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==Project folder==
==Project folder==
Use '''Explorer''' view to manage source code, resources, and settings files of your projects.
Use '''Explorer''' view to manage source code, resources, and settings files for your projects.
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When starting working on an OpenVMS project in the VMS IDE, you need to configure your workspace, set project folders, and select the type of configuration that will be used.

Project folder

Use Explorer view to manage source code, resources, and settings files for your projects.

VMS IDE Explorer
Project folder will store project settings and source files. To add a project folder
  1. Create a folder on your machine.
  2. In Visual Studio Code, click the Explorer icon (Ctrl+Shift+E) in the Activity Bar
  3. Click Open Folder and select the previously created folder.

If you are working on a complex project with dependencies, you will likely need to add other projects to the current workspace.
For this, just add another project folder as shown below.

  1. Create another folder that will store files of the second project
  2. In Visual Studio Code, select File > Add folder to workspace and select the folder you created.

End of line

Specify the End of Line character that will be used across all source files. You must use LF.

  1. Open Visual Studio Code settings (Ctrl+,)
  2. Navigate to Text Editor > Files > Eol (The default end of line character) and set it to \n.

Type of configuration

Select type of configuration for your project. Recommended type is FS.

  1. Open Visual Studio Code settings (Ctrl+,)
  2. Navigate to Extensions > VMS-IDE > Config-helper › Settings: Using, and select one of the options:
    • FS - save settings in local JSON files.
    • VFS - save setting in VS Code virtual file system.
    • VCS - manage settings using VS Code provided API.
  3. Press F1 and run Reload window command or close Visual Studio Code and open it again.
Settings are stored in a JSON file that can be easily modified in the editor. Settings can be adjusted using Visual Studio Code settings page.
NOTE: Changing the type of configuration does not copy existing settings from one location to another.

SSH Configuration

The SSH connection to an OpenVMS machine is required for syncing source files, building and debugging projects. There are two ways of managing SSH connection settings.

Press F1 and run VMS-IDE: Edit ssh-helper settings command.
Project Explorer 
  1. Open Project Explorer
  2. Select your project from the list
  3. In the PROJECT DESCRIPTION section, right-click SSH > host and select Edit.

SSH Settings description

See SSH settings for more details.

Project Configuration

To open the project settings, press F1 and run VMS-IDE: Edit OpenVMS project settings command or use Project Explorer view.

Adjusting Settings

The project configuration procedure varies depending on the selected type of configuration.

FS or VFS 
The Edit command loads current settings from memory and saves it to vmssoftware.synchronizer-settings.json file, then opens the file for editing.
The Edit command opens Workspace settings. Navigate to Synchronizer section and adjust the settings.

Settings description

The settings are split into two sections: