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SHADOW_MBR_TMO is a system parameter that controls the amount of time the system tries to fail over physical members of a shadow set before removing them from the set. The SHADOW_MBR_TMO parameter replaces the temporary VMSD3 parameter used in prior releases. The SHADOW_MBR_TMO parameter is valid for use only with Phase II of Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS. You cannot set this parameter for use with Phase I, which is obsolete. Use the SHADOW_MBR_TMO parameter (a word) to specify the number of seconds, in decimal from 1 to 65,535, during which recovery of a repairable shadow set is attempted. If you do not specify a value or if you specify 0, the default delay of 120 seconds is used. Because SHADOW_MBR_TMO is a dynamic parameter, you should use the SYSGEN command WRITE CURRENT to permanently change its value. SHADOW_MBR_TMO is a DYNAMIC parameter.