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SYSMWCNT is a system parameter that sets the quota for the size of the system working set, which contains the pageable portions of the system, the paged dynamic pool, RMS, and the resident portion of the system message file. While a high value takes space away from user working sets, a low value can seriously impair system performance. Appropriate values vary, depending on the level of system use. When the system is running at full load, check the rate of system faults with the MONITOR PAGE command of the Monitor utility. An average system page fault rate of between 0 and 3 page faults per second is desirable. If the system page fault rate is high, and especially if the system seems to be slow, you should increase the value of SYSMWCNT. However, do not set this parameter so high that system page faulting never occurs. SYSMWCNT has the AUTOGEN, GEN, and MAJOR attributes.