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WBM_MSG_INT is one of three system parameters available for managing the update traffic between a master write bitmap and its corresponding local write bitmaps in an OpenVMS Cluster system. The others are WBM_MSG_UPPER and WBM_MSG_LOWER. These parameters set the interval at which the frequency of sending messages is tested and also set an upper and lower threshold that determine whether the messages are grouped into one SCS message or are sent one by one. In single-message mode, WBM_MSG_INT is the time interval in milliseconds between assessments of the most suitable write bitmap message mode. In single-message mode, the writes issued by each remote node are, by default, sent one by one in individual SCS messages to the node with the master write bitmap. If the writes sent by a remote node reach an upper threshhold of messages during a specified interval, single-message mode switches to buffered-message mode. In buffered-message mode, WBM_MSG_INT is the maximum time a message waits before it is sent. In buffered-message mode, the messages are collected for a specified interval and then sent in one SCS message. During periods of increased message traffic, grouping multiple messages to send in one SCS message to the master write bitmap is generally more efficient than sending each message separately. The minimum value of WBM_MSG_INT is 10 milliseconds. The maximum value is -1, which corresponds to the maximum positive value that a longword can represent. The default is 10 milliseconds. WBM_MSG_INT is a DYNAMIC parameter.