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SMCI_FLAGS is a bitmask system parameter that controls operational aspects of SYS$PBDRIVER, the Galaxy Shared Memory Cluster Interconnect (SMCI). It is available on alpha Galaxy platforms only.


Bits in the bit mask are the following:

Bit Mask Description
0 0
0 = Do not create local communications channels (SYSGEN default). Local SCS communications are primarily used in test situations and are not needed for normal operations. Not creating local communications saves resources and overhead.
1 = Create local communications channels.
1 2
0 = Load SYS$PBDRIVER if booting into both a Galaxy and a Cluster (SYSGEN Default).
1 = Load SYS$PBDRIVER if booting into a Galaxy.
2 4
0 = Minimal console output (SYSGEN default).
1 = Full console output; SYS$PBDRIVER displays console messages when it creates and tears down communications channels.

SMCI_FLAGS has the DYNAMIC attribute.

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