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DEVICE_NAMING is a bit mask system parameter indicating whether port allocation classes are used in forming SCSI device names on Alpha and Integrity servers.


Bit Definition
0 If 1, enable new naming.
1 Must be 0. This bit is Reserved for use by VSI.
2 If 1, cloned device unit numbers wrap after 9999(not 65472).
3 If 1, cloned device unit numbers wrap after 32767(not 65472).

Even if both bits are zero, device unit numbers will wrap after 9999 if "nodename$" is prefixed to the name of the device in question (e.g. VMS123$DKA100:); devices whose drivers support larger device numbers will wrap after 65472 (or 32767 if bit 3 is set) only if the nodename is not built into the device name.

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