined t the collection is too large for a single TK50 and thus is split across o DECUS Library part numbers. Please be aware that you only have the mplete collection for Spring 1990 by obtaining both parts. Much of the terial is compressed due to volume of submissions. Please read file mpressions.Txt in this directory for information on decompressing the les. DISCLAIMER: Neither DECUS, nor the VAX SIG, nor the Languages and ools SIG, nor the librarians have detailed knowledge of all he material here. EXERCISE CAUTION using it, particularly rom privileged accounts. It is your responsibility to ensure othing will damage your system. Nevertheless, we know of no nomalous or covert behavior in any of this code. Please report ny suspicious behavior you notice promptly to the DECUS library 508) 480 3418, attn. Betty Cadieux or Tom Gaudette, and to he Librarians, Glenn Everhart (, 15 354 7610) and Ted Nieland (Ted@Nieland.dayton.oh.US, 513 427 6355) o that we can investigate. Most or all of the code comes with ources, so you can recompile as needed. AVAXLT...] Tree) his tree contains the index files and descriptions of the rest the collection, plus a [.tools] subdirectory containing utilities ndy in unpacking some of the archives contained here; a AAAREADME.1ST le there gives further instructions. CUS LIBRARY Catalog ([.DECUSLIB...] tree) Complete machine readable text of the DECUS Library catalog, plus all ailable machine readable descriptions of older material not in print in e current catalog. Browser tool also included. 90A...] Directory Tree -------- --------- ---- DECUS tapes
amby LT90A Don Amby's login environment for software development. A software development environment / toolset used at GM. Uses MMS/CMS heavily. DECUS tapes
anunews LT90A ANU News V6.0 beta 3, a usenet news reader for VMS. Also utilities to allow NNTP feeds over DECnet to interoperate correctly with some Unix variants. DECUS tapes
blackboard LT90A Blackboard architecture in a VAX/VMS environment (expert system implementation). From Frederick Schebor. DECUS tapes
brianjim LT90A BLISS programs. Convert virt addr to phys. Mandelbrot set explore. Console I/O from any IPL. Inhibit system dump. DR11C driver. BLISS user library. From Brian Catlin and James Gray. DECUS tapes
bryant LT90A APLEVE and APLTPU, extended versions of TPU based editors. Also GBLSUBS/GBLSEARCH, allowing global searches or substitutions of expressions in one or more files (wildcards OK). From Geoff Bryant. DECUS tapes
cap LT90A Columbia Appletalk protocol. Allows various computers to talk Appletalk to Macintosh computers. Several versions. DECUS tapes
epubs LT90A TeX tools for use with TeX and LaTeX. DVIOUT, writes DVI (TeX output) files to Tek 4014 or Postscript among others. XDVI - Displays DVI files on X windows (DECwindows) displays. Many options. QUERYLW - produces TeX fonts for Laserwriter builtin fonts. PSFONT - generate Postscript fonts from TeX fonts. ALWSMB - Apple Laserwriter print symbiont. From EPUBS SIG. DECUS tapes
gnusoftware LT90A Numerous software utilities from Free Software Foundation. Includes clones of lex, yacc, awk, also Gnu Emacs, Gnu C and Gnu C++ plus libraries. Much more. VMS ports of Gnu C, Gnu C++, LIBG++ (the Gnu C++ library), and Gnu AWK (GAWK) are supplied. InterViews (for unix) is also included because it contains a C++ runtime library not subject to the Gnu copyleft. DECUS tapes
gplot LT90A GPLOT system for VMS, Vers. 4.23. Gplot will allow using CGM metafiles from packages like DISSPLA, DI3000, or DrawCGM (included here) to be combined with TeX text files and/or displayed on a variety of devices. This allows Gplot to be used with TeX to integrate text and graphics. DECUS tapes
