VMS IDE Change Log

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  • Fixed the issue when the extension is crashed while opening a C project.
  • Fixed duplicating algorithms in SSH settings.

1.2.3 - 1.2.5

  • Added function breakpoints.
  • Added data breakpoints (without user interface).


  • Fix the issue with display/set unicode string in Java debugger.
  • JVM Debugger can now collect fields of Java classes.


  • Fix issues with templates in Java.


  • Added support for Java, Kotlin and Scala languages.
  • One output channel for all extension messages.


  • Pascal syntax highlighting.
  • OpenVMS specific COBOL grammar support.


  • Allow users to skip signature verification in SSH (cause: Visual Studio Code 1.36.1 issue).


  • Fix: parsing compiler errors that occurred on the same line of source code.
  • OpenVMS specific Pascal grammar basic support.
  • Debugger: skip querying symbols with invalid names.