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SHADOW_REC_DLY is a system parameter that specifies the length of time a system waits before it attempts to manage recovery operations on shadow sets that are mounted on the system. A shadow set is said to need recovery when a merge or copy operation is required on that shadow set. SHADOW_REC_DLY can be used to better predict which systems in an OpenVMS Cluster performs recovery operations. This is done by setting lower values of SHADOW_REC_DLY on systems that are preferred to handle recovery operations and higher values of SHADOW_REC_DLY on systems that are least preferred to handle recovery operations. The range of SHADOW_REC_DLY is 20 to 65535 seconds. The default value is 20 seconds. For more information about controlling which systems perform the merge or copy operations, see VSI Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS. SHADOW_REC_DLY is a DYNAMIC parameter. This parameter is available on Alpha and Integrity systems only.