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A command procedure is a file that holds a sequence of DCL commands to be executed by the system in sequence interactively or as a batch job - essentially a DCL script. Command procedure files have the extension of .COM (this is not required; however, this is the default file type for interactive command procedure execution.


The following is required for OpenVMS command procedures: 1. Every line in a command procedure that is not a data line has to begin with the dollar sign ($):

$ if f$mode() .nes. "INTERACTIVE" then exit

2. Comments begin with an exclamation point (!). Comment lines begin with a dollar sign AND an exclamation point ($!):

$ if count .eq. 5 !Last element
$! Return to the previous level


$! This command procedure displays a message based on the current day of the week.
$ say := write sys$output
$ day = f$cvtime(,,"WEEKDAY")
$! show sym day
$ say "Hooray, it's ''day'!"

Command procedures used by OpenVMS