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PAGED_LAL_SIZE is a system parameter that sets the maximum size, in bytes, to use for the page dynamic pool lookaside lists. Use of these lookaside lists can reduce paged dynamic pool variable freelist fragmentation and improve paged pool allocation and deallocation performance. By default, PAGED_LAL_SIZE is set to 0, which disables the use of the paged dynamic pool lookaside lists. For environments experiencing paged pool variable freelist fragmentation a modest PAGED_LAL_SIZE, 512, has been adequate to improve paged pool performance and reduce fragmentation. If this parameter is made large and later decreased in size, some paged pool packets can be left unused until the parameter is made larger again, or the lookaside lists are reclaimed from due to a paged pool shortage. The paged dynamic pool lookaside lists will not occupy more than three-quarters of the available paged pool. PAGED_LAL_SIZE has DYNAMIC, GEN, and MAJOR attributes.