jmi LT90A VAXnotes manual file. Various VAXnotes tools and documents about VAXnotes. From J.M. Ivler. DECUS tapes
mac_watch LT90A Ethernet monitor for Mac II; works with Cayman GatorCard, 3Com and Apple ethernet cards. DECUS tapes
mdraw LT90A Object oriented draw package for ReGIS terminals. Output can go to LN03 or be put into TeX or into CGM format for use with manuscript/freelance. From S. M. Dierken. DECUS tapes
modula3v14 LT90A Modula-3 language compiler sources and docs, currently set up for unix. Publically distributed by DEC SRC. Runs on VAX/Ultrix, DS3100, Sparc. DECUS tapes
mumps LT90A MUMPS Sig tape. Contains VA Fileman V17.32, Micromumps for MSDOS, Mumps games, and Mumps tools. From Mike McIntyre. DECUS tapes
ncsatelnet LT90A Telnet and FTP (TCP/IP) for IBM PC or Mac plus some contributed utilities. Supports many network cards (though not currently the DEPCA). DECUS tapes
notes LT90A VAXNotes procedures to assist new Notes users, add functions to Notes, merge notes, and more. From Dale Coy. DECUS tapes
notes_ait LT90A Material from "Problem Tracking in VAX NOTES" session in a seminar at New Orleans DECUS symposium. DECUS tapes
pbmvms LT90A Portable Bitmap routines for VMS. Convert between MANY graphics formats, edit pictures, etc. DECUS tapes
tpuplus LT90A TPUPlus TPU based editor. VMS DIRED, line drawing package. From Rick Stacks. DECUS tapes
translators LT90A Language translators, including Fortran to C (for VMS) Pascal to C (one for VMS, one not), COBOL to Ada and Fortran to Ada. The Fortran to C is Fortran 77 with extensions and is from Robert Schneider. DECUS tapes
uemacs LT90A Micro Emacs V3.10, built to work correctly on VMS. From R. Thomson. DECUS tapes
xaw LT90A Athena X windows widgets, translated for DECwindows from Trevor Taylor. DECUS tapes
xhp VAX90A HP Widgets for X11, translated for DECwindows by Art Stine. X90A...] Directory Tree --------- --------- ---- DECUS tapes
4gl_sig VAX90A Fourth Generation Language SIG contribution (formerly DTR/4GL SIG). Procedures to help with DTR, DTR functions, DTR forms interface (replaces FMS), menu driver, banner program, DTR aids for VMS system management, more. From Bart Lederman. DECUS tapes
ake VAX90A DELTREE - delete directory tree. ROT13 - massages text for ANU News. MORIA 5.0 game for VMS. Ray-Tracing; QRT and DBW raytracers ported from Amiga. SYMBOLS - progs. to extract values from symbols in your system. From Earle Ake DECUS tapes
allied VAX90A Check_Password - Checks UAF for weak passwords. Also can check a user dictionary, gets user list from UAF also. SEND_MAIL - sends mail from program, including distribution lists. PASS - keeps list of previous passwords, prevents re-use. From Alan Bruns. DECUS tapes
antivirals VAX90A Antiviral materials for MSDOS, AmigaDos, and Macintosh, obtained from national repositories by Glenn Everhart. Complete as of about 6/1/1990. DECUS tapes
atg VAX90A ATG_EDT - EDT superset including poor man's LSE. SIXEL_PRINT - print screen dumps from DECwindows on HP LaserJet. .H generating utilities. VMS symbiont for HP LaserJet+. Lots of kernel and macro examples to set prompt, change UIC, dismiss ASTs, deallocate a device owned by someone else, create process dump, and more. MAIL - alternate mail protocol routines and mail utilities. VMS mail profile analyzer. NMS_MAIL - replacement for PSI_MAIL that works thru gateways and over PVCs. DCL routine to return quota. Programs to talk to NETACP direct to do a show net listing. System monitoring tools, patch for MONITOR to enable concealed classes, etc. TPU enhancements. Template User Written Debugger. VMSSERV in DCL only - no BITNET required. Allows one to have a file store available via mail only. XE - ethernet monitor to look at line counters via QIO. From Nick de Smith. DECUS tapes
