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About this Wiki

VSI OpenVMS wiki is the world's biggest encyclopedia entirely dedicated to the OpenVMS operating system. The purpose of the project is to consolidate and organize information about this operating system and create an easily searcheable reference base to answer any questions about it. Ultimately, this encyclopedia should contain basic information on common features of OpenVMS and operations frequently performed by programmers and system managers using this system as well as links to the current documentation. The wiki model used to create this encyclopedia allows any registered user to write an article or suggest changes to an existing article, thus maximizing the number of contributions and maintaining the integrity and neutrality of the data. To date, our wiki has 675 articles. View the full list here or use the search box in the top right corner to search this wiki. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, visit a random page.

About OpenVMS

OpenVMS is an operating system created in 1977 by the Digital Equipment Corporation and still widely used by large companies in the military, healthcare, banking, telecommunications and other industries. It is primarily known for its security and unrivaled clustering capabilities. It currently supports VAX, Alpha, and Itanium architectures and is working on a port to x86.


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Fibre Channel

Fibre Channel is a high-performance ANSI standard network and storage interconnect for PCI-based Alpha systems. It is a full-duplex serial interconnect and can simultaneously transmit and receive over 100 megabytes per second. Fibre Channel supports simultaneous access of SCSI storage by multiple nodes connected to a Fibre Channel switch. A second type of interconnect is needed for node-to-node communications. Read more

Did you know...
  • that you could use angle brackets (<>) instead of square brackets ([]) in DCL directory specifications?
  • that the maximum value of the LGI_HID_TIM parameter which specifies how long OpenVMS does not let intruders log in to the system is 1261440000 seconds, or 40 years?
  • that a label name can contain a maximum of 255 characters?

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