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$GETUTC is a system service that returns the current time in 128-bit UTC format. On Alpha and I64 systems, this service accepts 64-bit addresses. System time is updated every 10 milliseconds. On Alpha and I64 systems, the frequency at which system time is updated varies, depending on the clock frequency of the Alpha or I64 processor.



C Prototype:

int sys$getutc (unsigned int *utcadr [4]);



OpenVMS usage: coordinated universal time
Type: utc_date_time
Access: write only
Mechanism: by 32- or 64-bit reference (Alpha and I64); by 32-bit reference (VAX)

The 128-bit time value to be returned.

Condition Values Returned

Value Description
SS$_NORMAL The service completed successfully.
SS$_ACCVIO The argument was not accessible for write in the mode of the caller.

Privileges Required


Quota Required


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