bulletin VAX90A Bulletin board, lets one set up a message base for shared messages. Command interface is like VAX Mail, but messages are shared among all/many users. Can work over DECnet with many of the advantages of Notes. From Mark London. DECUS tapes
ccauk VAX90A VAX PASCAL formatter. Turbo Pascal formatter. Pascal environment sources for various RTLs. SPLIT - counts bucket splits. PEEK - reads a sequential file that is locked (e.g., log file). How to modify command module in CMS. TWEAK - record attribute tweaker. CREGRPLNT - create group logical name table. SETUSER - become someone else. Show pagefile and all processes using it. Util to help deinstall page file if it is not in use. From Chris Sharman. DECUS tapes
datebook VAX90A DATEBOOK keeps track of single or recurring appointments. REMIND will flash a message on your screen 10 min. before, 5 min. before, and when an appointment is due. From Bruce Tanner. DECUS tapes
decsrvmgr VAX90A LAT based printer queue setup of large number of queues and TSM/DECserver management tools. From Pasquale Scopelitti. DECUS tapes
dormant VAX90A Identify dormant or seldom used VMS accounts. From Darrell Blair. DECUS tapes
dwtek VAX90A Tektronix file to Postscript or X-Window plot converter. Currently DECwindows specific. From George Carrette. DECUS tapes
flowers VAX90A DISK_WATCHER - monitor disk space, alarm on too full. RMSGLOBUF - show files with RMS global buffers. DCL menu system OK with captive accounts. From Harry Flowers. DECUS tapes
gagne VAX90A Ethernet monitor utilities (MONLAT, MONLAV, MONHWA) from David Gagne. DECUS tapes
gce90a VAX90A AnalytiCalc - spreadsheet. 3rd dimension now added, so can address 32000 rows/columns/pages. New functions added. FDDRV - better virtual disks of VD: or FD: types. Better cryptodisk algorithm (still super fast). Shadowing virtual disk. Periodically-checkpointed memory disk. Sources to unix LHARC. NET90A - large collection of utilities and files from Internet. Includes IFF to sixel converter (good with Ake's raytracers), DECnet identifier propagators (allows net-wide "employee", "foreign" etc. ACLs to be used in file sharing control). Also update to remote virtual magtape driver. Pascal to C for unix. Xmodem code. Also VAX introduction book off the net, and CEDIT column mode editor. More. From Glenn Everhart. DECUS tapes
hauck VAX90A Command files for archiving or dearchiving user files to tape. Allows simple provision of archiving services to general users. From Clyde Hauck II. DECUS tapes
hays VAX90A Another Set Default. Fix for LAT connections in VAXNET. Change icon procedure for DECwindows. FileView enhancements for DECwindows. Full function calculator using SMG$ (VT) graphics. Replacement DECwindows startup picture. Trap keystrokes using SMG$. DecWindows examples. From Robert Hayes. DECUS tapes
jscsa VAX90A Rmail mail reader. Small database routines. Calendar program. MOVFile - move files in a secure environment. SETUSER. From William Baker. DECUS tapes
ldxdt VAX90A Loadable XDELTA in VMS. No need to reboot to get XDELTA into machine. From Ken Johnson. DECUS tapes
lomasky VAX90A Display node and PID of any user blocking another user from continuing (FINDLOCK). SYSUAF reporting utility. From Brian Lomasky. DECUS tapes
maq VAX90A Data transfer network software similar to VMS mailboxes with crash/reboot file saving. From Earl Lakia. DECUS tapes
may VAX90A FLECS for VMS (Fortran Language with Extended Control Structures, a Fortran preprocessor). Program to map out HSCs. From L. Eliezer May. DECUS tapes
