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LOAD_SYS_IMAGES is a system parameter that controls the loading of system images described in the system image data file, VMS$SYSTEM_IMAGES. This parameter is a bit mask.

On Alpha and Integrity servers, the following bits are defined:

Bit Description
0 (SGN$V_LOAD_SYS_IMAGES) Enables loading alternate execlets specified in VMS$SYSTEM_IMAGES.DATA.
1 (SGN$V_EXEC_SLICING) Enables executive slicing.
2 (SGN$V_RELEASE_PFNS) Enables releasing unused portions of the Alpha and Integrity servers huge pages.

These bits are on by default. Using conversational bootstrap exec slicing can be disabled.

On Alpha and Integrity servers, LOAD_SYS_IMAGES is an AUTOGEN parameter.

This special parameter is use by VSI and is subject to change. Do not change this parameter unless VSI recommends that you do so.