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This page describes editing articles in this wiki. Note that it mainly covers the goals of editing and other similar information; style guidelines and the wiki markup are described here.

Reasons for editing articles

You may want to edit an article in this wiki because:

  • it is too short and you want to expand it
  • it contains incorrect facts or outdated information
  • you have an example or an illustration of a fact presented in the article
  • you have links to resources that the article could benefit from
  • the article does not follow the style guide and/or other rules of this wiki
  • the article contains grammatical, lexical, orthographic and other language-related mistakes etc.

How to start

Click the Edit tab in the top right corner of the wiki or the Edit link in the section of the article that you want to edit. You may only edit articles in this wiki if you are logged in. If you don't have the credentials, please contact us at for a registration.


After you make the changes to the article, please write a short summary of your edits in the Summary box right below the editor. This is extremely important for articles written by somebody else or a long time ago and can be overlooked if you are making consecutive changes to an article you have just created.

How to improve an article

You can improve an article by assessing and enhancing the following:

  • structure of the article: whether and how =Subtopics= are used
  • links to other articles: if you see words in the articles that should link to other pages in this wiki but don't, add the links
  • links to the documentation in the See also section and throughout the document
  • categories
  • asking other users for improvements: for example, use the following code to report a problem with an article: {{Needs work|Problem=Insert your problem here, e.g. "Page is too short"}}

The code above produces the following:

This page needs work, for the following reasons(s): Page too short.