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GBLSECTIONS is a system parameter that sets the number of global section descriptors allocated in the system header at bootstrap time. Each global section requires one descriptor. Each descriptor takes 32 bytes of permanently resident memory.

The default value is sufficient for the images normally installed as shared in the system startup command procedures. Once the system is running and all global sections are created, you can examine the actual requirements with the /GLOBAL qualifier of the Install utility and reduce the value of GBLSECTIONS accordingly. However, the value of this parameter should not be set too low. If you plan to install many user images as shared, or if user programs are likely to create many global sections, you must increase the value of this parameter.

If the value of GBLSECTIONS is too small, you receive a message from the Install utility at system startup time or whenever you install images manually. Note that too large a value for GBLSECTIONS wastes physical memory.