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** ''projectName'' - the name of the project
** ''projectName'' - the name of the project
** ''projectType'' - [[#Project types|the type of the project]]
** ''projectType'' - [[#Project types|the type of the project]]
** ''root'' - project root in OpenVMS
** ''root'' - project root on OpenVMS
[[Category:VMS IDE]]
[[Category:VMS IDE]]

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The Project Explorer view helps to manage OpenVMS projects, their dependencies, and settings. It is also possible to build, rebuild, and clean the project using the Project Explorer context menu.


Project Explorer

Project Dependencies

Project types

  • executable - executable image is created
  • library - object library (OLB) is created
  • shareable - shareable image is created

Context Menu

  • Add to dependencies of selected - add the project you right-clicked to the previously selected project as a dependency
  • Remove project from dependencies - remove the selected project from dependencies of the main project
  • Build only this project - build the current project
  • Build with dependencies - build the current project and all its dependencies
  • Clean this only - clean current project only
  • Rebuild only this project - rebuild the current project
  • Rebuild with dependencies - rebuild the current project and all its dependencies

Creating MMS Files

VMS IDE can create MMS files automatically based on the project type and the types of its dependencies.
For shareable images, an options (OPT) file is created, but the universal symbol vector must be edited manually.
If the project depends on some shareable images, a COM file is created with logicals required for running the project.

Project Description

When a project is selected in the Project Dependencies panel, its description is shown.

  • Local
    • folder - Workspace folder name
    • buildType - the type of build: DEBUG or RELEASE (click to change)
    • sourceState - current state of source files
      • unknown - no synchronization or upload was performed or there were changes to the Project or SSH settings
      • modified - there are changes that need to be synchronized
      • synchronized - project files on the local machine and OpenVMS are synchronized
    • buildState - built or not built
    • masters - projects which depend on the currently selected project
  • SSH
    • host - OpenVMS host to synchronize and build with
  • Project