meadows VAX90A BITnet utils to convert LPunch to normal text. DECnet example QIO routines to NETACP. FILE - program to modify ANY file attributes. FIND - search index file for all sorts of conditions (even oddities like placement, LBN, length). Orders of magnitude faster than DIR. KFE - display installed files. MAIL - docs for callable mail. MAKE - unixlike file builder, something like mms. MENU - interprets menus on the fly, creates compiled menus. MONITOR - reads monitor data files. OBJECT - extracts symbol defs from object files (.OBJ) or symbol table files (.STB). RIGHTS - generates list of identifiers and holders, by right or by user. RMS - display some info on RMS indices. SD - simple set default program. STATUS - DECnet wide user process display (along lines of Finger). Also serves as example of multithreaded client/server. UAF - scan/report UAF by many criteria. Also password guesser. UNMESSAGE -decompiles message files. UNSDL - converts SDL definitions into headers for C. VERB - decompiles command tables, generates .CLD files. From Joe Meadows. DECUS tapes
namerouter VAX90A MAIL routing utility allowing one to use conceptual names instead of actual net addresses. Can interface to PMDF or to BSMTP. From Thomas Wade. DECUS tapes
nanny VAX90A Automated reminder system and system management aid for VAX/VMS. Reminders, idle process detection, priority diddling, memory monitoring, disk monitoring and other functions are provided. From Dan Zirin. DECUS tapes
nieland VAX90A CHECKPASS - check passwords in the UAF file. Checks against a large dictionary plus various permutations of some other fields. XYZMODEM - combines X, Y, and ZMODEM into one command procedures. (Example only.) From Ted Nieland. DECUS tapes
pavlin VAX90A DISM32 - VMS disassembler (.EXE to .MAR); bugs fixed from S89 vers. ETHERMON- Ethernet monitor. Many options. Speed-up from older vers. PLXY to sixel converter. Util to issue $WAKE on another process. From Andy Pavlin. DECUS tapes
pltprg VAX90A General data plotting and analysis program. Can fit data to various types of curves also. Also does viewgraphs. From Steven Fisher. DECUS tapes
rlb VAX90A VMS security auditing (VMS 5.2 and up) procedures from Bob Boyd. DECUS tapes
rpi VAX90A MX - mail routing and distribution facility supporting delivery via VAXmail, SMTP, BITnet mail, or UUCP mail over VMS UUCP. Supports mailing lists. NEWSRDR - NNTP client for reading Usenet news via CMU TCP/IP or Vms/ Ultrix Connection. SDFilter - controls layout of DECwindows screen dumps. SETUP - per user set up of applications software for users. WATCHER - flexible idle terminal monitor. From Matthew Madison. DECUS tapes
sessindex VAX90A Session index to DECUS US Spring 1990 symposium in New Orleans. (Actually, table of contents from session notes.) From John Stitzinger. DECUS tapes
snasecur VAX90A Secure access to multiple SNA gateways and automatic, user-specified route-back of RJE files. From Pasquale Scopelliti and Al Grosser. DECUS tapes
stockman VAX90A UPDATE - Reorder line numbers in Fortran programs and/or break out subroutines. Also allows update/insert of entire routines, strips trailing whitespace, etc. ZAP - delete multiple jobs in a queue with one command. Many options. From CSC. DECUS tapes
utexas VAX90A LASER - Laserwriter print symbiont. Supports print of Macpaint and Zeta plot files as well as Postscript files. MAGTAPE_BUF - set default buffer size on a magnetic tape after it is already mounted. (Needed if one is copying BACKUP savesets, for example, of varying block size.) READTAPE/WRITETAPE - tape to disk to tape copy, format independent. From Thomas Linscomb. DECUS tapes
uucp VAX90A VMS UUCP 1.2. Complete system allowing a VMS system to join the Usenet. Integrated with ANU NEWS (5.9c currently) plus full documents. From Jamie Hanrahan, Tom Allebrandi, and Mark Pizzolato. DECUS tapes