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ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE is a command of the ANALYZE utility that checks the readability and validity of Files-11 Structure Levels 1, 2, and 5 disk volumes, and reports errors and inconsistencies.


ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE  device-name:[/qualifier]

Device-name specifies the disk volume or volume set to be verified. If you specify a volume set, all volumes of the volume set must be mounted as Files-11 volumes.


  • Checking the file structure metadata such as proper correspondence between directory entries and file headers, space described as in use by file headers vs the free space storage map, etc.
  • Erasing damaged home blocks on an initialized volume (/HOMEBLOCKS)
  • Creates a disk usage accounting file (/USAGE)
  • Repair the detected inconsistencies (/REPAIR)


  • /CONFIRM determines whether ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE prompts you to confirm each repair
  • /HOMEBLOCKS erases damaged home blocks on an initialized volume.
  • /LIST[=filespec] determines whether ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE produces a listing of the index file
  • /OUTPUT[=filespec] specifies the output file to which ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE writes the disk structure errors
  • /READ_CHECK determines whether ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE performs a read check of all allocated blocks on the specified disk
  • /RECORD_ATTRIBUTES determines whether ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE repairs files containing erroneous settings in the record attributes section of their associated file attribute block (FAT)
  • /REPAIR determines whether ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE repairs errors that are detected in the file structure of the specified device
  • /USAGE[=filespec] specifies that a disk usage accounting file should be produced, in addition to the other specified functions of ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE


$ anal/disk dka0:
Analyze/Disk_Structure for _SMAN01$DKA0: started on 20-DEC-2018 14:35:18.31

%ANALDISK-W-INCQUOTA, QUOTA.SYS indicates 392135 blocks used,
        actual use is 392256 blocks for [1,1]
%ANALDISK-W-DELHEADER, file (5903,6,0);1
        marked for delete
%ANALDISK-W-FUTUREVDAT, file (435,1,0) report.lis;15
        revision date is in the future
%ANALDISK-W-LOSTEADER, file (7642,2,0);39
        not found in a directory

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