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MSCP_CMD_TMO is a dynamic system parameter that specifies the time in seconds that the OpenVMS MSCP server uses to detect MSCP command timeouts. The MSCP Server must complete the command within a built-in time of approximately 40 seconds plus the value of the MSCP_CMD_TMO parameter.

The MSCP_CMD_TMO default value of 0 is normally adequate. A value of 0 provides the same behavior as in previous releases of OpenVMS (which did not have an MSCP_CMD_TMO system parameter). A nonzero setting increases the amount of time before an MSCP command times out.

If command timeout errors are being logged on client nodes, setting the parameter to a nonzero value on OpenVMS servers may reduce the number of errors logged. As the value of the MSCP_CMD_TMO increases, the number of client MSCP command timeouts will decrease, at the cost of increased time to detect a faulty MSCP controller or MSCP-served device.

If you need to decrease the number of command timeout errors, VSI recommends that you set an initial value of 60. If timeout errors continue to be logged, you can increase this value in increments of 20 seconds.