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To invoke the commands, press F1 in the Visual Studio Code editor and start typing the command.

VMS IDE Commands


  • VMS-IDE: Edit VMS project settings - Edit project settings. Project Settings
  • VMS-IDE: Build on VMS - Build project on VMS with its dependencies.
  • VMS-IDE: Build only this project - Build only the selected project on VMS (Ctrl+Alt+F7).
  • VMS-IDE: Change CR/LF for all source files - Change CRLF to LF for all source files.
  • VMS-IDE: Clean project - Clean project, delete files from output folder.
  • VMS-IDE: Create MMS - Create default MMS. Auto-generating MMS
  • VMS-IDE: Collect JAVA classes - Collect debug information for JVM project. VMS IDE for Java (Kotlin, Scala)
  • VMS-IDE: Download system headers - Download system headers from VMS.
  • VMS-IDE: Edit ssh-helper settings - Edit connection settings. SSH Settings
  • VMS-IDE: Force built status - Force built status.
  • VMS-IDE: Force synchronized status - Force synchronized status.
  • VMS-IDE: Quick uploading - Upload the changes made to the source code on the the local machine since the last upload/synchronization to the remote machine.
  • VMS-IDE: Re-build on VMS - Re-build project on VMS with its dependencies.
  • VMS-IDE: Re-build only this project - Re-build only the selected project on VMS.
  • VMS-IDE: Synchronize project file with VMS - Synchronize project files with VMS.
  • VMS-IDE: Terminal - OpenVMS terminal (Ctrl+F6)
  • VMS-IDE: Upload all - Upload all new and updated files from local machine to VMS. NOTE: If preferZip is set to true, the whole project will be uploaded as a ZIP file.
  • VMS-IDE: Upload all via Zip - Upload project files using Zip


Also, it is possible to run command through VS Code Tasks.

    "label": "Upload",
    "type": "task2cmd",
    "command": "vmssoftware.synchronizer.upload",
  • label unique label of command
  • type type of command, must be task2cmd
  • command the name of command, can be given from Contribution page of extension description.