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CREATE is a DCL command that creates a sequential disk file or files.


CREATE  filespec[,...]


  • /LOG specifies that an informational message should be printed.
  • /OWNER_UIC=uic specifies the UIC to be associated with the file being created (the default is your own UIC). Requires SYSPRV (system privilege) privilege to specify a user identification code (UIC) other than your own.
  • /PROTECTION=(ownership[:access][,...]) specifies UIC Protection for the file. By default, if the file already exists (a new version is created), the protection of the existing file is applied; otherwise the current default protection is applied.
  • /SYMLINK="text" creates a symbolic link containing the specified text without the enclosing quotation marks. If the created symbolic link is subsequently encountered during any file-name processing, the contents of the symbolic link are read and treated as a POSIX pathname specification. No previous version of the symbolic link can exist. If the path is absolute (that is, it starts with a slash character), RMS attempts to translate its first field as a logical name.
  • /VOLUME=n places the file on the specified relative volume of a multivolume set. By default, the file is placed arbitrarily in a multivolume set.