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Project Configuration Example

    "project": {
        "break": "C",
        "builders": "*.{mms,com}",
        "exclude": "**/{node_modules,.vscode}/**",
        "headers": "*.h",
        "listing": "*.lis",
        "outdir": "out",
        "projectName": "project",
        "projectType": "executable",
        "resource": "**/resource/**",
        "root": "project",
        "source": "*.{cpp,c}",
        "addLibraries": "sys$library:IMAGELIB.OLB,sys$library:RDBMSGS.OLB",
        "addIncludes": "sys$library"

Settings Description

  • Break - Keyboard key to pause debugging in VMS IDE debugger. The extension uses combination CTRL+Key to pause debugging when user press Pause or F6.
  • Builders - Mask for files used for building the project. Default is "*.{mms,com}".
  • Exclude - Folders excluded from synchronization with OpenVMS system.
  • Headers - Header files. Default is "*.{h,hpp}".
  • Listing - Listing files that will be downloaded after the project is built for debugging purpose.
  • Outdir - Output directory where object, listing and executable files will be stored when built. Is also used for temporary files. NOTE: Should be only the name of the folder, not a full or relative path.
  • Project Name - Name for the executable file, auto-generated MMS file for builder, OPT file for linker, and COM file for defining logical names. NOTE: Use one word only; do not use spaces or special characters.
  • Project Type - Type of the project. Available types: executable, library or shareable. The building method depends on the type of the project and its dependencies.
  • Resource - Files required for the project, but are not involved in the build process.
  • Root - Directory of the project on the remote OpenVMS machine in UNIX format relative to the home folder.
  • Source - Mask for the source files, e.g. "*.{c,cpp}".
  • Additional libraries - list of libraries in ODS-5 format, separated by commas.
  • Additional include folders - list of folders in ODS-5 format, separated by commas.