Fortran syntax highlighting

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VMS IDE supports syntax highlighting for Fortran.

Syntax check


  • Autocomplete

Autocomplete shows you code completion, hover info, and signature information so that you can write code more quickly and correctly.

  • Error checking

Check syntax errors in real time.

  • Jump to definition (variables, routines)

Code navigation lets you quickly navigate Fortran projects (context menu). Go to Definition F12 - Go to the source code of a symbol definition. Peek Definition Alt+F12 - Bring up a Peek window that shows the definition of a symbol. Peek References Shift+F12 - Bring up a Peek window that shows all references to a symbol. Find All References Shift+Alt+F12 - Show all references to a symbol.

  • Rename (variables, routines)

Rename feature lets you quickly rename symbols Fortran projects (context menu). Press F2 to rename the symbol under the cursor across your Fortran project.

  • Hover information

Hover over a Fortran symbol to quickly see its type information. You can also show the hover info at the current cursor position with the Ctrl+K Ctrl+I keyboard shortcut.