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The OpenVMS Debugger is a tool to locate run-time programming or logic errors, also known as bugs, in a program that has been compiled and linked successfully but does not run correctly. For debugging programs that run in privileged processor mode at interrupt priority level 0, see OpenVMS DELTA Debugger.


On Alpha, the OpenVMS Debugger supports:

On Integrity, the OpenVMS Debugger supports:


  • symbolic debugging (you can refer to program locations by the symbols used in the program, or explicit memory addresses or machine registers)
  • support for all data types
  • flexible data formats
  • starting or resuming program execution
  • breakpoints
  • tracepoints
  • watchpoints
  • manipulations of variables and program locations
  • evaluation of expressions
  • control structures
  • shareable image debugging
  • multiprocess debugging
  • task debugging
  • DECwindows and Microsoft Windows interface
  • client/server configuration
  • command procedures
  • symbol definitions

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