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SHADOW_SYS_TMO is a system parameter that has the following two distinct uses:

  • At system boot time, when this is the first node in the cluster to boot and to create this specific shadow set. If the proposed shadow set is not currently mounted in the cluster, use this parameter to extend the time a booting system waits for all former members of the shadowed system disk to become available.
  • Once the system successfully mounts the virtual unit and begins normal operations. In this usage, the SHADOW_SYS_ TMO parameter controls the time the operating system waits for errant members of a system disk. (Use the SHADOW_MBR_TMO parameter to control the time the operating system waits for the errant members of an application disk.)

This parameter applies only to members of the system disk shadow set. All nodes using a particular system disk shadow set should have their SHADOW_SYS_TMO parameter set to the same value once normal operations begin. The default value is 120 seconds. Change this parameter to a higher value if you want the system to wait more than the 120- second default for all members to join the shadow set. You can set the parameter value to 120 through 65,535 seconds.