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(Working with VMS IDE)
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=Getting Started=
=Getting Started=
[[VMS_IDE_Installation|Installing VMS IDE]]<br>
# [[VMS_IDE_Installation|Installing VMS IDE]]<br>
[[VMS_IDE_Configuration|Configuring VMS IDE]]<br>
# [[VMS_IDE_Configuration|Configuring VMS IDE]]<br>
# [[VMS_IDE_Developing|Developing]]<br>
# [[VMS_IDE_Building|Building]]<br>
# [[VMS_IDE_Debugging|Debugging]]<br>
[[VMS_IDE_Settings|VMS IDE Settings]]<br>
[[VMS_IDE_Settings|VMS IDE Settings]]<br>
[[VMS_IDE_Commands|VMS IDE Commands]]
[[VMS_IDE_Commands|VMS IDE Commands]]

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VMS IDE is an extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code that provides the tools for application development for OpenVMS systems.


Source code synchrnization between local machine and OpenVMS system.
Debugger features for OpenVMS applications.
Syntax highlighting 
Syntax highlighting for MMS, CLD, and MSG files.
Code autocompletion 
Code autocompletion for supported files.

Getting Started

  1. Installing VMS IDE
  2. Configuring VMS IDE
  3. Developing
  4. Building
  5. Debugging


VMS IDE Settings
VMS IDE Commands