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* '''Debugger''' for OpenVMS projects.
* '''Debugger''' for OpenVMS projects.
* '''Syntax highlighting''' for '''MMS''', '''CLD''', and '''MSG''' files.
* '''Syntax highlighting''' for '''MMS''', '''CLD''', and '''MSG''' files.
* '''Code autocompletion''' for '''MSG''' and '''CLD''' files.
* '''Code auto-completion''' for '''MSG''' and '''CLD''' files.
* Supported languages: '''C''', '''C++''', '''Fortran''', '''Cobol''', '''Pascal''', '''Basic''', '''Bliss'''.

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VMS IDE is an integrated development environment that enables you to quickly and easily develop comprehensive applications for OpenVMS system. It provides a set of tools for developing, building, and debugging OpenVMS projects.


  • Source code synchronization between the local machine and OpenVMS system.
  • SSH connection setup to the remote OpenVMS system.
  • Projects Explorer as a simple and convenient way to manage OpenVMS projects.
  • Debugger for OpenVMS projects.
  • Syntax highlighting for MMS, CLD, and MSG files.
  • Code auto-completion for MSG and CLD files.
  • Supported languages: C, C++, Fortran, Cobol, Pascal, Basic, Bliss.


  • The VMS IDE extension can only be used in conjunction with ODS-5 OpenVMS file systems; it cannot be used with ODS-2 file systems.
  • Do not use the minus sign ("-") in file names. This may prevent the debugger from finding the source file.

Getting Started

This guide will help you install the VMS IDE extension and start working on your projects.

Quick Start