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LOCKRMWT is a dynamic system parameter that controls lock remastering in OpenVMS prior to V8.3.

LOCKRMWT can have a value from zero to 10. The default is 5.

Remaster decisions are based on the difference in lock remaster weights between the master and a remote node. When weights are equal, the remote node needs about 13% more activity before the tree is remastered. If a remote node has a higher lock remaster weight, the amount of activity is less. If the remote node has a lower lock remaster weight, the additional activity required to move the tree is much greater.

Lock remaster weights of zero and 10 have additional meanings. A value of zero indicates that a node does not want to master trees and always remasters to an interested node with a higher LOCKRMWT. Lock trees on an interested node with a LOCKRMWT lower than 10 are remastered to the node with a weight of 10 for LOCKRMWT.