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VIRTUALPAGECNT is a system parameter that sets the maximum number of virtual pages that can be mapped for any one process. A program is allowed to divide its virtual space between the P0 and P1 tables in any proportion. If you use SYS$UPDATE:LIBDECOMP.COM to decompress libraries and the VIRTUALPAGECNT setting is low, make sure you set the PGFLQUOTA field in the user authorization file to at least twice the size of the library. At installation time, AUTOGEN automatically sets an appropriate value for VIRTUALPAGECNT. The value depends on the particular configuration-the type and number of graphics adapters on the system, if any exist. You cannot set VIRTUALPAGECNT below the minimum value required for your graphics configuration. Because the VIRTUALPAGECNT setting supports hardware address space rather than system memory, do not use the value of VIRTUALPAGECNT that AUTOGEN sets to gauge the size of your page file. Starting with OpenVMS Version 7.0, VIRTUALPAGECNT has been an obsolete parameter on Alpha systems. Note, however, that the parameter remains in existence on Alpha and Integrity servers for compatibility purposes and has a default and maximum value of %X7FFFFFFF. SYSBOOT and AUTOGEN enforce this default value. VIRTUALPAGECNT has the AUTOGEN, GEN, and MAJOR attributes.