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TMSCP_LOAD is a system parameter that allows the loading of the tape mass storage control protocol server software. The TMSCP_LOAD parameter also sets locally connected tapes served. For information about setting the TMSCP_LOAD parameter, see VSI OpenVMS Cluster Systems. Setting TMSCP_LOAD to 0 inhibits the loading of the tape server and the serving of local tapes. Setting TMSCP to 1 loads the tape server into memory at the time the system is booted and makes all directly connected tape drives available clusterwide. The following table describes the two states of the TMSCP_LOAD parameter: State Function 0 Do not load the TMSCP tape server. Do not serve any local tape devices clusterwide. This is the default value. 1 Load the TMSCP tape server. Serve all local TMSCP tape devices clusterwide. TMSCP_LOAD is an AUTOGEN parameter.