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* [[VMS_IDE_Project_Explorer|Project Explorer]]
* [[VMS_IDE_Project_Explorer|Project Explorer]]
* [[VMS_IDE_Debugger|Debugger]]
* [[VMS_IDE_Debugger|Debugger]]
[[Category:VMS IDE]]

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VMS IDE is an integrated development environment that enables you to quickly and easily develop comprehensive applications for OpenVMS system. It provides a set of tools for developing, building, and debugging OpenVMS projects.


  • Source code synchronization between the local machine and OpenVMS system.
  • SSH connection setup to remote OpenVMS system.
  • Projects Explorer as a simple and convenient way to manage OpenVMS projects.
  • Debugger for OpenVMS projects.
  • Syntax highlighting for MMS, CLD, and MSG files.
  • Code autocompletion for MSG and CLD files.

Getting Started

This guide will help you install VMS IDE extension and start working on your projects.

Quick Start