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ENCRYPT/AUTHENTICATE is a DCL command that checks for changes to either plain text or cipher text files. Associates a DES(default) or AES algorithm Message Authenticate Code (MAC) value with one or more files and checks for any modification of either plain text or cipher text files. Use the additional /UPDATE qualifier to store each file's MAC in the databases. Use only the /AUTHENTICATE qualifier to subsequently test the integrity of the file's data and security attributes. You must create a DES or AES key prior to updating or checking an existing MAC. When using the AES algorithm, you must specify the /AES qualifier. You can use AES algorithm only with respective AES key and the DES algorithm only with DES key. For more information about creating DES or AES key and the minimum key length required for different algorithms, see ENCRYPT /CREATE_KEY help.


ENCRYPT /AUTHENTICATE  file-spec key-name [qualifiers]


  • /AES
  • /LOG
  • /SINCE