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RMS_PATH_TMO is a system parameter that specifies the system-wide cache timeout of the RMS path cache.

The RMS path cache in each process holds entries that translate DVI+DID+name to new DVI+DID. These are used to greatly speed up directory path walks. Cache entries representing ordinary directory lookups are invalidated through the volume directory sequence number mechanism (UDB$L_DIRSEQ), which is clocked on every volume dismount and each time a directory is deleted or renamed. However, there is no convenient mechanism for invalidating a cache entry that represents a symlink, whose interpretation is affected by logical names or modification of the symlink. The only way to eliminate stale cache entries is with a timeout. This parameter is the system-wide cache timeout. Special values: 1 = don't keep cache entries, -1 = keep cache entries forever. RMS_PATH_TMO is a DYNAMIC parameter.