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NPAGEVIR is a system parameter that defines the maximum size to which NPAGEDYN can be increased. If this value is too small, the system can hang. If NPAGEVIR is too large, the result is a penalty of 4 bytes per extra page on VAX and 8 bytes per extra page on Alpha and Integrity servers. For the benefit of OpenVMS VAX systems with limited physical memory, AUTOGEN logs a warning message in its report if NPAGEDYN exceeds 10 percent of physical memory or if NPAGEVIR exceeds 33 percent of physical memory. AUTOGEN also limits its own calculated value for NPAGEDYN to 20 percent of physical memory, and limits NPAGEVIR to 50 percent of physical memory. These calculated values are adequate for most workstations and systems with 16 or fewer megabytes of physical memory. If your system requires a larger value, you can override the AUTOGEN calculated values by setting higher values in MODPARAMS.DAT.

NPAGEVIR has AUTOGEN and GEN attributes.